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Are Image Watermarks No Longer Necessary?

Are Image Watermarks No Longer Necessary?

Do you still use watermarks on your photos in 2019? It’s 2019 and everything digital has been going full-on for quite a while. I’m a fan, and will not stop but it seems I’ve recently irritated someone on Instagram.

To cut a long story short, I received an email on Instagram about the watermark I put on my photos from someone I’ve never met or spoken to. “Hey dude, your work is excellent, but make your watermark go away,” it read as follows: (paraphrasing). Nobody wants it on their portfolios; it’s easy to erase, so there’s no reason to use it. It’s an outdated way of proving ownership, and you must be a part of the 21st century.” The person who wrote it isn’t a fan of watermarks and has strong opinions about them, and felt the need to discuss them to me. It was not a formal introduction, nor a thank you or greeting from the person I’ve never even met, just straight on the mark. Need budget for an image to use? Get free Apply Online Now – Oak Park in an instant.

Acceptable consensus on watermarks

“Whoa, man, this guy is pretty enthusiastic about this,” I initially thought, “but it seems like he’s creating a mountain out of a molehill.” Let’s look at the whole issue and address the concerns of this person and see if we could come to an acceptable consensus on watermarks in 2019 and watermarks. The first thing I would like to say is that any watermark you choose to use is best hidden with less opacity and in an area within the frame which is hidden. It is important to keep in mind the fact that a watermark should not appear as the primary thing that people are able to see. It’s not our intention to detract from our photo; rather let the image be the focus. Watermarks are mostly used to create photos that have been uploaded to social media because any other use (such as printing) could be detrimental.

The notion that it’s easy to erase can only be understood in the context of a watermark’s purpose is to serve as a deterrent to theft in the way. To achieve that I believe that adding watermarks do not achieve the objective. If someone really desires to have a watermark removed quickly and easy, whether using a simple cut or simple Photoshop. It’s just a change in the way we think about marks in order to accomplish this. They’re more of a signature by the artist, rather than a security seal.

Removing watermark

The idea that no one wants to include it in your portfolio may be absurd since a portfolio printed must always come with no watermark. I’m not sure if I should label Instagram or Facebook as a portfolio (though they each do an identical purpose). So I’m not worried about offering a model an image with a low resolution and an equilateral watermark. Instead of being angry in the event that a colleague removed your watermark, think about if this is a sign that your watermark was distracting initially.

The stranger said that I should be a part of the 21st century. Does he use anti-watermark ideology to create an empire? Then, what does the 21st century connect to anything? If watermarks no longer are required, that isn’t the scenario. If watermarks are what social media is to the signature, it’s essential each century.

Let’s summarise and be crystal-clear on a few issues First, watermarks are a personal choice, and nobody can say which one to choose. one. If you’re not feeling it, don’t bother using it in any way. If you decide to go with one, make it minimal and don’t distract from your work. Also, keep your mind in mind that it’s merely to show the version on social media of a particular image. Simple is the key Do not overthink things; be simple and subdued and you’ll be fine. Know that the main goal in today’s world is not security. By posting images on the internet, you agree that your photos will not be 100% secure.

Then, I’ll give some useful advice to anyone. When you message a stranger I would suggest that one introduces themselves first. Think that it’s an electronic handshake or a greeting. Be friendly, welcoming and interested. Instead of fighting attempt to begin dialogue. A conversation that is simple can help a lot and will be profitable for all parties involved. I’d like to get in touch with you if you like to contact me via Instagram for any comments, questions or queries. Let’s chat and build a network of friendly acquaintances and collaborate to reach our objectives. There are plenty of people on the internet shouting at one another in a bickering and trolling manner constantly. The internet could be better by attempting to have a nice voice.

Azerion acquires AdPlay and strengthens its Italian presence in digital advertising


amsterdam, 24 November 2022 – Today, Azerion announced the acquisition of AdPlay, an Italy-based digital advertising platform. Together, the companies will offer advertisers access to even wider audiences in Italy through exciting new formats and content such as digital out-of-home and first-look at highly relevant sports content. At the same time, publisher partners will benefit from the additional revenue and ad formats that Azerion will bring to them.

Umut Akpinarco-CEO of Azerion, comments: “I am pleased to announce the acquisition of AdPlay and to strengthen our advertising activity in Italy. The AdPlay team is a perfect fit with our Azerbaijani culture, and their local expertise and experience will add to our ability to help our Italian clients get the results they need with their advertising budgets. I am also very excited to welcome Italian AdPlay partners to the Azerion platform and grow our business with them, as well as expand our connected and digital out-of-home TV reach in the local market.

Azerion will integrate AdPlay’s cross-media digital solutions and campaign performance management, adding to its current strong offering in these areas. AdPlay exclusively represents some of the most relevant Italian publishers and pioneered the digital out-of-home market in Italy. With this acquisition, Azerion will strengthen its position in Italy and increase its relevance as a partner that provides easy, impactful and affordable access to a large and diverse audience through highly engaging content.

In addition, AdPlay recently launched Veedly, a dedicated solution focused on the distribution of on-demand multimedia content from the sports world. Veedly is currently collaborating with the official Lega Serie A digital channels, enabling the distribution of content of all kinds, including highlights of all Serie A TIM and Coppa Italia Frecciarossa matches for the next two sports seasons.

The global consideration is a combination of cash and shares. A total of 580,470 treasury shares were transferred to the selling shareholder. The transaction is effective from November 11, 2022. AdPlay generated approximately €12 million in gross revenue in 2021.

This announcement follows various previous acquisitions in 2022 as Azerion continues to execute on its growth strategy. So far this year, Azerion has acquired an estimated annualized revenue of between €100 and €125 million for total aggregate consideration (combination of cash and stock) between €90 and €100 million.

– ENDS –

About Azerion

Azerion is a fast-growing media and digital entertainment platform. As a content, technology and data-driven company, Azerion serves consumers, digital publishers, advertisers and game creators worldwide. Azerion’s integrated platform provides technology solutions to automate the buying and selling of digital advertising for media buyers and sellers, supported by in-market sales and campaign management teams. Using our technology, content creators, digital publishers and advertisers work with Azerion to reach the millions of people around the world who play Azerion’s games and view its distributed entertainment content to increase engagement, loyalty and stimulate e-commerce.

Founded in 2014 by two Dutch entrepreneurs, Azerion has experienced rapid expansion driven by organic growth and strategic acquisitions. Azerion is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and is a publicly traded company listed on Euronext Amsterdam. For more information visit: www.azerion.com.

About AdPlay

AdPlay is a media technology company focused on developing proprietary solutions for publishers and brand advertisers. AdPlay Media Holding is a strategic partner for the implementation of digital transformation and innovation plans, thanks to its clean technologies and tailor-made consulting services.

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The country needs to rethink its public service broadcasting


Prasar Bharati, India’s self-governing public service broadcaster, celebrated its silver jubilee on 23 November 2022. In 1997, on this day, the statutory Broadcasting Corporation of India was finally established, almost seven years after that Parliament voted to adopt the Prasar Bharati law. The 25-year milestone also comes at a crucial time when the organization is at the crossroads of a much larger transition with a significant proportion of its workforce set to retire in the coming years.

Prasar Bharati’s journey over the past 25 years can be described as a two-decade saga of lost opportunities that have been belatedly caught up in the revival of the past 5 years. As an organization born out of the former government departments of All India Radio (AIR) and Doordarshan (DD), Prasar Bharati’s struggle for legitimacy in the eyes of its many stakeholders is a big reason why the public broadcaster had no failed to keep pace with the times for nearly two decades.

A critical folly in the creation of Prasar Bharati was the decision to retain the staff of former AIRs and DDs as government employees deemed to be on deputies, while failing to resolve decades-old disputes over issues related to the service. The sum total of these two factors has been an unmotivated workforce on the verge of retirement, challenged to compete with the private media for both audience and revenue.

Unlike other public broadcasters around the world that derive a substantial portion of their revenue from secure sources such as license fees, Prasar Bharati is unique in that it has to compete with the private sector to generate commercial revenue that pays its Functionnary costs. This places a huge burden on the public service broadcaster. It must be commercially competitive while bearing a substantial burden due to its public service obligations. From mandatory election broadcasts to serving remote and underserved areas in over a hundred languages ​​and dialects, the branches of Prasar Bharati, Doordarshan and All India Radio, have public service obligations unlike any of their global peers .

For example, the BBC operates a handful of channels and services while receiving several thousand crores in license fees, allowing it to invest over a hundred times per channel or service compared to DD or AIR. This is a crucial difference that is overlooked in misplaced comparisons between a global public broadcaster such as the BBC and Prasar Bharati. With DD FreeDish DTH’s commercial success as a free platform reaching more than 45 million households, its operational burden is greatly reduced, but the payroll of its nearly 20,000 government employees, which rises each year over 2,000 crore, still requires government support in the form of grants.

As he reaches his silver jubilee, the challenge for Prasar Bharati is twofold. It must accelerate and sustain its reform trajectory of the past five years to further modernize its operations through information technology, while digitizing its audience touchpoints with compelling and creative content. It must do so while managing the largest workforce transition in its history, with nearly 2,000 employees retiring annually over the next few years. Managing this workforce transition is not just an exercise in human resource management, but also in business management, as any new injection of labor will need to be funded from its business revenue. Herein lies the pitfall for the public broadcaster, as it would need to ensure the infusion of professional talent at competitive, market-determined salaries for specialist roles in sales, marketing, digital and IT, among others. Ongoing efforts to amend the recruitment rules and related provisions of the Prasar Bharati Act will need to be taken to their logical conclusion for the public broadcaster to succeed in this important workforce transition.

The public broadcaster’s future vision over the next two decades will have to be in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision for a new India by 2047, with growing technological convergence and media content consumption on smartphones. Broadcast automation and IT integration of key operational functions will be key to realizing this vision. Additionally, a shift to cloud-based broadcast management is inevitable, to bring agility and flexibility to operations and to accommodate the shift to on-demand media consumption. Finally, for the public broadcaster to meet its financial needs and expand its international presence, it would have to create new avenues of monetization, whether from archival content or real estate assets. With direct-to-mobile streaming, the public broadcaster has the ability to create a DD FreeDish-like business model that delivers free-to-air streaming directly to smartphones and other smart devices.

Twenty-five years on, India’s standalone public service broadcaster enjoys both great nostalgia, as was evident during the lockdown, and a high degree of trust, as revealed a recent survey. Creatively building on these strengths with a clear technology vision and workforce roadmap for the future would be crucial to sustaining itself over the next 25 years.

Shashi Shekhar Vempati is the former CEO of Prasar Bharati.

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After Paytm, Meesho joins ONDC to grow e-commerce


Value commerce platform Meesho is the latest to join the government’s Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) to help connect buyers with hyperlocal sellers. The integration will fuel product discoverability for consumers, while creating a broader market for hyperlocal vendors, Meesho said in a statement.

The SoftBank-backed unicorn will launch the pilot in Bengaluru and roll out the service to other locations over the coming months. More than 80% of Meesho’s 14 crore users and nearly 40% of its eight lakh sellers are from Tier 2+ cities. The integration of ONDC will only expand its core product proposition and allow sellers to reach a wider audience.

Commenting on the development, Vidit Aatrey, Founder and CEO of Meesho, said, “With a common goal of empowering small sellers and boosting hyperlocal businesses, the integration will boost our efforts to democratize internet commerce. for everyone.”

“ONDC will also play an important role in expanding India’s e-commerce sector by bringing more consumers online. We have worked closely with ONDC to ensure the integration is smooth and the user experience remains seamless,” he added.

Prior to Meesho, e-commerce platforms including Paytm Mall and CoutLoot had also joined ONDC in an effort to democratize online shopping. Startups like Dunzo, Loadshare, and Shiprocket take on logistics and delivery responsibilities on the ONDC platform.

T Koshy, CEO of ONDC, said of the addition of Meesho, “At ONDC, our goal is to create an open e-commerce ecosystem that appeals to everyone. We’re excited to onboard Meesho, as its deep small-town capabilities will put the network wheel in motion and bring ONDC closer to our goals. E-commerce is still small in India and new era platforms like Meesho will be strong network participants for ONDC in this journey.

With ONDC, the government hopes to replicate the success of UPI, and end the Flipkart-Amazon duopoly in Indian e-commerce.

Earlier at India Today Conclave Mumbai 2022, Koshy said, “There are two parts to any transaction – money, goods and services. The NPCI brought the democratization of monetary transactions. It showed us that money is not anyone’s private property or a closed circuit. This is what we expect from the ONDC for goods and services.

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Why commercial real estate is the perfect use case for no-code technology


No two commercial real estate companies are the same. This may seem obvious, but it becomes painfully so when companies try to buy software. No matter how well thought out an off-the-shelf software is, it can by no means satisfy the needs of every real estate company that uses it. This means that companies assembling their tech stacks typically have to hire software developers to cobble together different solutions using APIs, data warehouses, and custom code. With the current price of a good developer, real estate companies may find themselves paying more to tailor a technology stack to their unique needs than they do for the software itself.

According to Statista, the average business across all industries used 110 SaaS applications in 2021, up from just eight in 2015. In the commercial real estate industry, this includes specialized software for accounting, ERP, CMMS, CRM, lease administration, portfolio management, market research, energy management and more. Often, workflows and processes don’t work well together, if at all, leading to confusion and data silos across the organization. You end up with underutilized software and a mess of hard-to-find, inaccurate data. Ultimately, this approach wastes resources and causes teams to miss business opportunities.

Other industries such as healthcare, education, retail, and e-commerce have faced similar issues related to software integration and customization. Many of them have successfully adopted “no-code” software solutions to allow their team to make these changes without the need for a full development team, or often no development team at all. The commercial real estate industry has an opportunity to use the same strategy of adopting flexible low-code and no-code software applications to equip real estate experts with practical computing capabilities.

There is no set definition for “no-code” since the term can mean different things to different people, but generally speaking, no-code programming refers to the use of software or platforms that don’t require coding knowledge to build or customize apps, websites, or other digital tools. This can include drag-and-drop builders, workflow automation platforms, or even simple Excel macros. The appeal of no-code solutions is that they can often be used by people without a technical background, which can make them faster and easier to implement than traditional coding solutions.

Contrary to your instincts, the first step in integrating and customizing a real estate company’s IT systems is to accept the chaos inherent in disparate software products. Your team could waste a lot of time and resources trying to reinvent the tech stack. But by adopting a central no-code platform and creating a reliable data layer, these systems can start to work together and you can create solutions that integrate with your own workflows. Managers can feed historical data into this new analytical framework. There, algorithms can enrich the information with contextual metadata and conform the data to an architecture that can avoid inaccuracies. If configured correctly, this layer also enables data chain governance (i.e., allowing sensor data to inform building control systems) and monitoring plus support functionality.

As promising as it sounds, there is no single answer to getting started with no-code solutions or building a reliable data layer. Before the technology can be created, the problem it must solve must be clearly defined. Next, a person or team should be tasked with researching the various no-code software platforms available, as they are all a bit different and have their own strengths and weaknesses. Once a platform is selected, a training program must be designed and implemented. Even though there is no coding involved, these platforms can be difficult and intimidating for team members. Only by facilitating the transition to a new software system can organizations be sure that these investments will actually be put to use.

Which no-code platforms you should test depends on the complexity of your organization’s needs. There are a few fairly simple ones that you may already be familiar with that have very robust functionality such as Salesforce and Airtable. These types of platforms typically provide hundreds of pre-built solutions and templates for a variety of use cases such as sales, project management, human resources, expense and vendor management, and service requests. . Unfortunately, there aren’t many commercial real estate-specific no-code platforms to choose from, but that’s starting to change and in the meantime, with a little research, industry-neutral solutions can already offer the capabilities. your business needs.

MRI Software, one of the largest software providers in the commercial real estate industry, recently launched a no-code/low-code product that promises to help real estate companies bring all their software together in one dashboard customizable. MRI’s suite of software solutions already encompasses investment management, property management, facilities and workplace management, and payments, and can be customized to be useful for almost any other organizational process. The new offer is called MRI Agora Insights and it enables advanced analytics on both MRI and non-MRI data sources. Its ability to bring together structured and unstructured data, IoT data, and APIs has the potential to help real estate organizations more easily build a trusted data layer using a no-code approach.

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MRI’s Product Manager, Saurabh Abhyankar, told me, “Right now, innovation is trumping adoption in real estate. Our customers’ ability to absorb and accumulate is slower than the pace of innovation. Abhyankar believes that every industry eventually matures using multiple disconnected point solutions to one platform of choice. He explained that the battle between operating systems is common, but short-lived elsewhere. “The OS wars ended with MacOS and Windows, the CRM wars ended with Salesforce.com, and the cloud wars ended with Azure and AWS,” Abhyankar noted. “It’s time for the entire PropTech industry to embrace a smart, open, and hyper-connected platform, where technology from any vendor, including MRI, our partners, third parties, and even our competitors can connect to enable innovation.”

While trying to force users to use a single operating system can be a way for tech companies to drive a wedge, it can backfire. As users strive to adapt the system to their needs, the critical issue of interoperability becomes more important. Ultimately, users will prefer an operating system that allows them to customize its use according to their needs, even if it means playing nice with a competitor. From an efficiency standpoint, it is much easier for technology companies to find a way to work with other programs and data schemas than for each company to create its own solution.

Real estate companies that don’t prioritize the integration of their IT systems will struggle to get a return on their digital investments. No-code and low-code platforms can be the solution that will allow real estate organizations to quickly develop and deploy applications that integrate with their technology stack without having to invest in expensive development resources. Additionally, low-code software can be easily customized to fit existing workflows, making it a versatile solution for a complex industry.

Moy Park kicks off World Cup with on-pack promotion


Moy Park, is offering consumers a chance to win football-related prizes to celebrate the World Cup, through a ‘Scan to Score’ competition on packaging.

Shoppers purchasing a pack of Moy Park breaded chicken products from participating retailers can enter via a “peel to reveal” sticker on the pack, where they will find a QR code that will take them to an online entry form.

Prizes include a PS5 and FIFA bundle, team soccer jersey, branded soccer balls, cash, and more. Winners will be randomly selected throughout the promotional period (November 20 to December 18, 2022).

Ellen Wright, Senior Brand Marketing Manager at Moy Park, said: “The World Cup offers many opportunities to bring the family together during the winter sports season and we are delighted to be a part of it! Our breaded chicken products are a crowd pleaser when it comes to hosting a festive gathering or sitting down to watch the football. The range has something for everyone, from our ultimate garlic kyiv to mini tempura fillets, buttermilk burger and chicken wings – perfect for a family feast before a big game!

“As many consumers prepare for the World Cup this year, we are investing in a targeted localized digital marketing campaign, OOH, POS and in-store sampling to ensure maximum visibility of our products and we are confident that this will result in an increase in sales during the tournament.

“It’s great to be able to give our consumers a chance to win fantastic prizes, while driving sales for our retail partners.”

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NFU calls for urgent investigation into egg supply chain

Drone-based advertising presents opportunities and challenges for cities


Earlier this month, hundreds of drones lit up the New York skyline to promote the “Candy Crush” video game, creating an LED billboard in the sky that thrilled some New Yorkers and frustrated others. Americans, by the way, beware: drone-based advertising could soon be coming to a city near you.

As of November 18, there were approximately 867,000 recreational and commercial drones registered in the United States, and federal authorities expect that number reach 2.3 million by 2024. The Federal Aviation Administration, which regulates U.S. airspace, and other policymakers are focusing on other uses for drones, such as disaster response or delivering lifesaving drugs in rural areas.

But as drones become more and more intertwined with daily life, these large-scale advertising pieces could grow as well. That creates opportunities and challenges for cities trying to navigate America’s increasingly congested airspace, said Britney Kohler, legislative director of transportation and infrastructure at the National League of Cities.

“We’re always thinking about how we use new technologies to innovate, but also, how do we understand what’s happening in our skies from other users who participate?” said Kohler. “There are plenty of opportunities for cities to engage in a clear way with their constituents.”

While the drone marketing industry is still relatively small, large cities will eventually have to deal with it. For example, Capitol Outdoor, an advertising company that coordinated a drone light show for the 2022 National Basketball Association draft in New York City, recently launched its drone offerings. It is initially targeting 10 cities for regular drone shows, including Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Miami, and San Francisco.

Drone advocates say these light shows could be an alternative to other disruptive displays.

“Aerial advertising for small planes and fireworks are increasingly criticized for their negative environmental impacts and loud noise, and entertainment venues and advertisers are turning to drones to fill this gap,” said said Michael Robbins, the nonprofit’s executive vice president of government and public affairs. International Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems.

But in some cities, would-be drone sellers could face opposition due to local restrictions on billboards and other aerial advertisements. four states – Alaska, Hawaii, Maine and Vermont – have completely banned billboards, while cities like Houston; Los Angeles; St. Paul, Minnesota; and Kansas City, Missouri, have limited construction of new billboards. Other cities, including San Francisco, Austin and Nashville, have considered banning aerial advertising over the past decade, but have not enacted them.

“Just as we support communities that want to put restrictions on digital advertising, we urge community leaders to weigh the potential negative impacts of drone advertising,” said Mark Falzone, president of Scenic America, an organization in non-profit anti-display.

Yet it remains unclear whether cities will also be hostile to drone shows, which are classified as aerial advertising. After Candy Crush was posted, for example, a New York state senator said he would consider legislation banning drone-based advertising, Gothamist reportedeven though the drones flew from New Jersey to comply with New York City airspace restrictions.

Robbins said that because the federal government regulates drones, cities must work with federal regulators to limit drone-based advertising.

Meanwhile, federal regulators are trying to catch up with the rapid expansion of commercial and recreational drones, said Stephen Luxion, executive director of the Alliance for System Safety of UAS through Research Excellence led by Mississippi State University.

“When creative minds start doing things, the technology always outpaces the regulations,” Luxion said.

Some changes may soon come at the federal level, given that Congress is expected to reauthorize the FAA next year. Drones, officially known as unmanned aerial systems, are at the top of the regulatory discussionand industry leaders are pushing for clarity around the certification and commercial rules of drones.

An FAA spokesperson said in an email that “the safe integration of drones into the national airspace system is a key priority” for the agency.

Cities also want answers. Kohler said the FAA largely expects local law enforcement to “chase roaming drones” in areas where they are restricted, creating an “unfunded mandate” for cities with limited resources. As the next iteration of the FAA focuses, she said officials should “be very careful about how they use their authority” to allow commercial and recreational drones into communities.

