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Laredo Chamber of Commerce announces new President and CEO


The Laredo Chamber of Commerce has announced its new President and CEO as Gabriela Morales, who will take office on November 1.

Morales is an executive with over 20 years of experience with a deep focus on bilateral trade with Mexico, having worked for the City of Laredo and the US Department of Commerce. She graduated from Georgetown University with her BA and MBA, which included a Global Dual MBA from ESADE Business School in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

After a nationwide search, the Laredo Chamber Recruitment Committee received over 200 resumes for the position.

The recruiting committee was made up of Jorge Leal (CEO of Laredo Medical Center); Bill Green (Laredo Morning Times editor); Gabriel Castillo (Senior Vice President of IBC Bank); Mike Marasco (president of McDonalds de Laredo); and Cliffe Killam (President and CEO of Killam Development).

“I am grateful to our excellent team on the hiring committee for dedicating the time and to our executive committee for their support in integrating a leader as strong as Gabriela,” said Killam, committee chair and past chair of Laredo’s room. “We are delighted and believe it will have a great impact on the Laredo Chamber and on our community.”

Morales brings a long-standing commitment to advancing the economic vitality of Webb County and the Town of Laredo. She began her professional career in the private sector at Border Transfer Services, Port de Laredo, where she excelled in import-export management, overcoming trade barriers with Mexico and meeting Free Agreement requirements. -North American exchange.

Immediately after, she was hired by the city of Laredo as sales, marketing and promotion of Laredo’s unique business environment recruiting Mexican companies. In this role, Morales surpassed set targets and brought over 150 new businesses to the city each year.

After moving to Washington, DC, Morales held several positions in the US Department of Commerce, including leading a program allowing minority companies to export to international markets. Under his leadership, the program generated a $ 3 billion increase in export-related transactions by minority-owned businesses nationwide.

For this, Morales was awarded the Gold Medal from the United States Department of Commerce, the highest form of recognition the Secretary of Commerce bestows for distinguished contributions to the United States economy. In addition, she has worked to help companies understand and exploit the opportunities presented by the implementation of the United States-Mexico-Canada agreement.

“I am grateful to have been chosen as the new President and CEO of Laredo Chamber and look forward to contributing and helping in any way I can,” said Morales, who added that she was delighted to return to his hometown. “This appointment is the right fit and I look forward to cultivating relationships with businesses, the community and elected leaders.”

For business questions or to request a meeting with Morales, call the Laredo Chamber of Commerce at 956-722-9895.

About the Chamber

Founded in 1915, the Laredo Chamber of Commerce is the oldest trading organization in Laredo and Webb County.

Based at 2310 San Bernardo Ave. since 1974, the Laredo Chamber has championed the local business community for over a century.

With 608 members representative of all industries in the community, the Chamber of Laredo is 5-star accredited by the United States Chamber of Commerce.

Only 200 rooms out of 7,000 across the country are accredited by this organization.

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