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Commercial Interior Design – Vital to Community Preservation, Growth and Development – Lake County Record-Bee


Most communities, with a deeply historic character, are usually in constant motion to preserve, renovate and improve. Our own Lake County proudly cares for and promotes its heritage.

Just decide to walk through our central areas and cities steeped in ancient American history to see the beauty – and the responsibility – that our region entails!

And, we love to share. We promote our region as a tourist destination. While the upkeep of this beautiful region depends on all of us, tourism generally emphasizes central areas, town centers and key features – historic buildings, intriguing museums the heart of retail – and in our case, our Clear Lake, our wineries, our mountains.

As with many beautiful features, the curb appeal should carry its promise on the inside – whether it is a commercial, professional, medical, dental, religious, corporate or community establishment! While the exterior architecture of precious buildings attracts and intrigues, it also attracts an observer to enter and see what promise holds. With responsibility for interior design comes a mandate of precise and historical continuity (years, decades or centuries) – from the outside in.

As a community grows, maintains, renews and develops, its exterior presentation is inviting; its interior presentation captures and fills. As we promote our Lake County as a destination, with that promotion comes the responsibility to prepare, welcome, intrigue, satisfy and inspire our visitors! We want them to linger, enjoy and come back!

Time, as we all know, is downright schizo! It can be our community friend, giving us seasonal changes that attract different visitors; it can wreak havoc on our historical treasures; it creates maintenance pressures; it cooperates with mother nature in its cruellest moments – testing us with long durations of floods, fires and extreme temperatures. Time will tell us! And the story he tells can help or hurt.

The very element of wear and weather on our historic structures is actually part of the “charm!” Part of our preservation challenge is discovering that fine line between refurbishing or restoring or letting go! Aging and deterioration are such close relatives that it takes specialized professionals, who know where those lines need to be drawn, and are educated and experienced to make appropriate changes and solutions.

It’s kind of like finding the right rocking chair for the grandma you love! Older things (like grandma) have special needs. The bones and bodies of ancient treasures can easily be damaged if not handled with care. In communities with wonderful treasures from the past, startling surprises can arise during renovation and restoration. Opening old walls can reveal secrets, hidden spaces and other things meant for archives.

Many communities, rooted in a marvelous collection of historical treasures, pay strict attention to the challenge of new construction, in order to harmonize while growing. This puts an extra layer of consideration on the shoulders of the interior design team in such a scenario. Harmonizing a contemporary interior with an exterior that harmonizes with history invites extraordinary creativity!

Because community buildings aim for universal appeal, it’s also important to be involved in the decisions that guide interior design projects for these buildings! In a way, these structures belong to all of us, and all voices can be heard through one of these structures that house local government procedures. Each community has specialists to take care of the community – water, electricity, garbage, education, fire services, etc. ! The Board, through its public meetings, gathers feedback from the community. Remember the old adage: decisions are made by those who show up!

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