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Tribal journalists promoted to key positions


Several longtime Trib journalists took on key leadership roles over the past week.

Jason Cato, Matt Provenzo and Ben Schmitt have been promoted to associate editor positions, Trib’s editor-in-chief Luis Fabregas said. Dirk Kaufman is newsroom operations manager.

“Their experience and talent will play a crucial role in this constantly evolving information industry,” said Fabregas. “I have no doubt that they will increase our coverage.”

Cato will be Associate Editor / Westmoreland and oversee the Greensburg Newsroom team of writers and journalists.

He joined the Trib in 2005, working in the Pittsburgh Newsroom covering the Federal Courthouse and working as a general reporter. He’s been an editor in Greensburg since 2017. Cato, originally from South Carolina, lives in Edgewood with his wife Sara and their daughter Lila.

Provenzo will be Deputy Editor / Valley News Dispatch and oversee the team of editors and journalists covering the Alle-Kiski Valley.

Provenzo, who has been with the company for three decades, began his career as a general reporter in March 1990. He was municipal editor at Valley News for 20 years and editor of the Greensburg Newsroom since. 2019. Provenzo lives in Murrysville with his wife, Sandy, and sons, Mark and Nicolas.

Schmitt will be associate / digital editor. He will oversee the digital bureau, the Pittsburgh news bureau and the Neighborhood News Network.

Schmitt came to the Trib in 2015 after spending a decade with the Detroit Free Press and other media. He was part of a team that won a Pulitzer Prize for the scandal that landed the former mayor of Detroit in jail. Schmitt became editor in 2018 after working for several years as the Trib’s health reporter. He and his wife, Donna, live in Forest Hills. They have two daughters, Jordan and Chloe.

In his role as newsroom operations manager, Kaufman will oversee the administrative areas of the department such as budget, production and technology.

Kaufman joined the Trib in 2000 as an assistant Sunday editor. Over the years he has served as the city’s deputy editor, editor and page designer. He lives in Scottdale with his wife, Mary. They are the parents of two grown boys, Regis and Lucas.

In August, Rob Amen was appointed editor of the Tribune-Review. Amen will oversee the daily operations of the news service.