Kohler said public officials should update drone regulations “before there are more examples of Candy Crush lighting up the skies.”

Health Unit launches home pick-up pilot


The Gray Bruce Health Unit is launching a pilot project focused on raising awareness of home care.

The GBHU says the Home Takeover pilot project, launched in the fall, seeks to draw attention to this issue and create tools for response.

According to Lisa Alguire, GBHU public health nurse and co-lead of the pilot, a repossession begins when a vulnerable landlord or tenant is forced to host an unwanted guest in their home. The guest may be a relative, friend or acquaintance of the person living in the house who may have been invited to stay.

The GBHU says the situation progresses when the abuser can then supply the occupant with drugs to stay in the house, and use the space to carry out illegal drug activities and refuse to leave. The actions or activities of the abuser make the occupant feel unsafe, uncomfortable or threatened in their home.

Alguire says the occupant of the home may face threats, violence, manipulation, or financial abuse as the reason they continue to host the unwanted guest, or the occupant may have a drug addiction, mental health issues, or having been homeless in the past. She adds that the occupier could also face eviction if they take control of their home.

Alguire was unable to confirm how many home takeover situations have occurred in the area.

“We didn’t have a lot of local data available to us at the time the pilot was launched,” says Alguire.

Alguire says, “Through this pilot project, we hope to shine a light on the issue of home takeovers, which primarily affect our most vulnerable residents.

She adds that the goal is to reduce the frequency of home takeovers in the area through community outreach, the development of a multi-party response framework and other resources.

Alguire says that in the fall of 2021, Gray County Housing began seeing home takeovers in community housing neighborhoods and they spent a year gathering information before launching the pilot.

“They were sharing stories and examples of ongoing home takeovers, and really the impacts of the home takeover for tenants, families and children of people taking over units in the neighborhood,” says Alguire. .

In response to these takeovers, 14 community partners created an advisory committee, which includes representatives from housing agencies, mental health services, police, fire and others. The committee seeks to understand the existing response and the gaps in the response to a repossession.

In a survey, it was discovered that a few of the partners had not heard of the term home takeover, but almost all of them had dealt with a case in the past year.

A plan has been drawn up to reduce the frequency of home takeovers, with groups creating several resources to educate agencies and residents about the issue.

Interviews with people who have experienced home takeovers as well as a review of the literature were conducted to better understand home takeovers and were used to develop a response framework.

Sharon Irwin, Director of Tenant Services for Gray County, says, “Your home should be a place where you feel comfortable and safe. This pilot project brought attention to a problem in our community and collaboration towards solutions. »

The health unit says there are signs that could indicate someone is at risk of taking over the home. These signs include a change in behavior or appearance, increased activity around the house, or a sudden change in a person’s financial situation.

Alguire says those experiencing a repossession or at risk of losing control of their home, these are resources available and they should contact their housing provider or someone they trust for help.

People can also call 211 to reach their housing help line.

According to Pam Hillier, Executive Director of Community Connection/211 Central East Ontario and project partner, they are available 24/7 to help and find local programs and services to help you.

“This includes helping people who may be experiencing a home takeover or the loved ones of someone who is in a home takeover situation,” says Hillier.

Other resources are also available on the health unit’s website here.

12 Largest Commercial Janitorial Companies in the United States


In this article, we discuss the top 12 commercial janitorial companies in the United States. If you want to skip our detailed analysis of these companies, go directly to the 5 Largest Commercial Janitorial Companies in the United States.

According Statistical, the Janitorial Services industry market size will grow by 6.6% in 2022. The annualized percentage growth of this market was 6.7% from 2017 to 2022. Additionally, from 2020 to 2021, the number of janitors and cleaners employed in the United States has increased by nearly 50,000. By 2024, the U.S. janitorial services industry is expected to generate approximately $50.1 billion in sales. The market size, measured by revenue, of the janitorial services industry is $97.6 billion in 2022. Businesses frequently expand when business profits increase, which increases the demand for janitorial services . However, declining corporate profits are decreasing demand for janitorial services as companies close facilities and reduce the frequency of cleaning contracts to reduce expenses. The industry could have an opportunity in 2022 as corporate profits are expected to rise, according to ibisworld. According to Allied Market Research, the cleaning services market is expected to reach $111.49 billion globally by 2030 at a CAGR of 6.5%, as reported by Bloomberg.

The global cleaning services industry is booming due to service providers expanding their online presence and growing demand from commercial consumers. However, increased rivalry and the introduction of new businesses are limiting market expansion. On the other hand, the demand for construction and post-construction cleaning services will open up new prospects. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a favorable effect on the global cleaning services business. Deep cleaning and disinfection has become more popular among residential and commercial users to reduce the risk of cross contamination. To reduce the risk of infection, governments in various countries have established a variety of standard operating procedures and guidelines for businesses. As a result, cleaning services were more in demand in malls and larger businesses.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash


For our list of the 12 largest commercial janitorial companies in the United States, we took the 12 largest janitorial companies in the United States by market capitalization. These companies directly provide janitorial services or manufacture technologies and parts used in janitorial services.

The Largest Commercial Janitorial Companies in the United States

12. Avalon Holdings Corporation (NYSE:AWX)

Market capitalization as of November 18, 2022: $0.01 billion

Avalon Holdings Corporation (NYSE: AWX) was founded in 1998 and is based in Warren, Ohio. Avalon Holdings Corporation (NYSE: AWX) provides waste management services to industrial, commercial, municipal and government customers in the United States. It operates in Waste Management Services and Golf and Related Operations segments. The Waste Management Services segment offers hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal brokerage and management services; and captive landfill management services and engages in saltwater injection well operations.

11. ABM Industries Incorporated (NYSE:ATM)

Market capitalization as of November 18, 2022: $2.98 billion

ABM Industries Incorporated (NYSE: ABM) was incorporated in 1985 and is based in New York, New York. It provides janitorial, facility engineering, parking, custodial, landscaping, floor, mechanical and electrical services; and vehicle maintenance and other services to rental car providers. On Sept. 12, Baird analyst Andrew Wittmann lowered his price target on ABM Industries Incorporated (NYSE:ABM) to $52 from $53 and retained an outperform rating on the stock. The analyst said the company is again warning that it is not out of the woods yet due to a tight labor supply. He said the initial guidance for 2023 could contain some downside risk, the source of his incremental caution now, but longer term he still likes his defensive, recurring revenue model.

ABM Industries Incorporated (NYSE:ABM) has performed well lately, despite being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, like most companies. Although lagging, the recovery has been positive since then, and this year’s results are particularly optimistic.

10. Casella Waste Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CWST)

Market capitalization as of November 18, 2022: $4.18 billion

Casella Waste Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CWST) was founded in 1975 and is based in Rutland, Vermont. Casella Waste Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CWST), together with its subsidiaries, operates as a vertically integrated solid waste management services company in the Northeastern United States. It offers resource management services primarily in solid waste collection and disposal, transfer, recycling and organic services to residential, commercial, municipal, institutional and industrial customers. The company provides non-hazardous solid waste services, including collections, transfer stations and disposal facilities. It also markets recyclable metals, aluminum, plastics, paper and corrugated cardboard that are processed in its facilities, as well as recyclable materials purchased from third parties. As of January 31, 2022, it had 50 solid waste collection operations, 65 transfer stations, 23 recycling facilities, 3 landfill gas-to-energy facilities and 1 landfill licensed to accept construction and demolition materials.

On Oct. 24, Jefferies analyst Stephanie Moore launched coverage of Casella Waste Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CWST) with a buy rating with a price target of $95, down from $103 previously. The company offers superior pricing power given its focus in the Northeast, as well as the ability to see outsized margin gains through operating leverage and efficiency investments, the analyst explains. investors in a research note. Moore adds that Casella Waste Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CWST) is also the only public waste management company of its size not to be acquired, which provides “downside support to the assessment of a potential withdrawal”.

09. Stericycle, Inc. (NASDAQ:LVERS)

Market capitalization as of November 18, 2022: $4.73 billion

Stericycle, Inc. (NASDAQ: SRCL) was incorporated in 1989 and is located in Bannockburn, Illinois. The company offers regulated waste management and compliance services, including disposable and sharps management solutions; pharmaceutical waste services; disposal of hazardous waste; maritime waste management services, such as port and airport waste; and compliance programs under the Steri-Safe, Clinical Services, First Practice Management, SeguriMed and EnviroAssure brands.

Stericycle Inc. (NASDAQ: SRCL) has a global presence, with 14,500 employees at more than 640 locations in 21 countries. More than 25% of the company’s revenue is generated by its international operations, with the largest countries being the United States, Canada, Ireland, Spain and Brazil. Stericycle Inc. (NASDAQ:SRCL) has also partnered with many community causes, including Feed My Starving Children, the American Diabetes Association, the National Safety Council, and even created the SteriCares Hardship Fund to provide financial relief to families. destitute.

08. Clean Harbors, Inc. (NYSE:HLC)

Market capitalization as of November 18, 2022: $6.29 billion

Clean Harbors, Inc. (NYSE: CLH) was incorporated in 1980 and is located in Norwell, Massachusetts. Clean Harbors, Inc. (NYSE: CLH) provides environmental and industrial services in North America. The Company operates through two segments, Environmental Services and Safety-Kleen Sustainability Solutions. The Environmental Services segment collects, transports, treats and disposes of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, such as resource recovery, physical treatment, fuel blending, incineration, landfill, sewage treatment, l laboratory chemical disposal and explosives management services.

Clean Harbors, Inc. (NYSE: CLH) Safety-Kleen Sustainability Solutions segment offers purpose-built parts washers; automotive and industrial cleaning products, such as antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, degreasers, glass and floor cleaners, hand cleaners, absorbents, carpets and spill kits.

07. Aramark (NYSE:ARMK)

Market capitalization as of November 18, 2022: $10.45 billion

Aramark (NYSE: ARMK) was founded in 1959 and is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It provides design, sourcing and manufacturing services, delivery, cleaning, maintenance and marketing of uniforms and accessories; provides managed restroom services; and rents uniforms, workwear, outerwear, particulate-free apparel, and non-apparel items and related services, including mats, shop towels, and first aid supplies.

On Nov. 16, RBC Capital analyst Ashish Sabadra raised his price target on Aramark (NYSE:ARMK) to $45 from $38 and retained a Sector Perform rating on the stock. Aramark’s (NYSE:ARMK) fourth-quarter revenue beat expectations on strong new contracts and continued reopening benefits, the analyst told investors in a research note.

06. Waste Connections, Inc. (NYSE:WCN)

Market capitalization as of November 18, 2022: $35.69 billion

Waste Connections, Inc. (NYSE: WCN) was founded in 1997 and is based in Woodbridge, Canada. Waste Connections, Inc. (NYSE: WCN) provides non-hazardous waste collection, transfer, disposal and recovery services in the United States and Canada.

Waste Connections, Inc. (NYSE: WCN) also provides E&P waste treatment, recovery and disposal services for waste resulting from oil and natural gas exploration and production activity, such as drilling fluids, drill cuttings, completion fluids and flowback waters; production waste and water produced during the life of a well; contaminated soils that require treatment during site remediation; and substances that require cleanup after a spill, reserve pit cleanout, or pipeline rupture.

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Netflix’s Warrior Nun Has No Promo Budget


Warrior Nun Season 2 lands Netflix’s global top three in terms of viewership, despite the comic book show having no promotional budget.

During its first week of release, warrior nun Season 2 became Netflix’s third-most-watched series worldwide — an impressive feat, considering the streaming giant apparently didn’t spend any money advertising it.

“Thank you to everyone in the world for this incredible first week! » warrior nun creator Simon Barry wrote on Twitter, also sharing a photo of the cast and crew. “[Warrior Nun] was the #3 global show on [Netflix] with $0 spent on promotion. (I hope these savings will factor into the renewal decision) It’s thanks to YOU ​​that we’re in fashion and I’m so grateful.”

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by Netflix warrior nun is based on the Warrior Nun Areala comic book character, which was originally created by Ben Dunn, first appearing in Antarctic Press’ ninja high school #37, cover dated March 1993. Dunn wrote the first two Areala warrior nun solo series, as well as a few later installments, with many other creators contributing to the title over the years.

Warrior Nun Season 2 is now streaming

Netflix live action warrior nun The series premiered its entire 10-episode first season on July 2, 2020. The show centers on Ava Silva (Alba Baptista), a quadriplegic orphan who joins an ancient order of warrior nuns after manifesting supernatural abilities. warrior nun Season 1 has received generally positive reviews, currently holding an approval rating of 69% on Rotten Tomatoes versus an audience score of 88%.

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After a two-year hiatus, warrior nun returned for an eight-episode second season earlier this month on Thursday, November 10. So far, Season 2 has fared even better with critics and audiences than its predecessor, currently holding a 100 percent critics’ approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes against a 99 percent audience rating. The official synopsis of warrior nun Season 2 reads, “Ava and the warrior sisters of the OCS must find a way to defeat the angel, Adriel, as he attempts to make her retinue the ruling religion of the planet.”

warrior nun Season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

Source: Twitter

Pure Michigan Launches Pursue Your Pure Winter Ad Campaign


LANSINGTemperatures continue to drop and snow begins to make its annual appearance, signaling the time for friends and families to start planning their winter adventures. To support these planning efforts, Pure Michigan is officially launching its national winter advertising campaign. This season, the campaign features two new commercials: Loud and Heart of Winter.

“Michigan is proud to be known as the perfect four-season travel destination,” said David Lorenz, vice president of Travel Michigan, part of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. “Outdoor enthusiasts and families are gearing up and planning for a true Michigan winter. Whether your pursuits are skiing, snowmobiling, visiting vibrant downtowns, ice fishing, ice climbing or more, our message is clear: Michigan is your winter playground.

This year’s campaign will build on the annual impact of the winter travel season, which generated $2.9 billion in traveler spending in 2021 (Source: TravelUSA.) The winter 2022 advertising budget will be $2.9 billion. $377,476, including $446,000 in contributions from industry partners. This year’s winter campaign includes the return of Pure Michigan to national television, with ads running in coordination with Hallmark and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries starting in November. Target regional markets include the State of Michigan, as well as Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Fort Wayne, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, South Bend and Toledo. Outdoor advertising includes 17 control rooms spread over seven of the regional target markets.

Winter campaign partners include Traverse City, Indian River, Michigan Apple Committee, Michigan Snowsports Industry Association, and the cities of Marquette and Charlevoix. With the start of the snow sports season fast approaching, the campaign aims to get people in the winter mood to start planning their trips across Michigan. Campaign assets can be found on digital OOH, Hulu, Pandora, Priceline, TravelZoo, digital banners and paid social media.

In addition to the advertising campaign, the Pure Michigan Winter homepage is available to provide visitors with the inspiration and information needed to plan the perfect winter getaway.

Travelers and travel industry partners are encouraged to use the #PureMichigan hashtag as it highlights winter offers and adventures across Michigan. Michigan is home to more than 6,500 miles of snowmobile trails, 3,000 miles of cross-country and snowshoe trails, and is second in the nation for ski areas offering everything from family-friendly beginner trails to the highest vertical drop in the Midwest. at Mt. Bohemia. Follow the Pure Michigan team as they spotlight iconic ski runs at ski areas all over the state in the Ski Pure Michigan video series.

“We are really excited about this year’s Pure Michigan partnership opportunity. It provides us with the award-winning platform to showcase the great skiing available in Michigan, from the Western Upper Peninsula to Southeast Michigan,” said Michigan Snowsports Industries Association Executive Director Mickey MacWilliams. “The campaign is launched just in time, as the weather changes and travelers seek new winter sports opportunities.”

In addition to taking advantage of the many opportunities offered by a Pure Michigan winter, this year’s Support Local campaign will go live November 21.st and until December 23rd. The campaign encourages Michigan residents to support local small businesses this gift-giving season. By doing so, you will not only help these businesses, but also communities and workers to thrive. For holiday gift ideas that show off your Pure Michigan Pride, head to Pure Michigan for branded gear and accessories. If ordered before December 16, delivery before Christmas is guaranteed. A portion of all proceeds will go to support Michigan Cares for Tourism to help invest in Michigan communities and their cultural and natural attractions.

Those looking for travel ideas should check out this year’s fall and winter travel guide, a great resource on sights to see and adventure opportunities for Michigan visitors and locals. The guide also offers a digital and universally accessible format, allowing travelers to access the guide from your desktop and mobile devices while on the go. Hard copies of the guide are also available at Michigan Department of Transportation’s 14 Welcome Centers across the state..

November 18/22 Bayshore Broadcasting Dashboard


National Hockey League

New Jersey Devils 3 Toronto Maple Leafs 2 (OT)

Columbus Blue Jackets 6 Montreal Canadiens 4
Tampa Bay Lightning 4 Calgary Flames 1
Winnipeg Jets 3 Anaheim Ducks 2
Boston Bruins 4 Philadelphia Flyers 1
Colorado Avalanche 3 Carolina Hurricanes 2 (OT)
Dallas Stars 6 Florida Panthers 4
Pittsburgh Penguins 6 Minnesota Wild 4
Nashville Predators 5 New York Islanders 4
St. Louis Blues 5 Washington Capitals 4 (SO)
Seattle Kraken 3 New York Rangers 2 (OT)
Vegas Golden Knights 4 Arizona Coyotes 1
Detroit Red Wings 7 San Jose Sharks 4

female hockey

in Kamloops, BC.

United States 2 Canada 1

Ontario Hockey League

Peterborough Petes 4 Oshawa Generals 0
North Bay Battalion 6 Kingston Frontenacs 2
Saginaw Spirit 3 Niagara IceDogs 2

Tonight the Owen Sound Attack are in Oshawa to meet the Generals

You can hear this game with Terry’s Trailer Service-Kia from Owen Sound Bearradio on 560 CFOS

Bearradio is brought to you in part by Bayshore Country Feeds

Greater Metro Junior Hockey League

Bradford Rattlers 10 Meaford Knights 3

On Sunday, the Knights travel to Bradford for a rematch against the Rattlers

Ontario Junior Hockey League

Burlington Cougars 2 Brantford 99’ers 0
Caledon Admirals 6 Mississauga Chargers 4

Tonight, the Collingwood Blues are in Milton to take on the Menace.

Carruthers Division of the PJHL

Stayner Siskins 4 Schomberg Cougars 1

National Basketball Association

Los Angeles Clippers 96 Detroit Pistons 91
Brooklyn Nets 109 Portland Trail Blazers 107
Sacramento Kings 130 San Antonio Spurs 112

CWOSSA “AAA” Volleyball Boys

at RIM Park and Forest Heights

Senior Pool A

Huron Heights 2 Owen Sound District Wolves 0
JF Ross 2 Owen Sound District Wolves 0

Senior Wolves were 3rd in Pool A and did not advance to the semi-finals

Junior A pool

Grand River 2 Owen Sound District Wolves 0
Centennial 2 Owen Sound District Wolves 1

Junior Wolves finished 3rd in Pool A and did not advance to the semi-finals

CWOSSA “A” Boys Volleyball Championship

at Walkerton District Community School



Father Rene vs. Kincardine District Knights

Rockway vs. Delhi

Billiards To Play

Kincardine District Knights 2 Wellington Heights 0
Rockway 2 Kincardine District Knights 0

The Senior Knights finished 2nd in Pool A

Group B game

Father Rene 2 Walkerton Riverhawks 0
Delhi 2 Walkerton Riverhawks 0

Senior Riverhawks finished 3rd in Pool B and were eliminated

Junior division


Kincardine District Knights vs. Woodland Christian

Play billiards

Delhi 2 Knights of Kincardine District 1
Kincardine District Knights 2 Emmanuel Christian 1
Kincardine District Knights 2 Woodland Christian 1

The Junior Knights finished 2nd in Pool Play

National Football League

Tennessee Titans 27 Green Bay Packers 17

CWOSSA Football Semi-Final

Jacob Hespeler Hawks 33 St. Mary’s Mustangs 0

Football World Cup Focus

Canada 2 Japan 1

Canadian Masters Curling Championships

at the Pembina Curling Club in Winnipeg


Ontario (Blue Water Curling Club run by Al Hutchinson) 7 Saskatchewan 6
Host team Manitoba 7 Ontario (Blue Water Curling Club managed by Al Hutchinson) 6

LPGA CME Group Tour Championship

at Tiburón Golf Club, Naples, Florida

Lydia Ko is 1 stroke ahead after Round 1

Brooke Henderson is the only Canadian on the court

Henderson is tied for 6th, 3 KO shots

PGA-The RSM Classic

St. Simons Island, Georgia

Cole Hammer leads by 1 stroke after shooting 8 under par in the first round

Taylor Pendrith is the weakest Canadian at 3 under for Round 2

The Chamber of Commerce encourages local shopping this holiday season


Press release

As the holiday season begins, the Adams County Chamber of Commerce encourages local residents to shop at local businesses.

“There is a sense of adventure when you explore a small business. You never know what beauties you will discover or what deliciousness awaits. Unfortunately, this is also why many people choose to frequent chains. They know exactly what they’ll get with chains, and there’s a lot of comfort in there. But comfort comes at a price, and this could be our community,” said Jason Francis, president of the County Chamber of Commerce. Adams, “Big employers and chains are essential to our region, but this holiday season, we ask that you support small businesses to be here for years to come.”

The Adams County Chamber of Commerce encourages residents to consider the following seven reasons to support small businesses this holiday season:

1. Small businesses need you. While SCORE, the largest national network of volunteer mentors and business experts, advises businesses to keep three to six months of operating reserves, most small businesses have 27 days. With inflation, rising costs, hiring issues, and many other challenges putting our small businesses in a precarious position, where you spend your money, this holiday could affect businesses that will be here in the new year.

2. It feels good to shop small. Supporting small businesses feels good because you can see the impact. The smiles and gratitude you receive for shopping with a small business are special. You can tell you’re making an impact, and often they remember you when you come back.

3. Small businesses support your causes. Small businesses are the first ones you turn to when asking for help with your beloved reasons, from your child’s sports to your favorite nonprofits. Their sponsorships improve the quality of life in the region. But they can’t sponsor your causes if they’re not in business.

4. Small businesses answer your questions. Chatbots are great, but they’re programmed to literally answer your questions. They don’t anticipate needs and ask follow-up questions like small business owners and employees do. Sometimes the conversation that comes from talking with small business professionals leads to other opportunities, interests, and stories. This is less likely to happen with a large-scale chatbot or online retailer.

