Home Advertisement Nielsen publishes its best advertising report for the first half of 2021

Nielsen publishes its best advertising report for the first half of 2021


The latest data published by Nielsen Ad Intel explores investing in key media in Australia in the first six months of 2021.

Over the past year, advertisers have shifted their budgets and tailored their messages to accommodate the change in consumer behavior due to the pandemic.

Top 20 Industry Ranking Advertising Spend in H1 2021

Looking more closely at the data, the retail sector takes the top spot with the largest share of advertising going to supermarkets, grocery stores (take out / restaurants) and home furnishings. These retail sectors reflect the current situation in our country, with most states having introduced various forms of restrictions.

The Communications category is the second largest sector, with Internet content services, Internet providers and mobile communications contributing significantly to the category’s overall spending.

Financial institutions encourage financial and business support, with large enterprises supporting small and medium enterprises in three main ways; encouraging consumer spending such as campaigns to buy small purchases, empowering and training business owners, and providing additional marketing support and advice.

Rose Lopreiato, Nielsen, ad intel sales manager, commented, “We are seeing more and more brands playing their part in helping businesses get back on their feet since the start of the pandemic. It is important to note that this is not just an arena in which banks and large conglomerates can play, even the smallest brands can help business owners, employees or those currently unemployed in a way. that is their own.

For the automotive industry, green shoots were starting to appear around the last quarter of 2020. Sales increased from June of last year, but global supply shortages have lengthened delivery times and held back sales. Locally, the demand for commercial vehicles is on the rise and globally we are seeing that the demand for environmentally friendly vehicles is becoming more and more apparent.

Ranking of the top 20 groups of advertisers / advertisers on advertising spending in the first half of 2021

At the advertiser group level, Harvey Norman retains his position as one of Australia’s leading retail advertisers. While the NSW government has increased its visibility in recent weeks to respond to the state’s latest restrictions, the increase in ad spending has not been as noticeable in the first 6 months of the year.