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Speakers Forum demands acceleration of time-limited promotion


Excelsior correspondent

Jammu, October 3: The monthly meeting of the All J&K Plus Two Speakers’ Forum was held under the chairmanship of its Chairman Deepak Sharma via virtual mode to discuss pressing issues and requests relating to the Plus Two framework.
Deepak Sharma called for speeding up the resolution and sanctioning of the Assured Career Progression (ACP) / Time-Limited Promotion Program. He alleged discrimination because only 10 + 2 lecturers, among the UT cadre of J&K, were deprived of the Assured Career Progression (ACP) / Time Limited Promotion program.
He also demanded that structural changes / improvement be made accordingly in the scales of directors and equivalents from GP 5600 / level 10A to GP 6600 / level 11, CEO and equivalents from GP 6600 / level 11 to GP 7600 / level 12 and joint directors from GP 7600 / level 12 to GP 8700 / level 13. Relevantly, the finance department had rejected the CPA’s recommendations by the education department last year citing Covid-19 as the reason for failing to not bear the additional financial burden, although there were not many financial implications.
Allaying the fears and apprehensions of some members of the cadre, Deepak Sharma said that the ACP would be sanctioned in favor of all speakers, regardless of the mode of entry into the official framework, whether by PSC or DPC on only one joint seniority. He also called on all 10 + 2 cadres to remain united under one umbrella, thus denying the policy of division on the basis of the PSC against the DPC.
The forum further demanded the regularization of all pending speakers, an additional list of keynote speakers, the setting of an induction quota in the KAS in favor of more than two speakers until the administrative department of education (EAS) as proposed is made up of academics / officers drawn exclusively from the School Education Department and hopes that other demands such as non-vacancy status for principals / principals, re-establishment of 40 per cent quota for colleges and the regularization of physical education teachers and the elimination of their salary anomaly, the granting of acquired leave in favor of all teaching executives of the SED and the allocation of load with regard to all internships, including lecturers, will also be admitted as a priority.
Those who attended the meeting included Charan Dass, NS Jamwal, Anil Sharma, RS Salathia, Sanjay Bhagat, Ashok Sharma, Fazal Hussain, Jatinder Sethi, Imtiaz Qazmi, Lok Sewak, Dr Anis, AR Giri, Anwar Khan, Ajay Sehgal, Vijay Verma, Mulkh Raj, Rajeev Kumar and others.