5. Small businesses give you experience. Shopping small is synonymous with experience, and holiday shopping offers some of the biggest highlights of the year with seasonal aromas, delicious demonstrations, delicious tastes and happy tunes. Twinkling lights make everything more festive. Even a fantastic website can’t provide a different mouth-watering shopping experience than an in-person trip to your favorite small business.

6. Small business depends on your vacation spending. Up to 20% of small businesses rely on holiday sales to compensate for slower times of the year. If you don’t buy local during the holidays, it affects their future.

7. You can be a gift magician. Times are tight right now, and many of us are cutting spending this year to cover rising essential costs. While it’s natural to hunt for the cheapest gift possible during these times, you don’t want to give up the holiday smiles of the perfect gift to stay within your budget. Many small businesses offer unique, thoughtful items that you can’t get in many places. You can spend less, but give your loved one something they’ll treasure.

Small business shopping this holiday season is big business. The past few years have been difficult for local businesses. They need you this year with shrinking operating reserves, rising costs and falling sales. And if you like these small businesses, you know where to put your vacation money.

The Adams County Chamber of Commerce is a member-driven organization representing the county’s business community. It was born in 1989 to encourage the improvement, conservation and development of the county’s physical and economic environment. The Chamber of Commerce acts as an advocate for community businesses and staff continually seek out sources to benefit their members.

Why was Taco Bell forced to pull a Cardcaptor Sakura promotion?


Although anime has become mainstream entertainment for Americans, the one area where the product is still rarely spotted is in fast food promotions. While fast food anime promotions are quite common in Japan, in America many fast food companies (probably because they tend not to understand the properties they license) still pass the anime as a promotional item. This is especially true with kid’s meals, as most successful cartoons never have kid’s meal promotions unless they are. Pokemon, Dragon Ball Zand (at least once) Yu Gi Oh!


That’s why it was interesting to note that several years ago Taco Bell had a Sakura card sensor promotion for their children’s meals. While the idea behind the promotion was to grab the attention of kids and parents with a toy from a potential new hit show, the promotion grabbed media attention for all the reasons Taco Bell WANTED. NOT ! This is the story of how a seemingly innocent children’s meal promotion turned into a full-fledged controversy for the fast-food giant.

taco bell promotional food photo

While the fast food war has been a battle that has raged for many years, in the late 1990s Taco Bell decided to expand its market by taking on McDonald’s and Burger King in the battle for the important fast food market. meals for children. While McDonald’s has always been the undisputed champion of kids’ meals with its famous Happy Meal, in the late 80s and throughout the 90s, Burger King decided it wanted a piece of that Happy Meal pie. Their Burger King Kids Club ended up being a huge success for the company and gave McDonald’s legitimate competition in this area.

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Taco Bell decided they wanted some of the kids’ lunch money, too. Since both burger chains didn’t have tacos or burritos, Taco Bell believed their kids’ meals could stand out from the crowd and threw themselves in the ring with kids’ meals promotions for franchises. successful as star wars and Batman. By the mid-2000s, Taco Bells children’s meals hadn’t made the headway the company had hoped, but they were profitable enough to keep pumping money into it.

When the company saw the success of the Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z promotions at Burger King, they decided they wanted an anime promotion for themselves. They chose the next Kids WB series Card sensors as their first anime promotion, and they would regret the promotion almost immediately.

Cardcaptors (Cardcaptor Sakura) Taco Bell Promotion

Card sensors was a (heavily edited) adaptation of CLAMP Sakura card sensor aired on Kids WB in the mid-2000s. The series followed a young girl named Sakura and her friend Li, whose goal was to capture powerful creatures and reseal them in Clow Cards. With a premise that rang a little like Pokemon At first glance, it wasn’t too surprising that Kids WB wanted to air the series on their channel as a supplement to their monster series (no pun intended). It’s also not too surprising that Taco Bell is taking on this series for a kid’s meal promotion. It was new, inexpensive, and had the potential to be a big hit.

While watching the show, they produced toys that included Li’s Clow Board, Clow Cards in Clow Reed’s book, Madison’s video camera, and a Li figurine (ironically, protagonist Sakura didn’t NOT received a toy)! They were mostly items that kids used to capture the Clow Cards on the show, and if you watched the show, these toys wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. To the uninformed parent though, some of the toys looked suspiciously like ouija boards and tarot cards. It wasn’t long before concerned parents launched a campaign against the promotion, accusing Taco Bell of selling witchcraft to their children.

Taco Bell was surprised by the accusations as neither the promotion nor the show itself had anything to do with witchcraft of any kind. Nonetheless, the potential brand damage the campaign could cause Taco Bell as a family restaurant was not worth handling, and Taco Bell retired the toys a few weeks into the race and presented official apologies. Despite this, many places secretly donated the toys while supplies lasted (rather than destroying them) while other restaurants simply threw them away. Taco Bell didn’t lose much on the promotion, but it was one of the deciding factors in the company getting out of the kids’ meal wars and offering only generic, non-based toys. known properties.

Cardcaptors (Cardcaptor Sakura) Carl's Jr. Promotion

Although the Taco Bell promotion failed miserably, it wouldn’t be the only one Card sensors promotion of meals for children. A year later, Carl’s Jr. would license the franchise for its own children’s meals. Carl’s Jr. Children’s Meals was not competitive with McDonald’s or Burger King, but it had enough clout to acquire franchise rights for children’s meal toys on known (but not hugely expensive) properties. At this very moment Card sensors had fallen into this category, and Carl’s Jr. did a promotion that involved four toys based on the show.

Unlike Taco Bell, Carl’s Jr. based their toys on characters like Kero and Sakura herself, and completely ignored cards and card quest items. It’s debatable if anyone would even remember the Taco Bell promotion without the controversy, but it’s an interesting footnote in anime history to know that Card sensors, while never a huge hit on Kids WB, was nevertheless popular enough to attract the attention of two major fast food companies. It’s more than what Digimon obtained.

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Smart Advertising Market to Witness Massive Growth at a CAGR of 19.4% During the Forecast Period | Top Players: Lamar Advertising Company, OUTFRONT Media Inc., CIVIQ Smartscapes, Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc., Exterion Media (UK) Limited


The Global smart advertising market The size was valued at USD 655.1 million in 2019 and is expected to register a CAGR of 19.4%, which is expected to reach USD 2,375.8 million by the forecast period. An important component that is expected to fuel the market growth over the forecast period is the ability of smart advertising to deliver highly personalized multimedia content to target customers. Additionally, consumers are consuming more digital media than traditional print billboards and posters, which has driven the demand for smart advertising.

The Global Smart Advertising Market research provides an in-depth analysis of the state of the industry today and market projections to 2032. The report may be the ideal combination of qualitative and quantitative data, highlighting highlights significant market developments, challenges, competition industry analysis and new available opportunities and trends in the Smart Advertising market. This report also provides market size, recent trends, growth, share, development status, market dynamics, cost structure and competitive landscape for the Smart Advertising market. The research report also discusses the current market and its growth potential over the anticipated period. Industry professionals have performed an in-depth analysis of the Global Smart Advertising Market report, which has been meticulously compiled to include only the most important insights. The latest information of the global market is the main focus of the report.

Download Free Sample Premium Report @ https://www.quincemarketinsights.com/request-sample-64559

Analysis of smart advertising market trend and marketing channels. The viability of new investment initiatives is then assessed and general conclusions of the study are presented. Along with the increase in production, the Smart Advertising market report also includes the market share achieved by each product in the market.

Major players active in the global Smart Advertising market include Lamar Advertising Company, OUTFRONT Media Inc., CIVIQ Smartscapes, Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc., Exterion Media (UK) Limited, JCDecaux Group, Include Ltd., Intersection, IKE Smart City, Changing Environments Inc. and Captivate.

The research study contains essential market data such as growth influencing variables, barriers, opportunities, and strategies to overcome them. The analysis also offers industry statistics such as market value, share, CAGR, size, etc. to help new entrants in their market research. The study also covers economics, politics, technology, society, law and the environment.

The global smart advertising market is segmented on the basis of application, type, distribution channel and geography. The market is even more segmented

  • By component (hardware, software, services)
  • By end use (corporate, government, education, food and beverage)
  • By product (interactive kiosk, digital billboard, digital poster, others)

Regional Analysis for Smart Advertising Market:

  • North America (United States, Canada, Mexico)
  • Europe (UK, Italy, Germany, Russia, France, Spain, Netherlands and rest of Europe)
  • Asia Pacific (India, Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia Rest of Asia Pacific)
  • South America (Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Rest of South America)
  • Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Rest of Middle East and Africa)

Key factors

  • During the forecast period, the hardware segment is expected to grow at the fastest rate in terms of components. this may be due to the increased use of interactive kiosks, digital billboards and posters in public spaces like roads, train stations and airports.
  • In terms of product, the digital poster market is expected to grow in popularity over the projection period owing to its increasing deployment in private and public spaces, including business centers and shopping malls.
  • The enterprise segment is expected to experience the fastest increase in terms of end use over the projection period. this is sometimes attributed to the increase in the amount of highly personalized and creative advertising campaigns launched by companies in an attempt to increase customer engagement and boost sales.

Key developments

  • In October 2018, JCDecaux acquired APN Outdoor, an OOH media company in Australia. The acquisition enabled the former to expand its operations in the high-potential Australian market.
  • As of May 2019, Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc. is an outdoor advertising company specializing primarily in digital street and airport advertisements. The company has an extensive global sales network consisting of approximately 14,000 digital screens in 30 countries.
  • Exterion Media (UK) Limited has a strong presence in European countries including the Netherlands, UK, France, Spain and Ireland. The company also offers research and data services to analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Global Smart Advertising Market Research Report

  1. Smart Advertising Market – Overview
  2. Smart Advertising Market – Executive Summary
  3. Smart Advertising Market – Benchmarking
  4. Smart Advertising Market Forces
  5. Smart Advertising Market – Strategic Analysis
  6. Smart Advertising Market – By Product Type (Market Size – USD Million/Billion)
  7. Smart Advertising Market – By Application (Market Size – USD Million/Billion)
  8. Smart Advertising Market – By Distribution Channel (Market Size – USD Million/Billion)
  9. Smart Advertising Market – By Geography (Market Size – USD Million/USD Billion)
  10. Smart Advertising Market – Entropy
  11. Business Analysis of Smart Advertising Market

This report aims to provide:

  • A qualitative and quantitative review of current trends, dynamics and projections to 2032.
  • SWOT analysis and Porter’s five forces analysis are used to describe the ability of buyers and suppliers to make profit-oriented decisions and improve their business.
  • An in-depth study of market segmentation helps identify current market opportunities.
  • Finally, by presenting balanced information under one roof, this smart advertising report saves you time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How has the rapidly changing business environment become an important growth driver for the key market?
  2. What are the underlying macroeconomic factors impacting the growth of the key market?
  3. What are the key trends consistently shaping the growth of the key market?
  4. What are the important regions that offer many opportunities for the key market?
  5. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the main suppliers?
  6. Who are the major key players and what are their major business plans in the near future?
  7. What will be the size of the Smart Advertising market and its growth rate in the coming year?
  8. What are the trending factors influencing the market shares of major regions around the world?
  9. What is the impact of Covid19 on the current industry?
  10. What are the main results of the analysis of the five forces of the global market?

Talk to our analyst and get crucial industry insights that will help your business grow @ https://www.quincemarketinsights.com/enquiry-before-buying/enquiry-before-buying-64559

About Us:

QMI has the most comprehensive collection of market research products and services available on the web. We provide reports from virtually all major publications and regularly update our list to provide you with immediate online access to the world’s most comprehensive and up-to-date archive of professional market, company, property and model information. global.

Contact us:

Overview of the quince market

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E-mail: [email protected]

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Judge overturns Georgia abortion ban by about 6 weeks


ATLANTA — A judge overturned Georgia’s abortion ban from about six weeks into the pregnancy, ruling on Tuesday that it violated the United States Constitution and United States Supreme Court precedent when it was enacted three years ago and was therefore void.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney’s decision took effect immediately statewide, though the state attorney general’s office said it had appealed. The ban had been in effect since July.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia, which represented doctors and advocacy groups who had called on McBurney to overturn the law, said it expects abortions beyond six weeks of pregnancy resume Wednesday in some clinics.

Their lawsuit, filed in July, sought to overturn the ban on several grounds, including that it violates Georgia’s constitutional right to privacy and liberty by forcing women into pregnancy and childbirth. in the state. McBurney did not comment on this claim.

Instead, his ruling agreed with a different argument made in the lawsuit — that the ban was invalid because when it was enacted in 2019, U.S. Supreme Court precedent under Roe. v. Wade and another ruling allowed abortion well beyond six weeks.

Kara Richardson, spokeswoman for Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, said in an email that the office has filed a notice of appeal and “will continue to fulfill our duty to defend our state’s laws in court.” .

Andrea Young, executive director of the ACLU of Georgia, said Tuesday was a “great day for Georgian women and for all Georgians.”

“Today, their right to make decisions for their own bodies, health and families is vindicated,” Young said in a statement.

Andrew Isenhour, spokesman for Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, said McBurney’s decision placed “a judge’s personal beliefs over the will of the legislature and the people of Georgia.”

“The state has already filed a notice of appeal and we will continue to fight for the lives of Georgia’s unborn children,” he said in a statement.

Rep. Ed Setzler, the Republican from the Atlanta suburb of Acworth who sponsored the law, said he was confident the state Supreme Court would overturn McBurney and reinstate the ban.

The law prohibited most abortions once a “detectable human heartbeat” was present. Cardiac activity can be detected by ultrasound in the cells of an embryo that will eventually become the heart about six weeks into a pregnancy. This means that most abortions in Georgia were effectively banned at some point before many people knew they were pregnant.

The Georgia law was passed by state lawmakers and signed by Kemp in 2019, but stalled until the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, who had been protecting abortion rights since then. almost 50 years.

The 11th United States Circuit Court of Appeals allowed Georgia to begin enforcing its abortion law just over three weeks after the High Court’s June ruling.

Abortion clinics remained open, but providers said they were turning away many people because heart activity had been detected. They could then either travel to another state to have an abortion or continue their pregnancy.

During a two-day trial in October, abortion providers told McBurney that the ban hurt women who were denied the procedure and confused doctors.

McBurney wrote in his ruling that when the law was enacted, “anywhere in America, including Georgia, it was unequivocally unconstitutional for governments – federal, state, or local – to ban pre-viability abortions.”

Therefore, the state law “did not become the law of Georgia when it was enacted and it is not the law of Georgia now,” he wrote.

The state had argued that the Roe decision itself was flawed and that the Supreme Court’s decision struck it down.

McBurney left the door open for the legislature to review the ban.

Now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade said the 2019 abortion ban “may one day become the law of Georgia,” he wrote.

But, he wrote, that can only happen after the General Assembly “determines under the keen gaze of public scrutiny who will undoubtedly and properly attend such an important and consequential debate whether the rights unborn children justify such a restriction of women’s right to bodily autonomy and privacy.”

Georgia’s ban included exceptions for rape and incest, provided a police report was filed, and allowed subsequent abortions when the mother’s life was in danger or a serious medical condition rendered a non-viable fetus.

At the October trial, witnesses for the state disputed the claim that the law was unclear about when doctors could step in to perform a subsequent abortion. They also argued that abortions themselves could harm women.

Abortion was a central issue in Georgia’s US Senate contest between Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker, which is now heading to a runoff in December. Two women have accused Walker, who opposes abortion, of paying for them to have the procedure. Walker vehemently denied this.

Copyright 2022 NPR. To learn more, visit https://www.npr.org.

E-commerce packaging market to reach $235.8 billion by 2030: Grand View Research, Inc.


SAN FRANCISCO, November 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Global e-commerce packaging market the size should reach $235.8 billion by 2030, according to a new report from Grand View Research, Inc., expanding at a CAGR of 16.9% over the forecast period. The growth of e-commerce retail platforms and technological advancements, such as 5G, and wider geographic internet connectivity are driving the e-commerce market. Thus, simultaneously stimulating the demand for practical and efficient packaging. The introduction of 5G is expected to improve consumers’ online shopping experience by introducing technologies such as augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR). These technologies will allow products to be displayed in the enhanced virtual environment; thus improving the consumer’s experience on the outlook of the product.

Key industry insights and findings from the report:

  • The corrugated box segment is expected to register the fastest CAGR from 2022 to 2030 owing to growing demand for sustainable packaging, increasing business activities, and growing customer reliance on online delivery of goods .
  • In addition, the boxes are affordable and guarantee the safety of the products during transport and handling.
  • Plastics accounted for the highest revenue share in 2021 due to their applicability, easy availability, low weight and cost, and functionality providing excellent protection against environmental factors (air and water) to packaged products.
  • Apparel & Accessories became the dominant product segment in 2021 and will continue to grow at a stable CAGR from 2022 to 2030.
  • Asia pacific got the largest share of revenue in 2021. Due to growing internet penetration, growing reliance on online shopping, and increasing disposable income in the region.

Read the full 144-page market research report, “E-commerce Packaging Market Size, Share, and Trends Analysis Report by Product (Poly Bags, Mailers), By Material (Plastics, Corrugated Boards), by Application (Household, Pet Food ), by region and segment forecast, 2022-2030“, published by Grand View Research.

Ecommerce Packaging Market Growth and Trends

According to Shopify research, more than half of consumers are willing to buy more if the e-commerce platform offers an AR experience. 5G technology is helping to fuel the growth of the e-commerce industry over the forecast period. The industry is expected to witness splendid growth over the forecast period owing to wider geographical internet connectivity. For example, a project like starlinks will provide access to areas where connectivity has been a challenge, such as rural parts of the world. Internet challenges in rural or remote areas of the world contribute to the very limited opportunity for growth of the e-commerce industry.

The introduction of wider geographic Internet connectivity will create immense opportunities for the e-commerce market in remote parts of the world. However, the growing e-commerce industry creates a large amount of packaging waste and various environmental concerns. For example, 3 billion trees are cut each year to produce cardboard boxes, envelopes, fillers and paper-based packaging. While less than 20% of the plastic packaging produced in the world is recycled. Thus, the environmental concern regarding increasing packaging waste is expected to limit the market growth to some extent.

The leading companies operating in the industry mainly adopt various strategies, such as acquisitions and new product launches, to expand their manufacturing capabilities, product portfolios, and geographic presence. For example, in July 2022, Coveris launched stretch films, which contain 30% recycled content. In May 2022Berry Global has collaborated with Clean Farms & Poly-Ag Recycling to advance from Canada circular economy. The collaboration aimed to recover agricultural films and materials from used cereal bags to make new products with recycled content…

E-commerce packaging market segmentation

Grand View Research has segmented the global e-commerce packaging market on the basis of product, material, application, and region.

E-commerce Packaging Market – Product Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2017 – 2030)

  • corrugated box
  • Polythene bags
  • Bands
  • Protective packaging
  • Senders
  • Others

E-commerce Packaging Market – Material Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2017 – 2030)

  • Plastic
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Woods

E-Commerce Packaging Market – Application Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2017 – 2030)

  • Electronic and electrical
  • Clothes and accessories
  • Personal care
  • Medications
  • Housework
  • Food and drinks
  • pet food
  • Others

E-commerce Packaging Market – Regional Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2017 – 2030)

  • North America
  • Europe
    • Germany
    • France
    • UK
    • Italy
    • Spain
  • Asia Pacific
    • China
    • Japan
    • India
    • South Korea
    • Australia
  • Latin America
  • AEM

List of E-commerce Packaging Market Key Players·

  • Amcor Plc.
  • Berry Global Group, Inc.
  • CCL Industries
  • Covered
  • air sealed
  • Sonoco Product Company
  • Alpha packaging
  • Constantia Hoses
  • Monday
  • Gerresheimer S.A.
  • Silver Spur Corp.
  • Greif
  • Transcontinental Inc.

Check out other related studies published by Grand View Research:

  • Canadian plastic packaging market The Canada the plastic packaging market size is expected to reach $13.76 billion by 2030, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.8% from 2022 to 2030. Rising demand for plastic from end-use industries and growing demand for Convenient and efficient product packaging are the factors expected to further fuel the growth of the industry.
  • Canadian Multilayer Flexible Packaging Market – The Canada Multilayer Flexible Packaging Market Size is Expected to Reach $3.31 billion by 2030, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.5% from 2022 to 2030. The growing demand for packaged foods and their packaging, coupled with the demand of sustainable packaging products, is attributed to be the key driver of the flexible multi-layer packaging market in Canada.
  • molded pulp packaging market – The global molded pulp packaging market size is expected to reach $9.11 billion by 2030, according to a new report from Grand View Research, Inc., expanding at a CAGR of 7.4% over the forecast period. Growing demand for sustainable eco-friendly packaging by end-users, growing awareness of waste management and environmental concerns over single-use plastic are considered major drivers for the molded pulp packaging market.

Browse Grand View Research results Plastics, polymers and resins Industry Research reports.

About Grand View Research

Grand View Research, a US-based market research and consulting firm, provides syndicated and custom research reports and consulting services. Checked in California and whose head office is at San Francisco, the company has more than 425 analysts and consultants, adding more than 1,200 market research reports to its extensive database each year. These reports offer in-depth analysis of 46 industries in 25 major countries around the world. Using an interactive market intelligence platform, Grand View Research helps Fortune 500 companies and renowned academic institutes understand the global and regional business environment and assess upcoming opportunities.


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Commercial Cybersecurity Market Size in 2022 (New Report):


PUNE, Nov. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The ‘Commercial Cyber ​​Security Market’ research report focuses on the global information which can help in decision-making on the current market situation. In early 2020, the COVID-19 disease began to spread around the world, millions of people

around the world have been infected with the COVID-19 disease, and major countries around the world have

implemented walking bans and stop work orders. Except for medical supplies and

survival product industries, most industries were heavily affected, and Commercial

Cybersecurity industries have also been heavily impacted.

