Home Broadcasting Reggie Miller Offers NBA Broadcaster Marv Albert With Larry O’Brien Trophy (Video)

Reggie Miller Offers NBA Broadcaster Marv Albert With Larry O’Brien Trophy (Video)


As his 55-year television career draws to a close, Marv Albert received the Larry O’Brien Trophy from Reggie Miller.

The Eastern Conference final promises to be special. Not only is this due to the Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Hawks vying for their first NBA Finals appearance in decades, but it will be the last series legendary broadcaster Marv Albert calls up before he officially takes his retirement after 55 years. Since this will be the last time he calls a game from behind the scenes, broadcast partner Reggie Miller has decided to give him an awesome gift.

Ahead of Game 2 on Friday night, Miller and Turner Sports presented Albert with his own Larry O’Brien Trophy in honor of everything he has done in his career.

Marv Albert awarded Larry O’Brien Trophy for 55 years of broadcasting career

Upon receiving the huge trophy, Albert was stunned, before jokingly asking how he was going to get it home. Miller then joked that the trophy was one of six Michael Jordans won in his career and that he wouldn’t notice if it was missing.

As for Game 2, it was a one-sided blowout in favor of the Bucks, who beat the Hawks 125-91. Giannis Antetokounmpo led the way for the Bucks with 25 points (11 for 18 from the field), nine rebounds and six assists, while goaltender Jrue Holiday scored 22 points (9 for 14 from the field) and distributed seven assists. decisive.

It was a big moment for Albert, who called 13 NBA Finals and 25 NBA All Star Games throughout his historic career. Now he gets a Larry O’Brien trophy to display in his residence.