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Commercial Space Technologies (CST) + Gilmour Space Sign Launch Agreement – ​​SatNews


Commercial Space Technologies Ltd.. (CST) has signed an agreement with the Australian launch supplier Gilmour Space Technologies — the company offers a launch capacity of up to 50 kilograms on their Eris Block 1 vehicle.

The combination of Gilmour Space’s orbital launch services and CST’s comprehensive supervision will provide an affordable launch solution for satellite customers needing access to custom low-Earth orbits. Depending on the needs, the following services would be included:

  • Negotiate and construct preferential contract terms (both for the Launch Service Agreement and the Interface Control Document)
  • Mission and documentation assistance
  • Ongoing logistics support (including last stop delivery to the Gilmour operating site)
  • Launch campaign support
  • Various options for deployers or separation systems
  • Access to 25° to 60° orbits from the end of 2022, and to 60° to 145° orbits (including sun-synchronous) from the end of 2023

Alan WebbCEO of CST, said:It’s an exciting time for CST. Our company has achieved several industry firsts for rideshare missions in the past, and we plan to do the same on smaller dedicated vehicles in the future. The environmental and responsive benefits of a small hybrid vehicle like Eris will help us achieve this goal, providing even more value and flexibility to meet the demands of post-new space era customers.

Adam Gilmour, CEO of Gilmour Space, said:As Australia’s leading launch service provider, we look forward to working with CST to deliver more affordable and dedicated launches to small satellite customers around the world. The Eris Block 1 vehicle is slated to launch from Australia this year and is a stepping stone to our larger Eris Block 2 vehicle, which will be capable of carrying up to one tonne of payloads into orbit from 2024..”

Commercial Space Technologies Ltd. has been advising public and private organizations on technologies and emerging markets in the space industry since its founding in 1983. With an average of 20 consulting projects per year, CST has a repository of more than 750 studies that allow it to accurately predict trends. and opportunities for its customers. It has also been identifying and brokering bespoke launch solutions for the small satellite community for 30 years – with over 100 years of combined experience in the field, CST is one of the most enduring and experienced launch brokers in the world. With this experience, CST is well positioned to support small satellite customers with unique and challenging launch requirements.

Gilmour Space Technologies is an Australian venture capital-backed launch services company developing new capabilities – including a range of Eris orbital rockets and a G-class satellite platform – for launching small satellites into Earth orbit low. The company aims to launch its Eris Block 1 vehicle no earlier than Q4 2022. For more information, please visit gspacetech.com; or contact [email protected]