Commercial Cyber ​​Security Market Report Contains:-

  • Comprehensive overview of the global commercial cybersecurity market
  • Key country data and analysis for USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, UK, Russia, Italy, China, Japan, Korea, India, Southeast Asia, Australia, Brazil and Saudi Arabia, etc. progress of major regional commercial cybersecurity markets such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa
  • Description and Analysis of Commercial Cyber ​​Security Market Potential by Type, In-Depth Analysis, Disruption, Application Capability, End-Use Industry
  • assessment of the impact of the most important drivers and restraints, and global commercial cybersecurity market dynamics and current trends in the business
  • Detailed profiles of major major industry players including. Cisco System, Check Point Software Technology, McAfee, Symantec Corp., BAE Systems Intelligence & Security, Ixtel Technologies, Argus Cyber ​​Security, Root9B Technologies, Nexusguard Limited, Cato Networks, PhishMe Inc.

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Commercial Cyber ​​Security Market Segmentation:-

Over the past few years, the commercial cybersecurity market has witnessed a growth of xxx, the

the global commercial cybersecurity market size reached xxx million USD in 2020, of which approximately

xxx million dollars in 2015.

From 2015 to 2019, the growth rate of the global commercial cybersecurity market size was in the

xxx% range. At the end of 2019, COVID-19 began to break out in China, due to the huge decrease

the global economy; we expect the growth rate of the global economy to decline by approximately

4%, for this reason Commercial Cyber ​​Security market size in 2020 will be xxx with growth

rate of xxx%. This is xxx percentage points lower than previous years.

Inquire or share your questions, if any, before purchasing this report – https://proficientmarketinsights.com/enquiry/pre-order-enquiry/17664143

As of the date of the report, there have been over 20 million confirmed cases of CVOID-19

in the world, and the epidemic has not been effectively brought under control. Therefore, we predict that the

the global epidemic will be essentially under control by the end of 2020 and global e-commerce

The Security market size will reach xxx Million USD in 2025, growing at a CAGR of xxx% between 2020-2025.

This report covers data of key players including: shipments, revenue, gross profit, interviews

record, commercial distribution, etc., these data help the consumer to know the competitors

better. This report also covers all regions and countries in the world, which shows a

development status, including market size.

In addition, the report also covers segment data, including: type segment, industry segment,

the channel segment, etc. covers different segment market sizes. Also covers different industry clients

information, which is very important for Major Stakeholders. If you need more information, please

Commercial Cyber ​​Security market segments help decision makers guide product, sales, and marketing strategies, and can fuel your product development cycles by informing how you deliver product offerings for different segments.

Type Segmentation

  • internet security
  • Cloud Security
  • Content Security
  • Wireless security
  • Application Security

Industry segmentation

  • Advice service
  • Managed Security Service
  • Integration service
  • Channel (direct selling)
  • Distributer

Market Segment by Region/Country comprising:-

  • North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
  • Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia and Spain etc.)
  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc.)
  • South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, etc.)
  • Middle East and Africa (South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, etc.)

Commercial Cyber ​​Security Market Key Players:-

  • Cisco system
  • Check Point software technology
  • McAfee
  • Symantec Corp.
  • BAE Systems Intelligence & Security
  • Ixtel Technologies
  • Argus Cyber ​​Security
  • Root9B Technologies
  • Nexusguard Limited
  • Cato Networks
  • PhishMe Inc.

Get a sample copy of the report at – https://proficientmarketinsights.com/enquiry/request-sample/17664143

Key Benefits of Commercial Cyber ​​Security Market Research Report:

  • Types, Applications, Regions and Key Players Covered in the Study
  • Sector Drivers, Constraints and Opportunities Covered in the Study
  • Recent industry trends and developments
  • Competitive landscape and strategies of key players
  • Historical, current and projected market size, in terms of value
  • In-depth analysis of the AI ​​Artificial Intelligence Chips market
  • Sales, price, revenue, market share and growth rate are covered in the report. Sales channels, distributors, merchants, resellers, etc. are covered in the report.

Detailed TOC of Global Commercial Cybersecurity Market Report 2021


Section 1 Business Cyber ​​Security Definition

Section 2 Global Commercial Cyber ​​Security Market Major Players Share and Market Overview

2.1 Global Major Commercial Cyber ​​Security Players Revenue

2.2 Global Commercial Cybersecurity Market Overview

2.3 Impact of COVID-19 on the Commercial Cyber ​​Security Industry

Section 3 Major Players Commercial Cyber ​​Security Business Overview

3.1 Cisco System Commercial Cyber ​​Security Business Introduction

3.1.1 Cisco System Commercial Cyber ​​Security Revenue, Growth Rate and Gross profit


3.1.2 Cisco System Commercial Cybersecurity Business Distribution by Region

3.1.3 Cisco System Service Record

3.1.4 Cisco System Commercial Cyber ​​Security Business Profile

3.1.5 Cisco System Commercial Cybersecurity Specification

3.2 Check Point Software Technology Cyber ​​Security Business Introduction

3.2.1 Check Point Software Technology Commercial Cyber ​​Security Revenue, Growth

Rate and gross margin 2015-2020

3.2.2 Check Point Software Technology Commercial Cybersecurity Business

Breakdown by region

3.2.3 Maintenance record

3.2.4 Check Point Software Technology Commercial Cyber ​​Security Business Overview

3.2.5 Check Point Software Technology Commercial Cybersecurity Specification

3.3 Introduction to McAfee Commercial Cyber ​​Security Business

3.3.1 McAfee Commercial Cyber ​​Security Revenue, Growth Rate and Gross profit


3.3.2 McAfee Commercial Cyber ​​Security Business Distribution by Region

3.3.3 Maintenance record

3.3.4 McAfee Commercial Cyber ​​Security Business Overview

3.3.5 Specification of McAfee Commercial Cyber ​​Security

3.4 Symantec Corp. Commercial Cybersecurity Business Overview

3.5 BAE Systems Intelligence & Security Commercial Cybersecurity Business Introduction

3.6 Introduction to Ixtel Technologies Commercial Cybersecurity Business

And more…

Explore the full report with a detailed table of contents here: https://proficientmarketinsights.com/TOC/17664143#TOC

1. To study and analyze the global Commercial Cyber ​​Security consumption (value) by key regions/countries, product type and application

2. To understand the structure of Commercial Cyber ​​Security market by identifying its various sub-segments.

3.Focuses on the key global Commercial Cyber ​​Security manufacturers, to define, describe and analyze the value, market share, market competition landscape, Porter’s five forces analysis, SWOT analysis and development plans in the coming years.

4. To analyze the Commercial Cyber ​​Security with respect to individual growth trends, future prospects, and their contribution to the total market.

5.To share detailed information on key factors influencing market growth (growth potential, opportunities, drivers, industry-specific challenges and risks).

6. To project the consumption of Commercial Cyber ​​Security submarkets, with respect to key regions (along with their respective key countries).

7.To analyze competitive developments such as expansions, agreements, new product launches and acquisitions in the market.

8.Build a strategic profile of key players and thoroughly analyze their growth strategies.

Top reasons to buy

To gain in-depth market analyzes and have a comprehensive understanding of the global Commercial Cyber ​​Security market and its commercial landscape.

Assess production processes, key issues and solutions to mitigate development risk.

To understand the most affecting driving and restraining forces in the Commercial Cyber ​​Security market and its impact in the global market.

Learn about the Commercial Cyber ​​Security market strategies adopted by leading respective organizations.

To understand the future outlook and prospects for the Commercial Cyber ​​Security market.

Besides standard structure reports, we also provide custom searches based on specific requirements

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Basohli shawls, paintings can be promoted for export : Khajuria – Jammu Kashmir Latest News | Tourism

WWEPC President Romesh Khajuria addressing a district-level workshop in Kathua on Sunday.

Excelsior Correspondent
KATHUA, Nov 13: Romesh Khajuria, Chairman, Wool and Wool Export Promotion Council (WWEPC), Ministry of Textiles, Government of India today said Basohli Pashmina Shawls and Basohli Paintings have a lot of potential and should be promoted for export.
Addressing the district level export awareness workshop in Kathua, he said today that trade in the handicraft and loom sectors in Jammu province has not received its fair share for its development by the previous state and central governments, this is the reason why most of the trades in Jammu region are at the languishing stage.
An ambitious one-day workshop on district-level export awareness was organized by JKTPO for the promotion of Kathua District produce export. Representatives from various departments and organizations gave their presentations and briefed on the government programs and guidelines for promoting the export of J&K products.
Sanjay Chawla, Additional Executive Director and Head of Regional Office, Ludhiana Wool & Woolens Export Promotion Council (WWEPC) gave a presentation on WWEPC and explained in detail WWEPC’s export promotion activities.
Romesh Khajuria further said that crafts like Samba Print, Basohli Pashmina Shawls, Basohli paintings, Namdas, blankets, Chickry wood craft, Coochiet etc. discouraged by past governments and failure to provide infrastructure like CFC (Common Facility Centre) or handicraft development centers established at district level in Jammu region, weavers/cooperative societies in Kathua district face the problem of Pashmina raw materials.
Khajuria appreciated the vision of Khalid Jahangir, MD JKTPO and the efforts of the JKTPO team to successfully conduct district level export workshops in one district after another. It also complemented the initiatives taken by JKTPO officers by bringing together Central and UT government departments and organizations like WWEP, FIEO, APEDA, Invest India, ECGC, Handloom & Handicraft Department J&K, DIC Kathua and Entrepreneurs, artisans, cooperative societies, women entrepreneurs and others on a common platform for export promotion.
Khajuria called on makers, contractors and artisans to connect with JKTPO to take advantage of their marketing promotion programs as they sponsor various contractors at national and international events organized by WWEPC and other departments. With participation in these events, new business leaders will emerge to boost J&K’s economy, Khajuria added.

Advertising for offers


L387 ANNOUNCEMENT FOR TENDERS City of Smiths Station Smiths Station, Alabama Cummings Road (Lee Road 294) Paving Improvements General Notice The City of Smiths Station (Owner) invites tenders for the construction of the following project: Cummings Road (Lee Road 294) Paving Tenders for project construction improvements will be received at Smiths Station City Hall located at 2336 Lee Road 430 Smiths Station, Alabama until December 8, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. EST. At that time, the offers received will be opened and read publicly. The project includes the following works: The project includes (but is not limited to) full-depth reclamation pavement improvements and asphalt resurfacing of approximately 0.66 miles of city streets at two ways. The project will also include minor intersection modifications, pavement stripping, traffic control, erosion and sediment control measures, minor utility modifications and other related works/improvements. The project has an expected duration of 30 days. Obtaining Tender Documents Office Issuing Tender Documents: ESG Engineering, Inc. 6400 Peake Rd, Macon, GA 31210 Prospective bidders may obtain or examine the tender documents at the issuing office from Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and may obtain copies of the bidding documents from the issuing office as described below. Partial sets of tender documents will not be available from the issuing office. Neither the owner nor the engineer shall be responsible for complete or partial sets of the tender documents, including addenda, if any, obtained from sources other than the issuing office. Copies of the tender documents can be obtained from ESG Engineering – contact Margaret Hildebrand at [email protected] to obtain the tender documents and to be added to the list of tenderers. Digital materials will be provided free of charge and hard copies will be provided upon payment of $200 which shall not exceed twice the cost of printing, reproduction, processing and distribution of each set. Potential bidders must appear on the official list of package holders for their bid to be considered responsive. For all other requirements regarding bid submission, qualifications, procedures and contract award, refer to the instructions to bidders included in the bidding documents. This announcement is issued by: Owner: City of Smiths Station By: Morgan Bryce Title: City Clerk

Two planes collide and crash at a WWII airshow in Dallas


(DALLAS) — A collision occurred at a World War II airshow in Dallas on Saturday, authorities said.

The crash happened during the Wings Over Dallas event at Dallas Executive Airport, which held flight demonstrations of World War II fighter jets.

A Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and a Bell P-63 Kingcobra collided and crashed around 1:20 p.m. local time, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. It is unclear how many people were on board the bomber and fighter jet, he added.

The airport said there was an “incident” during the show and Dallas Fire and Rescue were responding.

Passers-by captured a cloud of black smoke after the crash. Debris from the planes could also be seen littering a nearby highway.

The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the collision.

The air show, timed to coincide with Veterans Day, is hosted by Commemorative Air Force, an educational association focused on U.S. military aviation.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott called the incident a “tragedy” while posting on Twitter that state agencies were helping local authorities respond.

ABC News’ Amanda Maile contributed to this report.

This is a developing story. Please check for updates.

Copyright © 2022, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.

Metrowest Chamber of Commerce President Jim Giammarinaro resigns


FRAMINGHAM The MetroWest Chamber of Commerce is looking for a new President and CEO, Jim Giammarinaro will step down at the end of the year after a three-year period dominated by business struggles in the face of COVID-19.

Giammarinaro took over in September 2019, succeeding the current Paul Joseph, Chairman of the Board of Natick Select. Giammarinaro had only been in the job for six months when the pandemic hit.

“We had to run on a penny,” he said. “Myself and Deputy Director Stephanie Hirshon had to do a lot of virtual meetings to bring people together, be active and support our business community.”

Under Giammarinaro, the chamber has incorporated more educational programs to help its more than 400 members cope with the effects of the pandemic. From providing assistance on how to apply for Federal Payroll Protection Program loans to helping the region’s workforce deal with mental health issues, the chamber has promoted learning experiences within Giammarinaro’s member-driven philosophy.

“Big Resignation”: Local business owners face the pandemic and shortage of workers

“I wanted to be member-focused,” he said. “I had a lot of respect for people who took the opportunity to start their own business, I still have my own small business.”

Giammarinaro operates Putts & More Family Fun Center, a mini-golf course on Concord Street in Holliston.

In the chamber, he will be replaced on an interim basis by Hirshon and Towma Rastad, who will be co-directors.

The pandemic creates new problems

When Giammarinaro started in the chamber, he said the main issues members faced were the cost of housing and transportation. But the pandemic has pushed other issues to the fore.

“It’s not like those (early) issues have gone away, but there are a few others that have become more prominent,” he said.

One of the main issues was employment, with Giammarinaro citing an aging population that is causing large numbers of retirees to remain in the workforce, even as staff shortages continue to materialize in nearly every industry sector. activity.

“We have an aging population and we don’t have enough people to fill all the vacancies,” he said. “Across the country, even with low unemployment, there are still 10 million vacancies nationwide that need to be filled, which includes a number in MetroWest.”

Giammarinaro said a key part of the solution will come from immigrants filling labor gaps, noting that the US Chamber of Commerce has made a big push to promote legal immigration.

“We need more workers in our country to fill these jobs,” he said.

Giammarinaro also cited inflation and supply chain shortages, which also have links to job shortages.

“When you don’t have enough people to produce and fill openings, supply goes down, demand goes up, and prices go up,” he said.

But Giammarinaro said the problems can be fixed and a great team remains in the room to make MetroWest a thriving hub for local businesses.

“We have things to work on, all doable, and we’re leaving a great team in place that will continue to focus on the members,” he said.

Giammarinaro will continue to be involved locally, taking on a part-time position as Economic Development Coordinator at the MetroWest Visitors Bureau.

Brookfield Plans Phoenix Industrial Project – Commercial Property Director


Eastmark 202 Logistics Center. Image courtesy of Brookfield Properties

Brookfield Properties plans to add approximately 858,000 square feet to the high-demand industrial market in metropolitan Phoenix with the development of the Eastmark 202 Logistics Center. The global real estate services company will construct the three-building campus just off the 202 loop in Mesa , Arizona.

Brookfield is entering something of a new territory with Eastmark 202, as the project marks the company’s first investment in a new logistics development in the Greater Phoenix area. “In seeking to expand our presence in Phoenix, we were very selective in identifying sites that minimized planning risk, while providing the opportunity to capitalize on the strong tenant demand that persists throughout the city,” said said Andrew Brent, senior vice president at Brookfield Properties. , Told commercial real estate director.

Eastmark 202 will take shape on a 44-acre site at the intersection of E. Elliot Road and S. Everton Terrace, approximately 35 miles east of downtown Phoenix in the South Valley submarket. is. Securing a developable site for new industrial projects in the metropolitan area is no small feat, and it is even more difficult in the Southeast Valley.

READ ALSO: Industrial market trends, takeaways from SIOR CREate 360

“Competition for sites in this submarket has been strong over the past nine to 12 months. The economy is diverse and there is an array of companies looking to either enter or expand into the market,” Brent said. “Developers have responded to this demand by acquiring sites without rights, taking the time to obtain the necessary approvals, and then offering these developments themselves. Our logistics team was able to leverage the reach of Brookfield’s broader platform to identify an out-of-market opportunity and acted quickly to secure the site.

Respond to user needs

Eastmark 202 will consist of a single transshipment building and two single load buildings, each with 40 foot clear heights and 200 foot truck lots. As noted in a May 2022 document submitted to the City of Mesa’s Planning Division, the distribution facilities will be constructed of concrete, with hybrid wood roofs, metal panels and exterior awnings.

Buildings in the Logistics Park will retain complementary architectural styles designed to appeal to a variety of users, including manufacturing, warehouses, and offices. In addition, the three facilities will have the capacity to accommodate one or more tenants.

Brookfield expects to begin construction of Eastmark 202 in the second quarter of 2023. If all goes according to plan, the project will be completed in early 2024.

Keep pace

Phoenix Metro Industry the market continues to thrive, largely due to its expanding population and strong labor pool, and the numbers tell the story. According to a report by CBRE. Additionally, there were no new deliveries or projects under construction at Mesa during the first three quarters of the year.

READ ALSO: Industrial rents continue to climb at a steady pace

Eastmark 202 will be in a prime position to seize demand opportunities if fundamentals remain strong in the Southeast Valley submarket – and all indications are that they will persist. “The Southeast Valley continues to be one of the most active submarkets,” according to the CBRE report. “Expect vacancy to decline in Q4 2022 as 68 tenants seek a total of 8.7 million square feet in the submarket.”

Beyond the Southeast Valley, Brookfield has other ideas for bridging the gap between supply and demand in the Greater Phoenix area; the company is actively working on other sites for new developments. “We have strong conviction in our business plan based on the market activity we have witnessed over the past 12 months. We are actively in the market seeking new investment opportunities and have prospects bullish for the market,” Brent noted.

big picture

Brookfield, which has also continued to make notable changes in the office and mixed-use sectors, has been busy helping to fill the void in industrial offerings across the county all year. In August 2022, the company announced that it develop the Rockland logistics center, a 1.2 million square foot distribution campus in Suffern, NY, in Rockland County. And Brookfield increased its industrial portfolio by 3.5 million square feet in February with the joint venture acquisition of a national park of 51 logistics assets.

Looking to 2023, Brent said Brookfield’s logistics business is well positioned to continue its investment and development activities. “While there may be some uncertainty on the financial markets front at this time, demand from our tenants continues to show continued momentum,” Brent added. “With solid leasing fundamentals, compounded by a continued lack of balance between supply and demand, we expect the performance of the industrial sector to be resilient going forward.”

Panthers sporting ‘Hail to Service’ patch, Veterans Day ticket promotion, Thursday night football


CHARLOTTE, NC (WNCN) — Just 11 days ago, the Carolina Panthers looked like they were pulling off an unlikely comeback after quarterback PJ Walker’s “pitch of the year” late in the fourth quarter. But missed opportunities sank the Panthers against division rival Atlanta.

On Thursday Night Football, and decorating her stadium in full “Hail to Service” attire, Carolina gets the chance to celebrate service members while flipping the script on the Falcons.

Nationally in Charlotte, the Panthers will use a two-sided game piece, one side featuring an American flag with a Panthers logo and the words “Salute to Service”, while the other side has camouflage tape and a Panther logo.

In addition, the club offers a promotion of tickets and t-shirts for $55.

A group package of 10 seats at the club level came with a t-shirt for $55 each.

Additionally, the end zones of Bank of America Stadium tonight will be painted in camouflage.

Carolina is 2-7 this season, but still has the potential to qualify for the playoffs.


They are currently two games away from first place in the NFC South – which is currently tied at 4-5 with Atlanta and the Tampa Bay Bucaneers. But, a win over the Falcons will be key to splitting the season series between the two teams.

Greater Victoria mayoral candidates face fines for breaking advertising rules


Two Greater Victoria mayoral candidates face fines for breaking campaign finance rules.

Elections BC imposed financial penalties Tuesday (November 8) on Saanich mayoral candidate Fred Haynes and Victoria council candidate Janice Williams, after it was found that the two candidates had sponsored election advertising without a statement of authorization during the pre-campaign period.

On August 31, Elections BC received a complaint about an advertisement in the Saanich News that promoted Haynes as a candidate for mayor of Saanich, but without a clearance statement.

A subsequent investigation by BC Elections revealed another advertisement promoting Haynes, also lacking an authorization statement, published a week earlier.

Elections BC received two complaints on August 27 and 30 regarding an internet advertisement, as well as an advertisement displayed in an elevator, promoting Williams for the Victoria council. Although the ads said they were authorized by Williams, they did not provide contact information.

Section 44(1) of the Local Elections Finances Act requires a candidate sponsoring an election advertisement to identify the financial agent of the advertisement, indicate that it has been authorized by the financial agent and provide a number telephone number, e-mail address or British Columbia mailing address at which the financial agent can be contacted.

Haynes must pay a $150 fine, while Williams must pay $100 to the Chief Electoral Officer of British Columbia

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City of VictoriaDistrict of SaanichElection 2022Greater Victoria

‘Fatty Fatty Boom Boom’ details podcaster’s battle with weight


Pakistani-born lawyer and media personality Rabia Chaudry is best known for co-hosting the popular undisclosed podcast – and for his tenacious defense of wrongfully convicted family friend Adnan Syed, whose case was featured on Sarah Koenig’s 2014 show Serial podcast.

In an oddity of unexpected timing, Chaudry’s memoir of a more personal struggle — his lifelong battle with his weight — comes out just weeks after Syed’s long-sought exoneration and release from prison. Like many memoirs about personal demons, Fat Fat Boom Boom draws from the author’s childhood to report frankly on his various mortifications, carnal or otherwise.

Chaudry describes how she became addicted to high-calorie junk food after her family moved from Pakistan to America, “the land of edible convenience”, when she was a baby. After being bottle-fed half-and-half and teething on frozen sticks of butter, she switched to cheap white bread and fast food. The take-out line wasn’t so bad: it helped her learn to read at age 4 – A is for Arby’s, B is for Burger King, C is for Coca-Cola, and so on.

By the time she visited her extended family in her hometown of Lahore at age 2, she was seriously chubby. When she returned at age 11 for an aunt’s wedding, her relatives were alarmed by her weight. In a culture where overweight, dark-skinned girls were considered less marriageable, she had two knocks against her. She learned that the weight standards for men and women were not the same. A paunchy uncle told her, “Men can look like anything, as long as they have good jobs. But girls can’t look like middle-aged women before they’re even married.”

