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Prometheus Materials raises $8 million to launch commercial production


Prometheus Materials, a zero-carbon building materials company, has closed an $8 million Series A funding round led by Sofinnova Partners.

“To avoid catastrophic climate change, we can’t just replace fossil fuels with renewable forms of energy – we also need to decarbonize how we create building materials,” Prometheus CEO Loren Burnett said. in a press release. “By using biological rather than chemical means to create a strong, durable binder for aggregates, we can now offer a carbon-free alternative to carbon-intensive Portland cement. Our bio-cement will transform architecture as we know it, providing the construction industry with a new low-carbon building material that has environmental and mechanical properties that match or exceed the capabilities of concrete, wood, fiberglass, and concrete. steel and glass.

Over the next two years, Prometheus will use its Series A funding to begin commercial production of other zero-carbon building products such as pre-engineered biocomposites and ready-to-use biocomposites, the company said in a press release. hurry.

“When mixed with aggregates, this bio-cement creates a carbon-free building material with mechanical, physical and thermal properties comparable to or better than portland cement-based concrete,” the company said.

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