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Are Image Watermarks No Longer Necessary?

Are Image Watermarks No Longer Necessary?

Do you still use watermarks on your photos in 2019? It’s 2019 and everything digital has been going full-on for quite a while. I’m a fan, and will not stop but it seems I’ve recently irritated someone on Instagram.

To cut a long story short, I received an email on Instagram about the watermark I put on my photos from someone I’ve never met or spoken to. “Hey dude, your work is excellent, but make your watermark go away,” it read as follows: (paraphrasing). Nobody wants it on their portfolios; it’s easy to erase, so there’s no reason to use it. It’s an outdated way of proving ownership, and you must be a part of the 21st century.” The person who wrote it isn’t a fan of watermarks and has strong opinions about them, and felt the need to discuss them to me. It was not a formal introduction, nor a thank you or greeting from the person I’ve never even met, just straight on the mark. Need budget for an image to use? Get free Apply Online Now – Oak Park in an instant.

Acceptable consensus on watermarks

“Whoa, man, this guy is pretty enthusiastic about this,” I initially thought, “but it seems like he’s creating a mountain out of a molehill.” Let’s look at the whole issue and address the concerns of this person and see if we could come to an acceptable consensus on watermarks in 2019 and watermarks. The first thing I would like to say is that any watermark you choose to use is best hidden with less opacity and in an area within the frame which is hidden. It is important to keep in mind the fact that a watermark should not appear as the primary thing that people are able to see. It’s not our intention to detract from our photo; rather let the image be the focus. Watermarks are mostly used to create photos that have been uploaded to social media because any other use (such as printing) could be detrimental.

The notion that it’s easy to erase can only be understood in the context of a watermark’s purpose is to serve as a deterrent to theft in the way. To achieve that I believe that adding watermarks do not achieve the objective. If someone really desires to have a watermark removed quickly and easy, whether using a simple cut or simple Photoshop. It’s just a change in the way we think about marks in order to accomplish this. They’re more of a signature by the artist, rather than a security seal.

Removing watermark

The idea that no one wants to include it in your portfolio may be absurd since a portfolio printed must always come with no watermark. I’m not sure if I should label Instagram or Facebook as a portfolio (though they each do an identical purpose). So I’m not worried about offering a model an image with a low resolution and an equilateral watermark. Instead of being angry in the event that a colleague removed your watermark, think about if this is a sign that your watermark was distracting initially.

The stranger said that I should be a part of the 21st century. Does he use anti-watermark ideology to create an empire? Then, what does the 21st century connect to anything? If watermarks no longer are required, that isn’t the scenario. If watermarks are what social media is to the signature, it’s essential each century.

Let’s summarise and be crystal-clear on a few issues First, watermarks are a personal choice, and nobody can say which one to choose. one. If you’re not feeling it, don’t bother using it in any way. If you decide to go with one, make it minimal and don’t distract from your work. Also, keep your mind in mind that it’s merely to show the version on social media of a particular image. Simple is the key Do not overthink things; be simple and subdued and you’ll be fine. Know that the main goal in today’s world is not security. By posting images on the internet, you agree that your photos will not be 100% secure.

Then, I’ll give some useful advice to anyone. When you message a stranger I would suggest that one introduces themselves first. Think that it’s an electronic handshake or a greeting. Be friendly, welcoming and interested. Instead of fighting attempt to begin dialogue. A conversation that is simple can help a lot and will be profitable for all parties involved. I’d like to get in touch with you if you like to contact me via Instagram for any comments, questions or queries. Let’s chat and build a network of friendly acquaintances and collaborate to reach our objectives. There are plenty of people on the internet shouting at one another in a bickering and trolling manner constantly. The internet could be better by attempting to have a nice voice.