The title of the book comes from another overweight parent affectionately calling him over breakfast in Lahore one morning. Other less kind comments about his body are etched in Chaudry’s memory. When she was separated from Zuba Aunty in a crowd and nearly missed their bus, someone shouted to her panicked aunt, “Don’t worry ma’am, your baby buffalo made it.

Chaudry calmed down with food, which added padding and in turn fed her self-loathing. She made it through law school as a young mother and abused wife on a stealthy diet of fast food washed down with oversized cokes before rushing home to cook for her in-laws. In the first months of her second happier marriage, she and her husband, a cooking companion, each regained the weight they had lost for their marriage. They continue to support each other through two children and, as she says in her dedication, “literally through thick and thin.”

Chaudry writes that her determination to change her appearance was amplified by her dismay at what she saw on the cover of her 2016 book, Adnan’s story, and the HBO documentary about it. “When you’re a female public figure and people don’t like your ideas, it’s often your appearance that attracts trolls in a targeted, down-to-earth way,” she writes.

Fat Fat Boom Boom is dedicated “to all those who have spent their lives being judged – and judging themselves – for their weight”. Many readers will eat it, finding solace in Chaudry’s story. But even those who, like Chaudry, have felt “trapped in the perpetual hamster wheel of weight loss and gain,” can grow weary of binge eating and painstakingly chronic weigh-ins.

The thing is, there are far more interesting things about Chaudry — and this book — than his weight. For starters, his evocations of family-centric Pakistani culture.

No spoilers here, Chaudry also describes, as the genre demands, how after a life of swinging weight despite starvation diets, killer exercise regimens and even gastric sleeve surgery, she finally took the control of one’s body through a combination of working with a trainer to build muscle, healthier food choices, and a healthier relationship to food.

She is defensive of accusations that her determination to lose weight demonizes fat and undermines body positivity and self-acceptance. “Don’t make me feel bad now, yet another failure, so I can’t feel good no matter what,” she pushes back. “Every person, I would say, has the right to seek out what it means to feel good to them.”

In fact, atypical of inspirational weight loss books, Fat Boom Boom Boom, is, among other things, a love letter to Chaudry’s native cuisine. The table of contents of his memoir reads like a menu, with chapters named for beloved Pakistani dishes. An appendix offers her favorite recipes for ghee, chai, daal, pakoray, kababs and chicken pulao, among others. Why? “Because everyone has to eat, yes, even the fat ones…and so many of the best memories of my family revolve around food.”

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Button Hits New Record Generating $2 Billion in Commerce in 2022, Announces Hiring of Glenn Fishback, Former Head of Global Commerce at Klarna


NEW YORK, November 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Buttonthe full funnel commerce optimization platform trusted by hundreds of the smartest enterprise marketers, proven to double the revenue marketers see from their campaigns while driving an increase in app installs, first-party buyer relationships and more, an overtake today announced $2 billion in mobile commerce in 2022, as well as the hiring of Glenn Fishback. Fishback, an experienced and entrepreneurial leader who recently helped launch and grow Klarna’s Retail Media business, has led multiple sales and revenue organizations at companies including eBay Inc, Nielsen, Dun & Bradstreet and Klarna. revenue acceleration and penetration into new verticals and applications.

“2022 has been a transformational year for Button, allowing us to see triple-digit growth in our Post Tap product, and we have now exceeded $2 billion in mobile commerce in one year for the first time as a business. The results we are achieving for our global partners allow us to invest in securing seasoned leaders like Glenn to help us grow the business faster into new channels and verticals,” said Michael Jacobi, founder and CEO of Button. “Button’s machine learning technology and future-proof privacy-focused architecture have enabled the world’s top marketers to easily navigate changing privacy guidelines and regulations, while simultaneously transforming marketing channels from profitable and providing a solution to a bunch of the challenges marketers face with limited engineering resources by offering a no-code integration option.”

With explosive growth as more marketers turn to Button to drive higher ROI on their campaigns across all marketing channels, Button is experiencing record growth. This organic growth is complemented by the pressures marketers face from rising advertising costs and current economic challenges that drive them to seek higher ROI from their campaigns – and Button’s platform proved to be the best solution on the market.

“Glenn and I had the opportunity to work together at Turn, and throughout Glenn’s career as well as then, Glenn brought an enthusiasm, tenacity and gravity that Button will benefit from,” said Jonathan Shottan, president of Button. “Knowing the momentum the platform has from being in the right place at the right time and helping marketers double their profitable growth – having a leader like Glenn who has gone through explosive growth phases at various businesses will help Button maximize his potential and build a sustainable business.”

“I’ve known the Button team for quite some time now, and from their dominance over the world’s top marketers, signing up faster than ever and growing their relationships with Button, to the overwhelming number of fintech clients seeking to building solutions on Button’s commerce platform, I couldn’t be more excited to help take this amazing company to the next level,” said Fishback. “The Button team has made a such a great job developing a product that allows marketers to truly boost traffic to drive profitable growth, the decision to join this incredible team was very easy.”

About the button

Button is the leading mobile commerce technology company trusted by the world’s top marketers. Button’s proprietary mobile conversion, identity and decision technology powers mobile commerce and campaign performance, which underpins the company’s two core solutions: Tap and PostTap.

Tap provides fintechs looking to build a rewards, engagement, and monetization strategy with a one-stop-shop for all online affiliate and card-related offers. PostTap uses machine learning to optimize campaigns for the world’s top marketers, which generate hundreds of millions in additional revenue each year while delivering key results such as increased app installs, first part with buyers, and much more.

The button rolled $6 billion in mobile commerce to date, has been named Best Workplace every year since the company was founded in 2014 and is backed by Greycroft, Redpoint, Norwest, Icon Ventures and Capital One. To learn more about the company, visit: www.usebutton.com.

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Why don’t teams have advertisements on their jerseys?


Qatar 2022

In a massive event like the World Cup, with billions of dollars at stake, one of the biggest questions is why teams don’t have ads on their shirts. In this article, you will find out the important reasons.

Brazil's Neymar
© Alexandre Schneider/Getty ImagesBrazil’s Neymar

The FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar is the biggest sporting event of the year. Given its global impact, thousands of famous brands find every possible opportunity to be exhibited. Referrals are a fundamental part of the game, but there is one element that must remain intact: the Jersey.

Nevertheless, there have been occasions in history when this did not apply. Here are some examples: Brazil (1987-Coca Cola), Argentina (1989-Renault), Netherlands (1989-Phillips) or Colombia (1993-Bavaria). In the latter case, the Colombian Federation had to pay a fine of $64,000 imposed as a sanction by Fifa.

Keep reading to find out why FIFA does not allow advertisement on jerseys and which are other important restrictions regarding equipment for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

Why don’t teams have advertisements on their jerseys?

Although there have been instances in the history of football where national teams had advertisements on their shirts, at present this is strictly prohibited by Fifa. One of the reasons is to preserve game integrity, in case a sponsor commits illegal actions. At the same time, FIFA has a responsibility to give exclusivity to their official sponsors. For example, a team’s TV sponsor could contravene the tournament’s official TV sponsor.

In fact, the only sponsor that appears on the jersey is the maker and it cannot exceed certain dimensions. “Sponsor advertising is not permitted on the playing attire or any other playing item of a team representing a Member Association in an international competition or friendly match. No item (of the playing outfit or other clothing or equipment or otherwise) may not be worn or used in a controlled area if FIFA deems it to be dangerous, offensive or indecent, contains any political, religious or personal slogans, statements or images, or that he does not fully respect the Laws of the Game”.

These rules also apply to another important part of the shirt: the player’s name. FIFA is also very clear about this, stating that the name cannot “operate as a trademark or include anything that gives the visual impression of a manufacturer’s identifier or sponsor advertisement, or creates association with a manufacturer, sponsor or other third party, or which constitutes a promotion or other commercial message of any kind.”

Alexandra Schott Receives 2022 SCAC Elite 19 Award



KERRVILLE, TX: Alexandra Schott, senior midfielder for the Schreiner University women’s soccer team, has been announced as the recipient of the 2022 SCAC Women’s Soccer Elite 19 award.

Story courtesy of SCAC

In an announcement Friday night during the conference tournament, Schreiner Alexandra Schott was named the winner of the SCAC Women’s Soccer Elite 19 2022 award.

Schotta junior midfielder from Castroville, Texas, currently holds a 4,000 GPA in engineering and earned second-team All-SCAC honors this season.

Schott is the first women’s soccer recipient of the Elite 19 honor for Mountaineers and the fifth Schreiner student-athlete to be recognized.

Established prior to the 2018-19 academic year and intended to recognize the best of the best within each conference-sponsored sport with respect to academic and athletic achievement, the SCAC Elite 19 is awarded to the student-athlete who has completed the equivalent of at least 60 credit hours at their current institution and has at least a cumulative GPA of 3.25. The student-athlete must also have earned First or Second Team All-SCAC honors in their sport for that particular season.

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Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce Announces 2023 Board of Directors – By Ark Valley Voice Staff


Those who live and work in Chaffee County know that Buena Vista is no sleepy little mountain town. It’s bustling with energy and activity throughout the summer, and things don’t slow down much when winter rolls around. This makes it an active Chamber to promote and support activities in the region.

The Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce has announced its 2023 Board of Directors. The Chamber describes it as “a powerful team with many great things in store for our businesses and our community.”

2023 Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors:

Logo courtesy of Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce

Jamie Warner, President
Collegiate Peaks Bank
Commercial Portfolio Manager

Valerie Martinez, Treasurer
HomeSmart Preferred Realty
Associate Broker

Jeremy Alday, director
American Legion, post 55
Senior Vice Commander

Aleza Bautista, director
Farmers Insurance
Independent agent

Robert Bertram, director
Chaffee County Fire
fire chief

Ben Collier, director
Off Road Collegiate Peaks

Brian Ellis, director
Wilderness rafting

Tom Liverman, director
Stardust Event Center

Tim Stang, director
Described as an “incredible and dedicated BV citizen”

For those who may not be familiar, Chamber BV offices are now at 111 E Main St, Buena Vista, CO 81211 and the phone is (719) 395-6612. The Chamber has been occupied. As we head into the winter holiday season, the activities it supports are plentiful and will soon begin to appear on the new city website which continues the message “Surround yourself with what matters”.

Police ID men may be linked to several ATM thefts in Baltimore, Baltimore County


BALTIMORE — Three suspects have been arrested after a series of ATM robberies in Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

The arrests come after police said there have been at least two dozen reported cases of ATM thefts in cities and counties.

The smash and seizures are happening at gas stations, convenience stores and liquor stores that stretch from Baltimore City to Baltimore County.

Stephan James Vaughn, 44, has been charged with second-degree burglary and auto theft. Frank Richardson, 39, and Kobe Smith, 34, have been charged with second degree burglary and multiple theft.

They face charges for a series of ATM thefts in two jurisdictions over the past few months.

They are being held without bail.

Police responded to an attempted ATM robbery at the Dunkin Donuts near Boston Street in Canton shortly after 3 a.m. Wednesday.

Police say she failed to open the ATM, but used a crowbar to steal $185 from the cash register.

According to police, there was another crime involving an ATM just a few miles away.

About three hours later, in the 1900 block of Aliceanna Street in Fells Point, several people were able to rob an ATM from a convenience store there, investigators said.

These latter cases now carry the number of attempts and successful ATM thefts across the region to at least 16 in the past four months.

Baltimore City Police Commissioner Michael Harrison told WJZ he believed more than one group was responsible, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to track down the bandits.

“I think there are multiple groups,” Harrison said. “As you can see, they’re wearing masks, they’re using stolen cars. It’s really hard to catch them.”

‘Yule loves shopping in Victoria!’ promotional returns in mobile format | Company


The City’s Convention and Visitors Bureau is launching a mobile version of “Yule Love Shopping Victoria!” promotion, which aims to familiarize shoppers with local businesses in Victoria.

“The great thing about this promotion is that no purchase is necessary, so anyone can participate, and our retailers will see an increase in foot traffic and expose their businesses to new customers,” said the director of CVB, Joel Novosad. “This year, buyers will see several businesses that are new to Victoria.”

Residents can sign up for a “Yule Love Shopping Victoria!” mobile pass at www.explorevictoriatexas.com.

Attendees who use their mobile passes to check in at participating businesses will be entered into a draw for one of five gift bags filled with items from local retailers and restaurants. Each registration at a different Participating Business counts as one entry into the Contest.

Additionally, every resident who visits five or more locations will receive a free “Yule Love Shopping Victoria”! T-shirt. Shirts can be picked up at the CVB office, 700 Main Center, Suite 101.

The last day to check in with the mobile pass is December 20. The draw for the gift bags will take place on December 21. City staff will contact the winners.

To learn more about local businesses in Victoria or get help planning a shopping trip, call the Convention & Visitors Bureau at 361-485-3116 or visit www.explorevictoriatexas.com.

Big Tech Tumult Goes Deeper Than Just Losing Ad Dollars


Other attempts at diversification, such as its Libra virtual currency initiative and plans to launch satellite internet, have also been shelved for a variety of reasons, ranging from regulatory concerns to viability. Even its popular Africa-popular Wi-Fi express service saw a quiet windup in early 2022.

Interestingly though, the business ecosystem that has grown in Africa around FreeBasics seems to be contributing to Facebook’s popularity. Competitive moves by Apple Inc. to take a share of Meta’s revenue through its iOS AppStore policies haven’t helped either.

However, the biggest challenge for Meta appears to be a generational shift with Facebook and Instagram losing younger users to TikTok, Discord and Twitch.

The political case being built in the US for a TikTok ban could have the effect of bringing Meta’s short video offerings to life, but it’s clear the platform has failed to find the secret sauce on how to engage next-gen users born in the early 2000s.

The hype around the metaverse hasn’t helped either, with little clarity on viable business models that will drive both user growth and revenue.

On the contrary, it is the interactive gaming platforms that seem to have figured out how to better engage next-generation digital users.

With social games and closed peer groups isolated from the politics of algorithms and the polarizing debates over the manipulation of public opinion that have defined Facebook and Twitter of late, these new-age platforms have seen growth. quiet and will likely define the future of the Metaverse.

Digital regulations shaped by different nations will likely accelerate this phenomenon, as legacy technology platforms are most affected and the public square that social media sought to define becomes increasingly fragmented into specialized and bespoke apps and platforms. , far from the political cacophony.

Billionaire Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter comes at this critical time, as the platform seeks to rethink its core ad revenue model by charging for premium services, such as verification, among other features.

While debate rages over the likely use of such a premium service and the price at which it becomes viable, larger questions remain on Twitter as a public square where news breaks, politicians make public statements and the advocacy around issues occurs.

Should Broadcasting Stock Fubotv Inc (FUBO) be in your portfolio on Thursday?


A rating of 84 places Fubotv Inc (FUBO) near the top of the broadcasting industry according to InvestorsObserver. Fubotv Inc’s score of 84 means it scores above 84% of industry stocks. Fubotv Inc also received an overall rating of 62, which puts it above 62% of all stocks. Broadcasting is ranked 52nd out of 148 industries.

FUBO has an overall score of 62. Find out what this means for you and get the rest of the rankings on FUBO!

What do these notes mean?

Finding the best stocks can be tricky. It is not easy to compare companies from one sector to another. Even companies that have relatively similar activities can sometimes be difficult to compare. InvestorsObserverThe tools allow for a top-down approach that lets you pick a metric, find the best sector and industry, and then find the best stocks in that sector. Our proprietary rating system captures technical factors, fundamental analysis and the opinions of Wall Street analysts. This makes InvestorsObserverThe overall rating of is a great way to start, regardless of your investing style. Scores ranked in percentiles are also easy to understand. A score of 100 is high and a 0 is low. There’s no need to try to remember what’s “good” for a bunch of complicated ratios, just pay attention to the higher numbers.

What’s going on with Fubotv Inc stock today?

Fubotv Inc (FUBO) stock is trading at $3.35 at 9:49 a.m. on Thursday, November 3, down -$0.11, or -3.18% from the previous closing price of $3.46 . The stock has traded between $3.34 and $3.44 so far today. Volume today is less active than usual. So far, 469,333 shares have been traded with an average volume of 11,009,798 shares. Click here for the full Fubotv Inc. stock report.

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NSU Demons prepare to take on SLC newcomer Texas A&M-Commerce


NATCHITOCHES, La. (KALB) — The Northwestern State Demons come out of their bye week still No. 1 in the Southland Conference and will be on the road to face newcomer Texas A&M-Commerce on the road this weekend, for the first time since 2008, and the first time at the Southland Conference.

As the regular season draws to a close, the Demons’ schedule doesn’t improve as Texas A&M-Commerce sits third in the conference and is just one game away from upsetting the standings.

The Demons are still top and undefeated in the Southland Conference, but the next three weeks will be a test as they have the toughest remaining schedule in the conference with Commerce, Southeastern Louisiana University and University of Incarnate Word rounding out the Top 4. .

This week is about Texas A&M-Commerce and preparing mentally and physically for Saturday and facing adversity when it comes.

“Our guys are refreshed and ready to go,” Demons head coach Braid Laird said. “We had a good day of training yesterday. The most important thing we’ve talked about is making sure, once it kicks off on Saturday, that we’ve prepared ourselves to be the best team we can be. We didn’t make it right before the opening date. We probably lost this game even before kick-off. You don’t want to put yourself in that position, and we want to take every opportunity to prepare to be the best we can be at 2 p.m. Saturday.

NSU is 1-3 on the road, but the Demons have the two best pass catchers in the conference with Zach Clement and wide receiver Javon Antonio on their side.

“This week we have to have the execution, and we can’t turn the ball over,” Demons quarterback Zach Clement said. “During the last games, we turned the ball over several times. It’s just about locking in as a team. Offense has to make sure we click and communicate all the plays we have. It’s mostly about communication, and if we do that, I feel like we’ll be successful.

The Northwestern State Demons take to the field at Texas A&M-Commerce at 2 p.m. as they look to go 4-0 in the Southland Conference for the first time since 1988.

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ACRES Commercial Realty Earnings: A Snapshot – ACRES Commercial Realty (NYSE:ACR)


ACRES Commercial Real Estate RCA is expected to release its latest quarterly earnings report on Thursday 11/03/2022. Here’s what investors need to know ahead of the announcement.

Analysts estimate that ACRES Commercial Realty will report a earnings per share (EPS) of $0.34.

The bulls at ACRES Commercial Realty are hoping to hear the company announce that it not only exceeded that estimate, but also provide positive indications or expected growth for the next quarter.

New investors should note that sometimes it’s not an earnings beat or miss that most affects a stock’s price, but direction (or forecast).

Past Earnings Performance

Last quarter, the company beat EPS by $0.12, followed by a 12.05% share price increase the next day.

Here’s a look at ACRES Commercial Realty’s past performance and the resulting price change:

Trimester Q2 2022 Q1 2022 Q4 2021 Q3 2021
EPS estimate 0.33 0.31 0.14 0.26
Actual EPS 0.45 -0.25 0.22 -0.36
Price change % 12.05% 1.54% 9.47% -6.19%

Trimester Q2 2022 Q1 2022 Q4 2021 Q3 2021
EPS estimate 0.33 0.31 0.14 0.26
Actual EPS 0.45 -0.25 0.22 -0.36
Price change % 12.05% 1.54% 9.47% -6.19%

Stock performance

Shares of ACRES Commercial Realty were trading at $10.33 as of Oct. 31. Over the past 52-week period, shares are down 34.79%. Since these returns are typically negative, long-term shareholders are likely upset as this earnings release approaches.

To keep track of all earnings releases for ACRES Commercial Realty, visit their earnings calendar on our site.

This article was generated by Benzinga’s automated content engine and reviewed by an editor.

Pinarayi – The New Indian Express


By Express press service

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has said efforts to promote Malayalam as an official language are an essential part of the development work undertaken by the government. He accused a section of officers who stick to English of grading records and called the trend a denial of the democratic rights of the public.

Pinarayi spoke of raising awareness rather than taking disciplinary action against these officers. He on Tuesday inaugurated the state-level celebration of Malayalam Language Day and Official Language Week in Thiruvananthapuram.

The Chief Minister spoke about the government’s efforts to strengthen the Malayalam Mission, Bhasha Institute and Malayalam University. He also said that efforts to encourage the use of Malayalam in lower courts would be actively pursued. “Ideas are best expressed in the mother tongue.

Therefore, the protection of the mother tongue plays an important role in the development of the democratic process,” he said. A project to teach Malayalam to migrant workers interested in learning it is underway. He congratulated writer M Mukundan and poet V Madhusoodanan Nair.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has said efforts to promote Malayalam as an official language are an essential part of the development work undertaken by the government. He accused a section of officers who stick to English of grading records and called the trend a denial of the democratic rights of the public. Pinarayi spoke of raising awareness rather than taking disciplinary action against these officers. He on Tuesday inaugurated the state-level celebration of Malayalam Language Day and Official Language Week in Thiruvananthapuram. The Chief Minister spoke about the government’s efforts to strengthen the Malayalam Mission, Bhasha Institute and Malayalam University. He also said that efforts to encourage the use of Malayalam in lower courts would be actively pursued. “Ideas are best expressed in the mother tongue. Therefore, the protection of the mother tongue plays an important role in the development of the democratic process,” he said. A project to teach Malayalam to migrant workers interested in learning it is underway. He congratulated writer M Mukundan and poet V Madhusoodanan Nair.

Engineius Wins Best Fleet Software Award Two Years In a Row



November 01, 2022

Wondering what Engineius does?

We are the UK’s leading vehicle movement service, providing a one stop shop for any type of movement whether driven, plated or transported, taking the headache out of vehicle movement and enabling our customers to focus on their
own businesses.

Technology is what sets Engineius apart. The technology-based offering provides an end-to-end service that takes care of everything from ordering to invoicing. Customers can book, track and manage the movements of their vehicles online and in one place. Pricing takes 30 seconds, and once the order is secured, the customer remains in control, while Engineius takes care of the logistics. Most importantly, Engineius offers customers the same level of in-house operational control, but with the flexibility of an “on-demand” solution.

The reports are comprehensive and state-of-the-art technology allows tailored reports.

