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Andy Cohen burns his hand during ‘WWHL’ commercial break


wasn’t having a good day on Wednesday when he first shared on his Instagram that he had ended up in a smelly New York cab, writing on his story, “You just can’t believe the smell in this taxi….. I really think there is a dead animal in this car…… Ok, I’m just sharing to pass the time and take my mind off it”, then ended up fighting with the driver, as the the next slide read, “UPDATE: He took it the wrong way and we’re in for a huge fight. It’s not going well.” Later during filming things got worse for Cohen when he burned his hand during a commercial break by grabbing a curling iron by the barrel.

Cohen returned from the break saying: “Welcome to Watch what’s happening live. I’m Andy Cohen in the clubhouse where you could drink too much and make an inappropriate statement, or you could grab Carole Brooks’ curling iron with your hands during commercial break and get burned, which I just did .”

“Oh my God. I’m in pain. I’m not kidding,” Cohen said, fanning himself. The the host explained that he didn’t know how a curling iron works and grabbed the heated barrel with his hand to pull it aside to grab his question cards.

Despite the pain, Cohen continued his live broadcast while holding ice cream in his burned hand, which he was later told by the control room and viewers at home, was not good for a burn. In fact, many fans took to Twitter during the live broadcast to share their concern for Cohen:

In the end, Cohen appeared to be fine as he ended up having burn cream and bandages applied to his fingers. However, he shared that he was shaking, which he thought was “very weird”.

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