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IGP angers CM over promotion of opposing officer – Journal


KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah is said to be unhappy with the provincial police chief who did not advocate the promotion of former SSP Farrukh Bashir’s personal staff officer from rank 19 at grade 20 at a recent meeting of the central selection committee, he appeared on Friday.

Previously, former police chiefs AD Khowaja and Kaleem Imam had to leave after developing disagreements with the chief of the provincial executive and the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mushtaq Mahar is the third of these officers whose fate is at stake.

Some elements of the provincial government alleged that the sitting provincial police chief and a senior official, both high-level board members, did not enthusiastically advocate for the promotion of SSP Bashir.

A source said the chief minister reportedly expressed his displeasure with IGP Mahar for not speaking up for his PSO at the CSB meeting.

SSP Bashir says he is unaware of his refusal of promotion to rank 20

Sources close to the development told Dawn that the Pakistan People’s Party-led government in Sindh may have grudges against the federal government led by Tehreek-i-Insaf, the latter allegedly depriving its favorite police officers and of the provincial promotions bureaucracy. under the pretext of a strict application of the criteria.

Explaining the strict criteria for promotion, the sources said it was decided that PSP or DMG / PAS officers would not be promoted if there was something missing in their Annual Confidential Reports (ACRs) and their papers were missing. not fulfilled.

In addition, it was also decided that no promotion would be granted to an officer who had obtained less than satisfactory marks in his training course and if the officer was under investigation or a case against. him. In addition, no promotion would be given in the event of unfavorable intelligence reports, the sources added.

It is for these reasons that several officers, including SSP Bashir, PSP and PAS groups were not promoted.

While the CM was not satisfied with the matter, official sources said that SSP Bashir was facing allegations of a death in custody while being the SSP in Jamshoro, the CM’s home district, land grabbing, influencing the transfer and secondment of other police officers. being the PSO of the CM and who questions about his health.

A senior police official, who wished not to be named, said Dawn SSP Bashir had also played a role in creating a “misunderstanding” between the CM and the former IGPs over the issue of transfer / assignment, because he would have shown a tendency to interfere arbitrarily in police matters to the chagrin of successive police chiefs.

His last posting was in Jamshoro district a few years ago. Later SSP Bashir was assigned as PSO to CM and he had been working there for four years.

However, when contacted, Rasheed Channa, spokesperson for Sindh CM, said reports of alleged differences between CM and IGP were “unfounded”.

He said CM Shah knew how the officer selection and promotion panel system worked and that only one relevant person / panel member could not influence him.

SSP Bashir told Dawn that he had not been officially informed of the results of the CSB meeting. He said he was waiting for the minutes of the meeting which could take a month or two and until then he had no choice but to wait.

Further, he stated that a promotion was the “right” of any officer, as it was not a favor that could be given or refused.

Regarding the allegations, he said he had been “acquitted” of the Jamshoro murder case and that if anyone had evidence of his alleged involvement in the land grabbing, he should come forward or cease. to make baseless accusations.

Regarding questions about his health, he said he went on eight to ten days’ leave when he was Jamshoro SSP. “Going on medical leave is something natural like these days when officers have gone on leave due to Covid-related issues,” he said.

He also denied allegations that he interfered with transfers and assignments and said if anyone had any evidence he should provide it to the appropriate forum.

Posted in Dawn, le 16 October 2021