Our network is adaptable

Engineius customers benefit from a network of more than 500 fully trained drivers and transport agents, who are scored and labeled to align capabilities with customer expectations. Whether it’s a city-to-city move or a delivery to the Scottish islands, our drivers can help.

Many customers include items tailored to their commuting needs, and we believe that moving a vehicle should be as easy as ordering on Amazon or riding with Uber, whatever journey is required.

Going greener is our mission

Engineius has the greenest credentials in the automotive logistics industry with an unparalleled approach to reducing the industry’s environmental impact. No chase vehicles, electric driven, non-hauled vehicles and intelligent systems combine tasks to reduce empty runs and provide a fully digital journey for fleet operators.

In 2022, Engineius is offsetting the carbon emissions of our business by paying for reforestation in Nicaragua through climate-neutral experts, Climate Partner. The average vehicle in the fleet moves seven times a year, so these emissions should not be overlooked. So far in 2022, Engineius has saved fleets over 1,321,932 tonnes of CO2 through its greener approach.

This year’s jury for the Business Car Awards commented:

“Engineius continued to impress our judges with the simplicity with which customers can book, track and manage vehicle movements online at the company’s one-stop-shop. Pricing takes 30 seconds, and once the order is secure, customers stay in control while Engineius takes care of the logistics.”

To find out more or to get a price in 30 seconds, go to www.engineius.co.uk.

BCA22_Suppliers -Winner _300x 250-Copy Engenius


GrassRoots TV celebrates 50 years of ‘bottom-up’ broadcasting

GrassRoots TV station manager Jeremy Isenhart works behind the scenes Wednesday, October 26, 2022, at their studio in Aspen. (Austin Colbert/The Aspen Times)
Austin Colbert/The Aspen Times

If you ask GrassRoots TV Executive Director John Masters why GrassRoots TV’s 50th anniversary is important, he’ll say no.

“That’s our daily feeling about it. It’s just another moment. It’s another day, it’s another year,” he said.

However, GrassRoots TV is a major organization in Aspen. It’s one of the few expressions from the early 1970s, Masters said.

“The 1970s was a time of experimentation and the people, the community, were going through huge changes. There was a connection there, a lot of young people trying to get away from it all,” Masters said.

A Sony Portapak made all the difference. Founder John Smith was a UCLA media professor years before he started GrassRoots TV in 1972. Because he was in Los Angeles, he was able to buy a Sony Portapak and bring it to Aspen.

“The idea that only one person, especially an amateur, could make video was revolutionary. Before that, you had to be a professional in the trade. You had to work in a facility that had all the equipment,” Masters said.

Reid Haughey, left, and former Aspen City Councilwoman Ann Mullins, center, help moderate a discussion with congressional candidate Adam Frisch, Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2022, at the GrassRoots television station in Aspen.
Austin Colbert/The Aspen Times

Smith, along with fellow co-founders David Wright and Eleanor Bingham, established The GrassRoots Network as the nation’s first community-driven nonprofit media network. The network began broadcasting from Wright’s mobile home in the Smuggler Trailer Park on a channel given to them by Bil Dunaway.

Dunaway, who had bought The Aspen Times in 1956 and owned the paper for nearly 38 years, gave Smith his first job as a reporter five years before Smith founded GrassRoots.

GrassRoots has aired everything from “The Edge of Ajax,” a community-written soap opera, to city council meetings. Recently, Grassroots aired “Squirm Night” for candidates in Pitkin County and Snowmass. According to their website, they were the first media outlets in the nation to “videotape, cablecast, and broadcast the meetings of the County Commissioner, City Council, and State Legislature.” Community volunteers simply showed up to meetings with cameras and started broadcasting.

GrassRoots is funded by community sponsors and through grants from Pitkin County, the City of Aspen and the Town of Snowmass Village. They stream on the Pitkin County translation system. Pitkin County owns the license and covers broadcast costs.

According to Masters, GrassRoots is the opposite of all other media because it works from the bottom up, hence the “grassroots”.

GrassRoots TV station manager Jeremy Isenhart works behind the scenes Wednesday, October 26, 2022, at their studio in Aspen.
Austin Colbert/The Aspen Times

“The nature of the organization and the content we broadcast is entirely determined by the members of the community. It’s not top down. There is no editor or publisher who decides what is important. I don’t know what is important. It’s up to the community to decide what’s important,” he said.

GrassRoots has not strayed from its mission to be a bottom-up broadcast. The masters said you can almost think of their show as a form of reality TV because everything they put on is absolutely real.

“Our goal is to help create and maintain a strong, interconnected community where neighbors know and understand each other,” Masters said.

In 1978, Smith left to start a farm in Oregon, and GrassRoots lost its direction. The board and staff resigned and there was not enough interest to replace federal funding. They left a camera locked to a sign that said, “If anybody wants to run this thing, the door’s open.”

Eventually, a group of citizens led by micro-processing pioneer and amateur photographer Nick DeWold formed a working committee. They worked to redevelop GrassRoots in a minimalist form with no video programming other than DeWolf’s personal slideshow.

GrassRoots TV station manager Jeremy Isenhart helps Ann Mullins with her microphone as Adam Frisch waits for his turn Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2022 at their studio in Aspen.
Austin Colbert/The Aspen Times

After a few more years of “limping”, GrassRoots went off the air again in 1998. In 1999, a council led by Jim True was formed to save and redevelop Grassroots. Pitkin County committed $150,000 in funds from a new franchise agreement with AT&T Cable to purchase new production equipment. Masters was hired in 2001 “with a mission to manage GrassRoots with a professional staff serving a hobbyist clientele using modern business practices while remaining true to the founding vision,” the website states.

Since 2001, GrassRoots has continued to serve the community with bottom-up coverage. Citizen-initiated production has tripled, and revenue has grown and stabilized.

Masters recalls a conversation he had with a woman at a community event years ago.

“I was introduced as executive director of Grassroots TV,” he said. “The person I was introduced to said, ‘Oh GrassRoots. GrassRoots reminds me of one of those old dive bars in Aspen that no longer exists. ‘”

Reid Haughey, left, and former Aspen City Councilwoman Ann Mullins, center, help moderate a discussion with congressional candidate Adam Frisch, Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2022, at the GrassRoots television station in Aspen.
Austin Colbert/The Aspen Times

The masters took that as a compliment, and the woman meant it was.

“It goes straight to the point. That’s the idea of ​​GrassRoots. I am happy that we are here to be able to pursue this common idea,” he said.

Against all odds, Grassroots remained an integral part of Aspen, Snowmass, and Basalt. The new era of media where news is consumed on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram or countless other social media sites has actually benefited Grassroots.

“YouTube looks like a threat. Oh, now I can just put a video on Youtube. Who needs GrassRoots?” the masters said. and suddenly Google Analytics backed up YouTube.”

GrassRoots TV station manager Jeremy Isenhart works behind the scenes Wednesday, October 26, 2022, at their studio in Aspen.
Austin Colbert/The Aspen Times

Before Google Analytics, they had no way of knowing how many people were watching. According to Masters, GrassRoots Community Network on Youtube has had over 500,000 unique views over the past year. They have 16,000 YouTube subscribers, almost the same number of cable subscriptions they reach.

Thanks to social media and the internet, Grassroots no longer depends on cable to share its message with the community.

“We are like the bumblebee. Bumblebees shouldn’t be able to fly, their wings aren’t big enough to fly, yet they do. We are like that. We just keep getting by,” Masters said.

In the studio of the “old dive bar”, there are thousands of archived tapes that Masters hopes to see sorted in the future. Aspen appreciates the history of their community, and there’s no better place to find it than in archived footage from Grassroots TV, he said.

“Everyone who’s been through here has had an effect on why GrassRoots is here after 50 years,” he said.


Ronald Ashley’s ‘Cool Kids Table’, left, Mike Sovay, James Carlson, RD Goodman and Kyle Franz.

In a welcome return after a three-year hiatus from COVID, the Grand Marathon Chamber of Commerce hosted its annual Setup and Awards Banquet for over 240 guests on October 21 at Hawks Cay Resort. After a cocktail overlooking the scenic dolphin lagoons at Dolphin Connection, the party moved indoors to honor outgoing and incoming chamber board members and recognize outstanding businesses in the Marathon community. “We couldn’t have asked for a better evening and a better event,” said chamber CEO Daniel Samess. “It was an incredible venue at Hawks Cay Resort, and we had a good laugh. We look forward to ending 2022 strong and having a productive 2023 under the leadership of our new Board Chair, Robyn Still.


Best Roommate: Kiki McIntyre
Embellishment: The Rotary Club of Marathon
Customer Service: Florida Keys Steak and Lobster House
Horizon Award: Seafarer Realty LLC
Community contributions – Large corporations: D’Asign Source
Community Contributions – Small Business: Driftwood Pizza & Subs
Tourist Attractor: Encounters with the Florida Keys Aquarium
Humanitarian Award: St. Columba’s Episcopal Church

Alex Rickert made the perfectly natural career progression from dolphin trainer to newspaper editor in 2021 after freelancing for Keys Weekly while working full-time at the Dolphin Research Center. A resident of Marathon since 2015, he fell in love with the Florida Keys community helping several organizations and friends rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. A keen runner, actor, and spearfisherman, he spends most of his time outside of work on or under the sea having civil disagreements with sharks.

Illiana Ancestor: Ghosts don’t wait for Halloween | Lifestyles


Illinois resident Troy Taylor has been fascinated by history and ghost stories all his life.

He’s written dozens of ghost-themed books, and he hosts “dinner and liquor” events related to American hauntings.

Its website at https://tinyurlcom/mrx6hcya provides links to ghost books, ghost hunts and more. Many events are sold out, but more are scheduled. Be sure to check out his links to ghosts in Illinois at https://tinyurl.com/mpfa9jmf.

For example, the town of Alton, Illinois on the Mississippi River is known as one of the most haunted small towns in America. Mark Twain even called it “a dismal little river town”. Taylor has written extensively about Alton and his tours are his favorites.

A website with detailed information on haunted houses in Illinois is available at https://tinyurl.com/3h5xycnr. “Discover the real haunts of Illinois, where ghosts, ghouls and apparitions make their home all year round in Illinois; there are tons of truly haunted houses, cemeteries, and places. Get all the gory details here.

Online Halloween Stories

The Today in History website at https://tinyurl.com/yc67jnsz, has interesting details about Halloween. And did you know that turnips, instead of pumpkins, were once carved with faces according to a Smithsonian magazine article at https://tinyurl.com/47mppsus?

Be sure to read Wikipedia’s account of Lincoln’s ghost at https://tinyurl.com/yydkvm9x. You might be surprised at everyone who has claimed to see his ghost.

Genealogist publishes tips for reading ancient writing

Lisa Lisson (Are You My Cousin columnist) provided several tips for deciphering ancient handwriting in genealogy records in her article on https://tinyurl.com/yx3k33w5. For example, she suggests doing a Google search for “19th Century Handwriting Alphabet.” You will likely have several image options.

Be sure to read the reader comments at the end of his article for additional tips.

Ukrainian treasures under threat

Ukrainian sources reported that Russian troops were looting museums and destroying cultural sites. Read more details on https://tinyurl.com/3b94zear.

Are you a genealogy addict?

Are obituaries your favorite section of a newspaper? If so, you’re probably addicted to genealogy research. There are other clues. Take advantage of the MyHeritage blog which identifies other symptoms to https://tinyurl.com/mrzp3exk.

Google lists global search engines

GenealogyInTime Magazine “maintains the Internet’s most comprehensive listing of Google search engines. The list of the 192 search engines in the world classified by country and by region is available on https://tinyurl.com/y4xrp4t7. Search engines are in the language of the country. Since not everyone knows the local language, the table lists where an English version of the local search engine is available. The magazine intends to “update this list periodically to reflect the latest changes from Google.”

It is suggested that the researchers bookmark this site for future use. Also scroll down to find links to other useful magazine articles. Be sure to find an ancestor who lived in another country.

10 Star Trek Characters Who Never Got The Promotion They Deserved


star trek is a universe that describes Starfleet – the exploratory and military arm of the Federation – as an organization where anyone can succeed. The desire to reach new heights embodies the star trek ethos, as many of its characters are defined by their desire to rise through the ranks.

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Despite the heroism of many Trek characters, some of Starfleet’s finest simply aren’t capable of breaking through the glass ceiling. Although not all officers are made to go to the captain’s chair, many star trek the characters deserve a promotion that for some reason they just couldn’t get.

10/10 Harry Kim was stuck as a sign

Harry Kim was the operations officer of the USS Voyager throughout the seven-year term Star Trek: Voyager. He played a key role in many Travelermost important missions and was a key figure on the ship’s deck throughout its long journey back from the Delta Quadrant.

However, despite Kim’s contributions, he was never promoted beyond the rank of ensign, Starfleet’s lowest rank. In the series finale, Kim was depicted in an alternate future as the captain of the USS Rhode Island. Moreover, the star trek online The video game, while non-canon, also shows Kim becoming a captain. It’s disconcerting that he was never promoted when Traveler was on the air.

The crew of Company NX-01 on Star Trek: Enterprise were the first humans to reach deep space. In this business, communication was essential and Hoshi Sato was a unique contributor. A lingual scholar, Hoshi was assigned to Company because of his ability to adapt quickly and learn foreign languages.

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Like Kim, Hoshi remained at ensign rank throughout the race Star Trek: Enterprise. The series finale moved forward six years to show that Company was decommissioned after 10 years in space. Even after a decade of service, Hoshi remained an ensign, regardless of his importance to the ship’s mission statement.

8/10 The doctor had no rank

Immediately after landing in the Delta Quadrant, the Traveler lost all of its medical staff. As such, the ship’s emergency medical hologram, the Doctor, was forced to be the caregiver throughout his mission home. Over time, the Doctor proved invaluable and was even recognized as a sentient being.

Yet despite his growth as a doctor and as an intelligent being, the Doctor was never recognized with even a tentative rank. The pips indicate rank on a Starfleet officer’s collar, and the doctor’s was visibly bare throughout Star Trek: Voyager. If that star trek character had been on another series with less severe consequences, he could have been classified.

7/10 Malcolm Reed saved the company many times

With the Company NX-01 sent to the far reaches of space, the ship faced many from Star Trek greatest threats for the first time. Lieutenant Malcolm Reed was put in charge of the ship’s defenses and arsenal and even helped develop the iconic star trek weapons like photon torpedoes.

However, Reed never rose above the rank of lieutenant. Of course, late in Star Trek: Enterprise run, he was revealed to have been an informant for the secret organization Section 31. He eventually confessed and pledged allegiance to Captain Archer. It wasn’t enough for his 10 years of service on the ship to be rewarded with a promotion.

6/10 Tom Paris was effectively demoted

Tom Paris has had a tough climb since the start of Star Trek: Voyager. Captain Janeway temporarily released him from a Starfleet prison camp because his ties to the terrorist organization Maquis would help him of the Traveler assignment. When Traveler was taken to the Delta Quadrant, Paris became the ship’s chief pilot.

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It was a position that Paris held for seven years. However, despite his repeated heroisms, he never rose above the rank of lieutenant. In fact, he was even demoted to ensign for insubordination at one point. Although he eventually regained his previous rank, he never rose through the ranks any further. Even in an appearance on Star Trek: Lower DecksParis still wears lieutenant pips.

5/10 Travis Mayweather was Enterprise’s most experienced space traveler

Ensign Travis Mayweather was the helmsman of the Company NX-01 on Star Trek: Enterprise. Mayweather was a space boomer, meaning he was one of the first generation of humans to be born in space. before joining Company and before joining Starfleet, Mayweather was already the most experienced space traveler on the crew.

This experience, however, did not pay off in terms of career advancement. Though he traveled to countless strange new worlds and new civilizations, Mayweather was the ship’s helmsman and a lowly ensign from the beginning of the Companies mission until its end.

4/10 Reginald Barclay advanced emotionally but not in rank

Reginald Barclay was the rare ordinary character in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Surrounded by officers embodying star trek credo to move forward and improve, Barclay was plagued with anxiety and depression which prevented him from playing alongside his teammates.

Barclay requested assistance and proved invaluable in several critical missions aboard the Company-D. Later, he played a critical role in establishing contacts with the USS Voyager. Despite all these accomplishments, however, Barclay remained at the rank of lieutenant.

3/10 B’elanna Torres kept Voyager in one piece

The USS Voyager faced many disasters during the Star Trek: Voyager. Maintenance of the ship was the responsibility of her chief engineer, B’elanna Torres. The half-Klingon engineer was granted the provisional rank of lieutenant due to her association with the terrorist group Maquis.

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Torres remained that rank throughout Travelerthe entire return trip. The ship was repeatedly destroyed to the point of near destruction, and Torres was able to keep the ship running as smoothly as possible during this time. Viewers never saw her rise in rank, despite her best efforts to move the ship forward on its long and difficult journey.

2/10 Chief O’Brien was never a commissioned officer

Miles Edward O’Brien had a long and storied career at Starfleet. Even before he became the head of the transporters of the USS Enterprise-D on Star Trek: The Next Generationhe was the tactical officer aboard the USS Rutledge during the Cardassian War. Later still, he was the head of operations as one of the characters in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

All the while, however, O’Brien was an NCO. For decades of honorable service to Starfleet, O’Brien served as chief petty officer. Having served commendably in two separate wars, one would think that O’Brien would deserve at least the ensign pips.

Data was arguably the most important and popular character on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Viewers watched the android grow in his quest to become more human from his debut on the show until his death in the film. Star Trek: Nemesis.

Although Starfleet recognized Data as a sentient being, they never acknowledged him with a promotion. For 15 years, Data was keyed to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. While it was hinted in Nemesis that he would succeed Commander Riker as Enterprise-E first officer, his death prevented his rise in rank.

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Customers are suing a California marijuana company for false advertising. Complainants say the weed was not strong enough.


Pre-rolled joints are displayed next to the marijuana paraphernalia.Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

  • Two clients are suing a California marijuana company for false advertising.

  • The class action claims that a range of pre-rolled joints had a lower THC content than advertised.

  • The lawsuit references a report by Weed Week, which accuses the company of inflating the THC content by up to 19%.

Two customers are suing a California marijuana company for false advertising, arguing that the weed was not as strong as the label claimed, USA Today reported.

The class action lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court on October 20 against DreamFields Brands, Inc. by Jasper Centeno of Long Beach and Blake Wilson of Fresno.

In the complaint against the marijuana company, it is alleged that the plaintiffs purchased “Jeeter” pre-rolled joints that had a lower true THC content than advertised.

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main active ingredient in marijuana that makes users feel high.

The complaint states that DreamFields Brands’ “Jeeter” product labels claim to have a “very high” THC content, which allows the company to charge higher prices for the products because “cannabis consumers generally prefer and are willing to pay more for a high THC content”. cannabis products.”

However, it is alleged in the complaint that tests carried out by independent laboratories showed that the true THC content was “significantly lower” – below the allowed 10% margin of error – than the labeled amount.

The lawsuit cites tests by cannabis media outlet Weed Week, which reported that some of Jeeter’s products were labeled as containing up to 46% THC, but only contained between 23 and 27%.

“Defendants systematically exaggerate THC content to mislead consumers into believing that the effects of their prerolls are more potent than they actually are,” the complaint states. “This is false and misleading.”

The suit said the plaintiffs had been “misled and prejudiced” by the inaccurate labelling. He accuses the company of unfair competition, false advertising and negligent misrepresentation. The plaintiffs seek damages, including restitution, injunctive relief against the company, and attorneys’ fees.

A spokesperson for Jeeter, the subsidiary of DreamFields Brands, told Insider in a statement, “Let’s cut to the chase. The false claims that we are misrepresenting our THC levels are false. These false claims are a sad way to discredit our brand and business practices for sensational news and exorbitant financial gains.

“As a leader in our industry, we challenge every individual and institution to demonstrate where we have been outside of compliance in the representation of our THC content.”

Read the original article on Business Insider

Jerry Lee Lewis dead at 87


Rock ‘n’ roll’s first wild big man, Jerry Lee Lewis – the singer and pianist nicknamed “The Killer” – has died. He was 87 years old.

Sam Philips, the founder of Sun Records – and the producer who also discovered Elvis, Howlin’ Wolf, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Roy Orbison – called Lewis “the most talented man I have ever worked with, black or white…one of the most talented human beings to walk the earth of God.” But almost as quickly as her star rose, her career fell apart after she married her 13-year-old cousin in 1958 – just months after releasing her first hit song.

Born September 29, 1935, in Ferriday, Louisiana, Jerry Lee Lewis grew up caught in a binary dilemma about music and morality, perpetually torn between his religious upbringing and a burning desire for boogie. His mother was a Pentecostal preacher who disapproved of secular music; his cousin, the influential and ultimately infamous evangelical preacher Jimmy Swaggart, was also fond of condemning “devil’s music.” But when Lewis was only eight years old, his father (who had served time in prison for smuggling), took out a mortgage on the family farm to buy young Jerry a piano. And he grew up sneaking into black clubs, hiding under tables until he got kicked out.

In a 1987 documentary titled I am what I amLewis described the music he heard there: “Something different about it – it was blues and it was kind of rock. I loved the blues. It was the real thing. I always thought I was the real thing too.”

He learned to play on his own, combining the boogie beats of black clubs and some of what he heard on Sundays at his Pentecostal church. Religion influenced more than music; it was a time when rock ‘n’ roll was considered downright evil.

As a teenager, Lewis was expelled from the school he attended, the Southwest Bible Institute in Texas, for playing boogie-woogie on a school piano.

In late 1956, Lewis was signed to Sam Philips’ Sun Records, the legendary Memphis label where his label mates included Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. At first he was a backing mate to artists like Carl Perkins – but that closeness meant he was also played in a legendary session in December 1956 at Sun Studios. Performing alongside Presley, Cash and Perkins, Lewis was part of the one-night quartet that became known as the “Million-Dollar Quartet”, which inspired a Tony-nominated musical of the same name that opened its doors to Broadway in 2010.

When Lewis was 25, he struck gold with a career-defining hit: “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On.” It was a song first recorded in 1955 by a black artist, Big Maybelle, for Okeh Records (one side notably produced by a promising young man, Quincy Jones). But it was Lewis’ rockabilly version, released in 1957, that became a hit on the pop charts – and put piano at the center of rock ‘n’ roll.

In 2000, the late producer Jack Clement described that Sun Studios session to NPR: “All I did was turn on the machine, and we cut ‘Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going’ On’ into one. socket.” Lewis would later say he knew he had a hit if he went out in one take.

The tape was touring during a whiskey-infused exchange between Lewis and Sam Phillips, who thought Lewis could do some good with rock ‘n’ roll.

“You can save souls!” Phillips said.

“How can the devil save souls? Lewis replied. “What are you talking about? I got the devil in me. If I didn’t, I’d be a Christian.”

This was the session where his biggest hit was also recorded on tape: “Great Balls Of Fire”.

Lewis began hitting the road alongside Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry — and soon after, “The Killer” was the closing act. His performances were sexually charged; he operated the microphone suggestively as he stood up and hammered the keys.

The adulation came to an abrupt halt when 22-year-old Lewis went to England in June 1958 on tour, and British reporters asked about the pretty young girl by his side. It was Lewis’ new wife, Myra, who was only 13 years old. As the press dug in, they realized even more: Not only was “Mrs. Lewis” still a child, but she was his cousin. And it was already Lewis’ third marriage – one that took place while the entertainer was still legally married to his second wife.

Lewis went through a few tour dates before succumbing to press and public censorship, and retired to the United States. That doesn’t mean he ever had any public regrets. His marriage to Myra spanned a decade, and in Rick Bragg’s best-selling 2014 biography, Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story, Lewis says, “She looked like a grown woman, blooming and ready to be picked… I thought she was 13 and all, but that didn’t stop her from being a full woman.” Meanwhile, Lewis’ own sister reportedly married at 12, lending credence to the idea that it was a cultural norm.

The former Myra Lewis later alleged that her ex-husband abused her, but more recently she appears to have struck up an affable relationship with her ex-husband and called their marriage “an incredible and wonderful ten years”. (Over the years, Lewis has been married a total of seven times.)

She said WHY Fresh air in 1989 that her husband was a walking contradiction – a wild man on stage, drinking and petticoating, who wouldn’t allow a drop of booze into his own home. “Jerry was continually judging himself,” she said, “because he could never walk away from the upbringing and teaching he had. First of all, he wasn’t supposed to playing that kind of music. He was supposed to live the life he lived.”

After that fateful trip to England in 1958, Lewis’ career fell apart. Virtually overnight, Lewis went from towering fees of thousands of dollars per show to playing bars and occasionally touring Europe, where he could only afford to play with pickup players, not his own group.

“For ten years, Jerry’s records went unreleased,” Myra said. Fresh air. “He couldn’t get a decent gig date. There were certain radio stations that wouldn’t touch him at all.”

Even so, as The Guardian noted in 2015, “If anything, failure made him even more unbridled”, and his all-night marathon shows became legend. Still under contract to Sun, Lewis released a few other songs, including a cover of Ray Charles’ “What’d I Say” in 1961 and “Good Golly Miss Molly” in 1963. Working under the pseudonym “The Hawk” to escape his Sun deal, Lewis also released a boogie-woogie version of ‘In The Mood’, the Glenn Miller Orchestra’s must-have big band – but there was no doubting Lewis’ instantly recognizable sound.

By the 1960s, Lewis’ contract with Sun was coming to an end and he was sinking professionally. He signed with a label called Smash in hopes of reviving his career. It didn’t work, but a great artifact from that era became legend: his 1964 album Living at the Star-Club Hamburgrecorded by the Dutch label Philips as part of a series of live recordings from the German hall, and whose rolling stone Magazine then said, “This is not an album, this is a crime scene…with no survivors except for The Killer.”

Even so, Lewis was desperate to get back into the public eye in the United States – which, between her reputation as a child-cousin-bride and the British invasion shaking up the American pop scene, seemed increasingly unlikely. He comes across an idea that goes back to his roots: to record as a country artist, from the 1968 album Another place, another time. The bet worked. In just over a decade, Lewis has released 23 songs that have become top 10 hits on the Billboard country chart.

He would later perform at the Grand Ole Opry, declaring from the stage that he was a “rock and roll, country and western, rhythm and blues singer”. [expletive]. “He earned the nickname ‘The Killer’ – not for his music or his wild life, but because that’s what he called everyone when he couldn’t remember their names. So that’s as they called it.

Lewis’ personal life continued to be complicated, fraught with trauma, and tangled with massive amounts of prescription drugs and alcohol. His fourth wife, Jaren Gunn, drowned in 1982, shortly before their divorce was finalized; rolling stone published a long and damning account of Gunn’s disappearance. Lewis’s next wife, Shawn Stephens, died of an overdose less than three months after their wedding, which took place barely a year after Gunn’s death. Although a grand jury cleared him of guilt in Gunn’s death, the 2015 Guardian observed profile, “What seems clear is that at the time, he was so crippled by his addiction to prescription drugs that he became an unreliable witness to his own story.”) Two of the children of Lewis also died: in 1962, his son Steve Allen drowned in a swimming pool at the age of three, and in 1973 his eldest son, Jerry Lee Lewis Jr., died in a car accident. He clashed with the IRS and the DEA. There was also an incident in 1976 in which a drunk Lewis slammed his car against the gates of Graceland, demanding to see Elvis, with a gun on the dashboard.

“Most of us are amateur sinners, at best, compared to Jerry Lee,” says author Rick Bragg. “But there are times when he is evangelical.” Bragg says that in his old age, Lewis tried to put things right and was able to find redemption. He credited Hank Williams with getting the white worker up long enough to enjoy the music.

“But it was Jerry Lee who made them dance,” Bragg continues. “And I thought that was the nicest thing he ever said. And how can that be a sin?”

Or as Lewis himself told NPR in 2010, “I’ve ridden the road and lived hard — and rock hard and roll hard.”

Lewis was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986 – one of the first artists to be so immortalized. He also received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005, although he never won a Grammy for his recorded music. (He won a Grammy for Best Spoken or Non-Musical Recording in 1986, for a recording of interviews gleaned from The class of ’55an album that reunited him with Cash, Perkins and Roy Orbison.) A 1989 biopic, large balls of fire, starring Dennis Quaid as the young killer. But by this time, Lewis’ performance career had already largely run out of steam.

Nevertheless, Lewis’ career entered a third act during the last two decades of his life. Beginning in the mid-2000s, Lewis found renewed interest in his music via a series of duet albums, featuring performances with an unlikely constellation of collaborators including Mick Jagger, Tom Jones, Bruce Springsteen, Kid Rock and Gillian Welch.

Even so, Lewis knew audiences still wanted 1958’s “The Killer,” before his big downfall. “‘Great Balls of Fire,’ ‘Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On,’ that’s what people who come to see me want,” he said. The New York Times in 1996. “If I didn’t do these songs, they’d shoot me at the end of the show.”

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Blue Water Region Chamber of Commerce Candidate Endorsements


The mission of the Blue Water Area Chamber is to support our business community through various means. One of those ways is to advocate and support candidates who will work with St. Clair County residents and businesses.

On behalf of the Blue Water Area Chamber, its Board of Directors voted in favor of the following nominees:

  • St. Clair County Community College – Dr. Karen L. Niver
  • St. Clair County Community College – Robert E. Tansky
  • Port Huron School Area District Council Member – Josh Chapman
  • Port Huron School Area District Council Member – Timothy McCulloch

The Chamber strongly believes that these individuals are the best candidates to continue to build on the successes of our region and align with Chamber priorities to build strong and sustainable communities for our members.

We want to be recognized as the county that our residents and our business community are proud to call home. The House is asking voters in St. Clair County to support these candidates.

“The chamber has been an important business advocate for St. Clair County since 1917,” said Thelma Castillo, president and CEO of the Blue Water Region Chamber of Commerce.

The Blue Water Region Chamber of Commerce has supported its members by fostering economic prosperity and promoting businesses in the Blue Water Region through regional collaboration, advocacy and member development since 1917.

Submitted by the Blue Water Region Chamber of Commerce




For immediate release: October 27, 2022


To watch the video, click on the photo or visit this link: https://vimeo.com/764356802

(HONOLULU) – Certification licenses, issued by the DLNR Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation (DOBOR), have long been required for surf and windsurf instructors, catamaran captains and second captains and canoe operators, and commercial motor boat operators, operating in Waikīkī.

Today, the Land and Natural Resources Board (BLNR) voted to repeal the requirement for commercial instructors in Waikīkī to obtain blue cards. Existing commercial use licensing rules and restrictions are not being superseded by this action. Safety training requirements will be incorporated as conditions in commercial use permits.

In 2020, DOBOR presented a repeal proposal to the land board, which deferred a decision and directed the division to work with stakeholders to determine how best to proceed.

DOBOR Administrator Ed Underwood told BLNR today: “Historically, we have been responsible for issuing Waikīkī operator permits, but we do not have the expertise or the resources to carry out any tests and approvals, efficiently and in a timely manner.”

Underwood says repealing the blue card requirement will allow business operators to set their own employee qualification standards and keep DOBOR out of the process, as the division lacks expertise in the process. material on surfing and canoeing operations or techniques.

The Attorney General’s Department has also expressed concerns that the state could be held liable if someone is injured while touring, while receiving instructions from a licensee.

DOBOR has worked and will continue to work with commercial operators in Waikīkī to develop conditions and regulations for various commercial maritime activities. Underwood added, “DOBOR believes the repeal of the Blue Card is the best course of action while we work collaboratively to develop replacement regulations to address all of the Waikīkī operator permit issues.”

# # #


(All images/videos courtesy of DLNR)

HD Video – Waikīkī Surf Schools (March 5, 2022):


Photographs – Waikīkī Surf Instruction:



Dan Denison

Senior Communications Manager

Hawaii Department of Lands and Natural Resources

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W. Capra Consulting Group Announces Promotion of Tim Radway


CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–W.Capra Consulting Group, a Chicago-based private professional services firm focused on helping retailers and solution providers enable secure commerce everywhere, announced that Tim Radway has been named the new Chief Operating Officer of W. Capra.

As Chief Operating Officer, which is a new role at W. Capra, Mr. Radway will work alongside W. Capra’s partners and lead accounting and finance, cross-functional operations, sales and marketing support. and growth operations.

Mike Streams, a partner of W. Capra, said, “Tim is a transformational leader and proven change agent with deep experience and a unique understanding of W. Capra. As an innovative and seasoned leader who relies on data and analytics to drive execution, I am confident that Tim will be a tremendous asset as we continue to improve our operations, execute our strategic plan and pursue our strong growth trend.

About W. Capra Consulting Group

W. Capra is a global professional services firm focused on helping retailers and solution providers enable secure commerce everywhere. By leveraging our deep industry expertise and innovative thought leadership, we help our clients improve customer experience, optimize operations, minimize risk and increase profitability. Our team of experts supports some of the world’s best-known consumer brands in their business and technology initiatives throughout the project cycle, through strategy, technology, operations and transformation services.

Qatar’s BeIN Sports selects Saudi company as exclusive advertising partner


DOHA, Oct 26 (Reuters) – BeIN, a Qatar-based sports TV channel banned in Saudi Arabia until last year, said on Wednesday it had chosen a Saudi-based company as its exclusive advertising partner in the Middle East and Africa. from the North under an agreement. which one source put at some $150 million.

BeIN Sports said in a statement that it had signed an agreement with Riyadh-based media representation company SMC MC for all its channels and including coverage of the FIFA World Cup, which Qatar is hosting in 2022.

“The deal is in the region of $150 million,” a source close to beIN told Reuters.

The deal comes nearly two years after Saudi Arabia and three other Arab states announced the end of a dispute with Qatar that saw the four nations sever political, trade and travel ties with Doha.

The dispute unfolded at the World Trade Organization (WTO), where Qatar filed a lawsuit against Saudi Arabia for blocking beIN from broadcasting in the kingdom and refusing to take effective action against the alleged piracy of the content from beIN, which Riyadh denied.

In January, the two countries notified the WTO that they were mutually suspending the remaining claims before its dispute settlement body.

In a sign of strengthening Qatari-Saudi relations, the source told Reuters that Saudi companies and US investors are considering investing in beIN. Earlier this month, Bloomberg reported that Saudi fund PIF had expressed interest in beIN.

BeIN Sports is the official broadcaster of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in most countries in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in France.

Last year, Saudi Arabia lifted a ban on beIN, removing a major obstacle to the PIF’s takeover of English Premier League football club Newcastle United.

Saudi Arabia’s General Competition Authority had, in 2020, canceled the license of the broadcaster, which had been banned in the kingdom since mid-2017, when the Gulf conflict broke out. It was resolved in January 2021.

The Saudi national team is set to play in the World Cup, which kicks off on November 20 in Doha. Tens of thousands of Saudi fans are expected to visit Qatar during the month-long tournament.

Reporting by Andrew Mills Writing by Andrew Mills and Lina Najem Editing by Mark Potter

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Broadcaster buys tourism website Albuquerque.com


October 25—Hutton Broadcasting, owner of six Santa Fe radio stations, purchased the domain of Albuquerque’s travel website Albuquerque.com.

This is the fourth New Mexico tourist site that Hutton Broadcasting has purchased in the past 12 years.

“We’re always looking to grow,” said Art Trujillo, vice president of sales at Hutton Broadcasting.

The media company bought SantaFe.com in 2010 and LasCruces.com several years later. More recently, Hutton Broadcasting bought Ruidoso.com last month.

“We just thought, you know, it was probably a good time to dive in Albuquerque,” Trujillo said.

Currently, all content on Albuquerque.com was produced by former owners, Boulevards New Media, Inc., a California-based media company that produced city guides for dozens of cities around the world. The purchase brings Albuquerque.com under local ownership. Hutton Broadcasting is currently planning a redevelopment of the website, as it has done with the other areas it has purchased, including video production.

Trujillo said the company hopes to bring more clicks to Albuquerque. Hutton Broadcasting, which has a digital advertising arm, is looking to partner with Albuquerque-based businesses and individuals, Trujillo said.

“We’re really looking to drive keyword traffic to generate more … excitement for people to come to Albuquerque,” ​​Trujillo said.

Although Trujillo said the specific strategy may be different from what Hutton Broadcasting did with SantaFe.com, the overall goal is the same: to give people ideas for things to do in New Mexico cities.

“We try to generate experience, that’s what we try to do,” Trujillo said.

Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce speaks out against CPA ballot issue


The Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce on Monday formalized its opposition to Question 5 of the Community Preservation Act ballot in the November election, which would impose a 1.5% surtax on property taxes to collect funds for community housing, open spaces and parks, and historic sites preservation.

“Here in the city of Worcester, we already have the eighth highest business tax rate,” Alex Guardiola, vice president of the chamber for government affairs and public policy, said on the TV show. chamber weekly, Chamber Exchange, “We have a surplus of money at the state level from federal dollars. So we don’t think 2022 is the year to add more taxes to both our residents and our businesses.

The chamber’s statement of opposition says the organization supports the kinds of initiatives the CPA would pay for, but wants the City of Worcester to use money already available for those projects. Guardiola and chamber president and CEO Timothy Murray cited the $146 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds the city has received, as well as $2 billion in unspent ARPA funds. at the state level as a means of paying for the projects.

“Let’s use what we have before we hit people in the wallet,” Murray said on Chamber Exchange.

The chamber warned that the increase would affect businesses that rent out space, as triple net leases typically require tenants to pay property tax increases.

According to a Monday press release from the chamber, the surtax would add $604.58 to Worcester’s average business property tax bill. The independent non-profit Worcester Regional Research Bureau, in its August report on the issue, said the median owner of a commercial property would owe $174.23. Large companies drive the average up above the median, which is the midpoint of all commercial property surcharges.

To find out how much you or your company should, you can use the WRRB’s online tool and access the report on website.

CURRENTLY: Port of Saint-Joseph closed to merchant ships; emergency dredging needed


Unexpected changes likely caused by recent weather closed a southwestern Michigan port.

The Port of St. Joseph is closed to commercial vessels until further notice after the carrier vessel Manitowoc encountered shoaling conditions last Thursday in the outer harbor. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has since confirmed the shoal conditions and efforts to secure emergency dredging are currently underway.

The Manitowoc, a 630-foot carrier loaded with limestone, was preparing to enter St. Joseph Harbor when they discovered the conditions, according to St. Joseph Harbor Captain Michael Moran.

“The shoal is where the sand drifts across the river — basically like the snow that drifts down the road in winter,” Moran said. “The [Manitowoc] was able to move to deeper water under its own power without damage or injury. There was no pollution or discharge from this event.

Moran said the sand had essentially blocked about half the channel, maybe more. Storms bringing high winds and 15-foot waves last week are likely the culprits, according to Moran.

“There is an area of ​​significant shoaling outside the quayheads off the north pier,” he said. “In some areas the depths are less than 12 feet, which is less than the 21 it should be.”

Moran said he was in daily contact with the corps and officials were seeking funding for emergency dredging.

“We’re still projected to get around 10-15 boats this season,” Moran said. “So the longer the channels are closed, the more problems it’s going to cause.”

Shipping companies are also working to see if there is a way to enter the part of the channel that is not incised.

“Plans are being considered which could involve possibly marking a narrow ‘safe’ channel around the shoal to allow vessel traffic to resume,” Moran said, in a Facebook update. “If that happens, it would have to be done VERY carefully in ideal weather because the channel would be narrow, but it’s a possibility.”

Moran said everyone is on deck to correct the situation. Even Congressman Fred Upton’s team is working on a solution.

“Everyone is working very hard on this,” he said. “We’re trying to get all the answers possible and open things up.”

Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

(Photo via St. Joseph and Benton Harbor Shipping News Facebook page)

Montgomery County Set to Take Over Tourism Promotion; plans underway to increase internal efforts


The Montgomery County Legislature is set to vote on a resolution Tuesday designating the county government as the required “tourism promotion agency” for New York State’s “I Love New York” matching grant program, a decision which effectively ends the county’s previous practice of contracting annually with the Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce to promote tourism.

“It will probably pass Tuesday night,” Montgomery County Executive Matt Ossenfort said Saturday. “For Montgomery County, once Fulton County decided to go in that direction, there really wasn’t a decision to be made. I’m not sure the chamber can support this program for Montgomery County [going forward]. So we have to make a decision in October and get these documents [designating a Tourism Promotion Agency] to the state, so we don’t have time to wait.

The Fulton County Board of Supervisors voted earlier this month to establish its own tourism office, reporting to the county planning department, ending its annual contract with the regional chamber for the promotion of tourism.

Mark Kilmer, president of the Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce, said the two counties’ combined tourism contracts provided the chamber with funding that paid about 20% to 25% of its annual operating budget of about $500. $000. The loss of funding is expected to lead to chamber staff layoffs, and Fulton County officials said it’s likely their county will try to hire Anne Boles, the current chamber tourism manager, to serve. new County Tourism Coordinator. .

Ossenfort said he believes Montgomery County will continue to have a strong relationship with the regional chamber, and he is scheduled to meet with chamber officials this week to discuss how his county can continue to partner with the chamber in such a way as to benefit both entities.

“Once we have seen [what Fulton County did] we realized that we were probably going to have to [handle tourism] ourselves, but it was not a problem because we are well placed to do so,” said Ossenfort.

In recent years, Montgomery County has slowly withdrawn its support for the two counties’ regional tourism promotion strategy through the chamber. Before the coronavirus pandemic, Montgomery County provided about $120,000 a year to the chamber — about $50,000 was the ‘I Love New York’ matching grant, but in 2021 when most tourist events were closed or severely reduced, the contribution fell to $74,500. This year it has risen again to $95,000 – still less than the pre-pandemic norm.

In January, Montgomery County formed its own internal tourism promotion committee, which includes members of the Canajoharie Palatine Chamber of Commerce and the St. Johnsville Chamber of Commerce. The county has also assigned new tourism-related duties to its director of communications Morgan McClary and director of business development center programs Vincenzo Nicosia.

On Saturday, McClary and Nicosia helped promote and host the 2nd Annual Blues at Burbine Disc Golf Tournament at the county-owned Thomas H. Burbine Memorial Forest in the city of Charleston.

Ossenfort said the annual disc golf tournament is the first of the county’s signature annual tourism events, part of a strategy to use outdoor recreational activities to attract tourists to the county each season. year.

Ossenfort noticed cars from New Jersey, Vermont, Connecticut and Massachusetts at the tournament on Saturday, suggesting the tourism committee’s strategy appears to be working.

“I think we all agreed at the start of the year that the county wasn’t doing enough,” the county leader said, “and it wasn’t because of the chamber, it was because we felt we needed a more robust tourism program.

“What opened my eyes was when we did some market research and we looked at what other counties were doing for tourism and it was peanuts, what we were doing, so it’s It’s become quite obvious that if we’re going to compete we have to try harder, we have to invest more money, and that’s what we’ve done.

Montgomery County’s preliminary budget for 2023 includes $50,000 from the 2021 US American Rescue Plan Act federal grant, which will be combined with the ‘I Love NY’ tourism matching grant to give McClary and Nicosia a larger budget to buy advertising and pay for other tourism planning and promotion activities.

Nicosia said he believed all tourism promotion funding would be coordinated by the county.

“For example, we won’t have duplicate videos, where the chamber makes videos on topics, and we make our own videos on the same thing,” he said. “It will save money for other projects or promotional efforts. There have also been creative differences, like areas we’d like to see money in, like social [media]digital ad campaigns, rather than paper or radio, not that we’re going to completely reject that. »

McClary said she is working on how to expand county social media advertising.

“I tried to learn about TikTok, Instagram Reels, just trying to use all social media platforms, aiming to engage different ages of people,” she said. “One of Matt [Ossenfort]The big goals for us have been to work on how to get young people to want to stay here, come back, buy a house here, be part of this community, so hopefully we can continue that effort.”

Nicosia said the county’s next flagship tourist event will be “Elves Day Out” on December 3 in the village of Canajoharie. He said the tourism committee was working with the Canajoharie Palatine Chamber of Commerce to take the village’s traditional event and take it to the next level.

To that end, he said the event had been moved from a Friday night to a Saturday night.

“In an effort to engage people from outside the area to attend, thinking that on Fridays after work some people might not be able to attend,” McClary said. “But, something that lasts all day on a Saturday, people can go out with their families

Nicosia credited McClary with coming up with the idea for a Christmas-themed scavenger hunt for Elf Day that will involve people going through clues to find different hidden items in shops in Canajoharie, complete with incentive prizes for people who can complete the treasure hunt.

“Our hope is that if people walk into these businesses and see what we have to offer, they’ll come back, not just for the elf outing, but for a weekend, for lunch. We just want to put Montgomery County on the map,” McClary said.

Ossenfort said the county’s tourism committee is still working on creating a third flagship event, but he thinks it could involve a road race and maybe some sort of 24-hour ultra-marathon race.

On Saturday, Ossenfort said he believes the Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce will still have a role to play in the county’s tourism promotion strategy, though he’s not yet sure what that role will be.

“I think we still want to find ways to partner with the chamber,” he said, “and I will meet them [this week] to find ways to do just that.

More from The Daily Gazette:

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Netflix Releases ‘Cherrapunji ki Diwali’, Netizens Advertising Calls It ‘Cultural Misappropriation’


SHILONG: The recently released Netflix commercial on the occasion of Diwali named – Cherrapunji ki Diwali – drew widespread criticism across Meghalaya.

Netizens, student organizations and other civil society organizations in Meghalaya criticized OTT platform Netflix over advertisement – Cherrapunji ki Diwali.

The Khasi Student Union (KSU) – the student body atop Meghalaya – called the Netflix ad Cherrapunji ki Diwali as “misleading”.

Reacting to the publicity, KSU General Secretary Donald Thabah said, “Absolutely misrepresenting Netflix India. Netflix is ​​universal, I subscribe. As a universal entity, it is very wrong to mislead the universe about my homeland.

“There is no such place called CHERRAPUNJEE in KHASILAND!!! The name is SOHRA!!!” he said in a social media post.

Thabah added, “Does Netflix India follow the colonial era? Diwali is the festival of light, Netflix India should shed the right light on our tribe, customs, beliefs and aspirations. Don’t be fooled by pseudo-Indian elements.

Meanwhile, netizens from India’s northeastern region, particularly Meghalaya, have been furious at the “cultural misappropriation” in the ad.

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Woman mauled by bear while walking her dog: police


(LEAVENWORTH, Wash.) – A woman suffered “severe” injuries Saturday after being charged by a black bear near her home in Washington state, authorities said.

The incident happened before 7 a.m. in Leavenworth, central Washington, while the woman was walking her dog, police said.

“The woman had let her dog out that morning when she was charged by an adult black bear,” the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police said in a statement.

The victim suffered “significant” injuries, according to the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office, who attended the scene and called officers from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife for assistance.

She is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries at a local hospital, authorities said.

Using a Karelian bear dog, officers located and “fatally abducted” an adult black bear near where the incident happened later that morning, police said. Two cubs about 9 months old were also captured and transported to a wildlife rehabilitation center, police said.

“We are extremely grateful that the victim is receiving medical attention following this unfortunate encounter,” Washington Fish and Wildlife Police Capt. Mike Jewell said in a statement. “Public safety is our priority; our officers and staff quickly mobilized to locate the animal and secure the scene.

Please note that we ask the public to avoid the Enchantment Park Way area off Commercial Street in Leavenworth due to a recent bear attack. A female was attacked in the last hour. Fish & Wildlife is called in to help and for more advice. pic.twitter.com/OS0g7Mp8fe

— Sheriff Chelan (@chelansheriff) October 22, 2022

The sheriff’s office had warned residents to avoid the area after the bear attack.

Since 1970, Washington State authorities have recorded 20 human-black bear encounters that resulted in documented injury, including one fatal attack.

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Michigan City Chamber of Commerce Announces Neighborhood Ambassador


The Michigan City Chamber of Commerce (chamber) has announced Cara Jones as Ambassador of the Quarter for the third quarter of 2022.

“You are never too small to make a difference,” Jones said. “That’s a Greta Thunberg quote that I try to live my life on.”

The Neighborhood Ambassador is awarded to an individual who has demonstrated dedication to the mission of the Michigan City Chamber of Commerce by regularly attending chamber events, connecting with members through emails, calls, and meetings in person, and by referring non-members for membership.

As an Ambassador, Jones helps promote the Michigan City Chamber of Commerce’s role in the community by welcoming new members, encouraging current members to maximize their membership, and helping to maintain and increase retention rates. new and existing members by strengthening the room benefits.

“We are pleased to have Cara as our Ambassador,” said Dan Hogan, Chamber Membership Director and Staff Liaison to the Ambassadors Committee. “Cara goes above and beyond to not only make sure our new members feel welcome, but also encourages all members to take full advantage of all the benefits available to them!”

Outside of the House, Jones is an investment banker for Horizon Bank, a position she has held since 2019. Prior to her role as an investment banker, Jones served as a branch manager for the largest office of Skyline in Michigan City. A Michigan City native, Jones is active in the community and serves on the Michigan City Salvation Army Board of Directors. When she’s not working, Cara enjoys the outdoors with her puppies Ben and Petunia. Summer is her favorite season and you can usually find Cara spending time at the beach with her family and friends and enjoying the festivities Michigan City has to offer.

Blue Diamond Resorts celebrates its annual advertisement


CANCUN, Mexico, Oct. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — From October 10-13, Blue Diamond Resorts held its Business Summit 2022 – Going Above and Beyondwhich brought together its executive committee from the Sales, Contracting, Marketing, Revenue Management, Distribution and Groups & Weddings departments in a set of dynamic sessions, intended to honor successes and outline how new challenges will be met.

The event kicked off with Jurgen Stutz, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Distribution for Blue Diamond Resorts, where a recap of the 2021-2022 fiscal year was presented to quickly demonstrate that while working as a team, there is no situation that cannot be properly overcome in order to achieve the desired results: “We have a strong enough brand behind us to continue to position the company as a pioneer in the all-inclusive market. Everything works together, and so we managed to maximize our business,” he said.

For the first time, the Commercial Summit Awards were handed out, when the Eastern Caribbean region was chosen as the company’s second best performing region, while Royalton Antigua, An Autograph Collection All-Inclusive Resort & Casino, was chosen as the second best performing Station region.

Cancun took first place as the Top Performing Region, as well as the Best Field Marketing Team of the Year, while Royalton CHIC Cancun, An Autograph Collection All-Inclusive Resort – Adults Only, was named the the most successful complex of the Blue Diamond Resorts. wallet.

Blue Diamond Resorts reinforces its commitment to its partners and customers by creating business strategies led by its key areas, which aim to continue to provide enhanced vacation experiences.

To learn more about this event and the activities carried out, Click here.

About Blue Diamond Hotels

Blue Diamond Complexes encompasses more than 45 properties, exceeding 18,000 rooms in eight countries located in the most popular Caribbean vacation destinations. Its nine core hotel brands include the award-winning All-In Luxury® Luxury hotels in Royaltonwhere Everyone is Family. Whether guests come as friends, parents, children, couples, weddings, corporate or incentive retreats, or solo travelers, everyone is family at these properties that offer personalized services and branded amenities. , including All-In Connectivity™, DreamBed™ and the Sports Event Guarantee™ . Refocus on valued relationships and friendships, Shelter in Royalton offers an adults-only experience with exclusive dining and preferred accommodations to enhance Unity among their guests. Party your way at Royalton CHIC Resorts, a dynamic and effervescent all-inclusive brand reserved for adults to revel in the unexpected. Mystic of Royalton is Ordinary Miles, offering their visitors to connect with their surroundings in a boutique-style resort collection full of endless beauty and hip vibes. In Jamaica, Grand Lido Negril offers guests over the age of 21 a unique and all-inclusive stay Natural vacation with a secluded shoreline for the utmost privacy. Resort & Spa Souvenirs offers a vacation designed whether you’re planning a family vacation, reunion with friends, or just relaxing with your significant other, while Starfish Resorts offers breathtaking surroundings, rich culture and heritage. Planet Hollywood Hotels & Resorts invites guests to Holiday like a star™ with an engaging and interactive experience, as well as famous pop culture elements from iconic movies, music and sports while Planet Hollywood adult scene will turn your adults-only holiday into a center of fascination and attention with glamor and exclusivity.

To learn more about Blue Diamond Resorts, please visit www.bluediamondresorts.com/

A photo accompanying this ad is available at https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/00cce30d-a063-4339-8f52-d3a3a812a9ba


Leeds Rhinos confirm backroom staff: promotion for Chev Walker and Scott Grix


They replace Jamie Jones-Buchanan, who has taken on a new role outside the rugby department, and Sean Long, following his decision to become team manager for Featherstone Rovers.

Smith said, “I’m very much looking forward to continuing to work with Chev and Scott next season.

“I have known Chev for many years and he is a talented coach who has developed and grown over the last few years. He has brought an exciting generation of youngsters to our academy.

Scott Grix, left, with Rhinos halfback Aidan Sezer. Picture by Leeds Rhinos.

“Scott has shown his commitment to his coaching development this season after coming to the Rhinos in his spare time to work with the Super League side.

“He’s a popular person in our group and I think someone will thrive in a full-time environment with this team.

“The two will work with our performance director Richard Hunwicks and plans for our pre-season schedule are already well advanced.”

Walker, 40, scored 86 tries in 183 appearances for the Rhinos and won the Grand Final in 2004.

Chev Walker, right, with Rhinos player Harry Newman.

He had stints in rugby union and at Hull KR and Bradford Bulls, where he began his coaching career as Smith’s assistant, before returning to Leeds in 2017.

Read more

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Leeds Rhinos scholarship teams announced: Jones-Buchanan brothers team up for n…

He coached the Under-18s to the club’s first Grand Final win since 2007 that year, while taking charge of the Rhinos reserves.

Grix, 38, joined the Rhinos this year on a part-time basis while working as a strength and conditioning coach and assistant manager with the Halifax Panthers under his younger brother Simon.

Rhinos coach Rohan Smith. Photo by Bruce Rollinson.

He made over 400 appearances for Doncaster, Leigh, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Widnes and Halifax and was capped 22 times for Ireland before hanging up his boots a year ago.

The Rhinos are now advertising for an academy head coach to succeed Walker in his previous role.

The full-time position will include some involvement with the first team. The application deadline is October 28.

Beverage Makers Received Recall Over Kombucha False Advertising Case


Anyone who has strolled through the liquor aisle of supermarkets in recent months may be quite impressed by the proliferation of alcoholic and not-so-alcoholic beverages in pretty packaging, with small cans and pastel colors making it hard to immediately discern whether they contain alcohol and, if so, how much. According to data from Nielsen, in 2021, on-the-go sales of alcohol-free and low-alcohol beverages were $3.1 billion, up from $291 million the previous year, with an expected growth of 30% By 2024. market, beverage makers will have to navigate jurisdictional and labeling regulations, which can be tricky, as illustrated by a recently filed misleading advertising case involving allegedly alcoholic kombucha.

On October 6, 2022, Sean Burke and an alleged class of consumers filed a lawsuit against Tribucha, Inc. in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina, alleging that Tribucha Kombucha (“Tribucha”) had been announced misleadingly as non-alcoholic because it contained more than 0.5% alcohol by volume and did not meet labeling requirements for alcoholic beverages.

Plaintiffs allegedly purchased Tribucha from local retailers in their respective states, “in the belief and on the basis that ‘Tribucha was not alcoholic, based on label statements, store location, and other factors. Based on lab tests allegedly showing that Tribucha beverages contained more than 0.5% alcohol by volume, plaintiffs claim violations of state consumer fraud laws, breach of implied warranties and express, fraud, unjust enrichment, and violations of federal and state labeling laws. .

Why is this important?

Regardless of whether the allegations are well-founded or not, the burk illustrates how tricky jurisdictional boundaries and labeling requirements for low-alcohol and alcohol-free products can be, and how important it is for manufacturers to understand compliance before bringing a product to market. Here are some guidelines and resources for navigating this space:

  • Kombucha containing at least 0.5% alcohol by volume at any time is subject to TTB regulations. In contrast, kombucha that is never equal to or greater than 0.5% alcohol by volume is subject to FDA regulations, but not TTB. National and local requirements may also apply.
  • The TTB regulates wine with an alcohol content of 7% or more by volume, malt beverages, sake and spirits. National and local requirements may also apply.
  • The FDA regulates a range of de-alcoholized wines and wines containing less than 7% alcohol by volume as well as certain beers. That’s why many new entrants to the low and alcohol-free category feature Nutrition Facts panels and other familiar food labeling elements, along with alcohol content information and a Surgeon General’s warning. And, of course, national and local rules may also apply.

In addition to tricky regulatory schemes, companies entering this space should note the relatively small margin of error regarding alcohol by volume. The difference between being in compliance with FDA regulations and being subject but not in compliance with TTB regulations can literally be measured in tenths of a percent. And with that…enjoy your weekend!

* * * *

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‘Government in a death spiral’: broadcasters’ remarks on an extraordinary day in British politics | Policy


Absolute abject chaos. A government in its mortal spiral. Total turmoil. Chaos on all fronts.

Extraordinary opening remarks from broadcasters across the country on another extraordinary day in British politics.

After Liz Truss’ latest U-turn on the triple pension lockdown to Prime Minister’s Questions, the resignation of the Home Secretary, confusion over the status of Conservative party whips and allegations of abuse in parliamentary lobbies during a key vote, the BBC and ITV flagship 10pm news programs faced the impossible task of distilling the day’s events into a succinct and punchy curtain-raiser.

With the newsreader bombshell of Chris Morris’s Day Today, ITV’s Tom Bradby opened News at Ten with a killer summary.

It was a night of astonishing scenes in Westminster with reports of jostling, abuse, intimidation and shouting outside parliamentary lobbies in a supposed vote of confidence in the government.

The Deputy Chief Whip reportedly left the scene saying, “I’m absolutely pissed, I don’t care anymore”, before resigning along with the Chief Whip. But we have just been told that they have not officially resigned. The Minister of the Interior, however, is definitely gone.

In short, it’s total abject abject chaos.

On the BBC, Huw Edwards adopted his characteristic somber tone, as if announcing the death of another member of the royal family, but it was the demise of the government that he was relaying to viewers at home.

Tonight at 10 p.m., chaos on all fronts for Liz Truss. The Home Secretary resigns and party discipline breaks down in the Commons.

Suella Braverman is no longer Home Secretary. She admits to having broken the rules on official communications but she also criticizes Liz Truss. In her letter of resignation, she accuses the government of going astray and breaking promises made to voters.

In the Commons tonight, chaos and confusion over a vote on fracking revealed the depth of anger among some Tory MPs.

Its opening was followed by a concise summary of the day in Westminster with a hurtful reward from BBC political editor Chris Mason.

A weak prime minister teetering from crisis to crisis and a big, blunt question tonight: Is this a government in its downward spiral?

After Mason’s report, Edwards asked him, “Is this government working in any meaningful way?”

Mason replied, “No, that’s the short answer. It’s completely dysfunctional and we see it playing out hour by hour.

Later that evening, Victoria Derbyshire opened BBC Two’s Newsnight with the question already answered on the minds of many across the country: is it over for the Prime Minister?

Another day of total turmoil for the government. The interior minister has resigned and other ministers are under surveillance. There was chaos over a vote on fracking. And the Prime Minister was forced to make another promise, this time on pensions. So, is it almost over for Liz Truss?

Spare a thought for Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy, whose highlight on a potentially fateful day in politics was not for a viral controversy but for a viral on-air error in which he was heard off-camera calling Northern Ireland minister and arch-Brexiteer Steve Baker a “cunt”.

Guru-Murthy was forced to “unreservedly” apologize to Baker after insulting him in a “blind moment”.

The broadcaster said the remark followed a “solid interview” with Baker but was “below the standards I set for myself”.

Helping CFOs with the digitalization of B2B commerce


As their role evolves, CFOs can make an impact by embracing digital transformation, says Corcentric President and COO Matt Clark in the latest PYMNTS eBook: “What’s your plan? Payment strategies for a strong end to 2022.”

With the start of the fourth quarter and planning for 2023 underway at businesses across the United States, economic and supply chain challenges continue to make it difficult to know what to expect in the year. coming. As Corcentric looks to the future, we strive to help CFOs and their teams meet their biggest challenges and achieve the results they want.

Factors Inhibiting Forward Movement

In our near-daily conversations with CFOs, the most frequently mentioned barriers are how to improve cash flow, mitigate risk, and improve efficiency, visibility, and predictability of processes and data. finance and accounting. Yet several headwinds are hampering progress.

As CFOs lead strategic financial direction, their role continues to expand to include more non-financial responsibilities, and recent studies show that the number of functional areas under CFOs will continue to grow.

In addition to a shortage of finance professionals, existing workloads are weighed down by manual tasks and processes. The mix of the so-called “big resignation” and an increase in remote work operations has transformed the finance and accounting back office into micro-offices.

Amid the internal challenges is the perfect storm of macroeconomic, market, industry and supply chain volatility. Business partnerships consuming more resources on both the supplier and buyer sides are just one example of the many dynamics that are causing unprecedented uncertainty in businesses of all sizes and in all industries.

Where change can be affected

CFOs may not be able to change many of these factors; however, they can achieve business impact for themselves, their teams, and the entire business by embracing digital transformation.

Organizations are realizing that tackling challenges by stitching together point solutions that target acute pain points with acute solutions doesn’t work. As expectations change, they are moving towards partnering with technology-enabled managed service providers to implement a complete solution.

Through a combination of technology, payments capabilities and services across the entire purchasing, accounts payable, accounts receivable and cash lifecycle, they can optimize inter- and intra-company processes for the way which they buy, pay for and are paid from source to settlement. continuity.

Discover the benefits of digitization

For this reason, 71% of CFOs surveyed say they have increased their use of digital payments since 2020, according to “Digitization of commercial payments», a PYMNTS and Corcentric report. Respondents praised compelling benefits, such as maintaining a healthy balance sheet, improving working capital, improving efficiency, reducing fraud and reducing costs.

CFOs who embrace digitization can create a B2B commerce lifecycle control tower dictating outcomes without silos. It increases control of the cash conversion cycle, opens up access to capital, increases margins, generates revenue and enriches the transaction experience for everyone. In addition, healthier business partnerships and less stress on employees contribute to work-life balance, thereby contributing to talent retention and acquisition.

With so much unpredictability to come, putting this kind of financial control in place can allow companies to generate more predictable and profitable growth.

We are always looking for partnership opportunities with innovators and disruptors.

Learn more


How Automation Simplifies Commercial Property Leasing


On its surface, commercial real estate is just a business. Decide between buying or building a building, then find tenants, sign leases, rinse and start again. But in reality, there is so much more than that. Not only is there an almost endless list of things that can go wrong with a building, renting a building has its own complications. Marketing a space, meeting prospects, closing a deal, negotiating terms, and executing a contract all have their own pitfalls. To make matters worse, the rental process has always been difficult and time-consuming and requires several full-time professionals to get it right. But now landlords and property managers are use technology to find ways to streamline and even automate parts of the rental process. The investment required to develop the ability to automate rental can be quickly amortized with time savings and increased revenue.

In the age of fast transactions, automation is key to seizing opportunities and securing the most advantageous leases. For example, Macerich (owner, operator and developer of commercial and mixed-use properties in the United States) has launched a digital platform that offers tenants the possibility of renting spaces on a short-term basis, doing their research online and even visit spaces virtually. Quikspace, powered by CommercialEdge Marketing and Deal Manager, is a short-term retail solution that leverages automation to streamline the entire rental process and simplifies the transaction cycle by making it as easy as booking of a hotel room.

One thing that complicates the commercial leasing process is the size of the teams needed to accomplish it. Several agents are usually working simultaneously on a transaction and often several brokers are involved. It’s hard to connect these teams when they’re all using different systems. Landlords use lease management software to create continuity, reduce errors and speed up the process. Good software should be easy to use and work on smartphones and tablets, as many brokers use them when visiting and visiting sites.

The Internet has changed the way property is rented forever. In some ways, this made the process so much easier that it allowed agents to market to anyone with an internet connection. But it also complicated things in other ways. As more and more listing sites appeared, agents began to need to log in and navigate multiple portals to list their property. This problem is solved by syndication software that automatically pushes information and marketing materials to all SEO sites simultaneously. These types of automations can save time and ensure that rental teams cast the widest possible net for their listings.

Leasing is a relational process. Building these relationships takes time and constant contact. Reaching and tracking customers is much easier with technology. There are many ways to write, plan and send communications in a way that is both personalized and automated. There is always a limit to the number of customers a salesperson can follow consistently. Tech-savvy leasing agents are using automation to increase that number and stay top of mind more often for more leads.

Brokers are notoriously busy, they only get paid on the deals they close, so they’re not always keen on spending time entering data. For rental software to work best, all wishes, needs and interactions of a customer must be recorded. Software that connects emails, calendars, phone calls and meeting notes can greatly help brokers do more with their time. As most rental teams work on several platforms simultaneously, it is also possible to save a lot of time by using software that synchronizes them all automatically. When communicating with landlords, the software can also help brokers calculate net effective rent by subtracting concessions or rent reductions from lease totals.

We are still at the forefront of technology-driven process automation in leasing. Software and hardware can do much more to simplify the rental process and provide more valuable data to occupants, brokers and owners. Keeping up with the innovation that happens in leasing means investing in technology. A recent JLL report shows that 59% of respondents say they either do not enter/declare real estate data regularly, or only do so intermittently. This number seems likely to change, as 45% of survey respondents aim to accelerate investments in technology to optimize their workplace. Smart software has proven effective in increasing productivity, so it’s no surprise that there’s a rush for this type of technology for rental teams, who often have more leads to pursue than time for them. to research.

Southern Furniture Brings New Ideas to the Table with Latest Promotion


Anna Claire Curtis started at Southern Furniture Inds. in merchandising and marketing.

PONTOTOC, Mississippi—Southern Furniture Inds. promoted Anna Claire Curtis to vice president of merchandising for Fusion Furniture, the company’s maker of fashionable, value-priced stationary upholstery.

Curtis, a six-year veteran of Fusion Furniture, has worked as a merchandising and marketing manager at the company since 2016. She graduated from Mississippi State University in 2015 with a BS in fashion/apparel design.

Jim Anthony, executive vice president and sales and marketing for Southern Furniture Inds., said, “She has been a key part of our organization from the start. His leadership and vision in all areas of merchandising and marketing have been essential to the success of our business.

“I am excited for the future with Anna Claire in the lead as our product line continues to evolve to meet the needs and expectations of our loyal customers,” he added.

Southern Furniture Industries. is a portfolio company of Gainline Capital Partners, based in Stamford, Connecticut.

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Jean Marie Layton is Upholstery Editor at Furniture Today. Passionate about design and furniture, she has worked as a writer/editor in industry and nonprofits, academic administration and furniture retail. She pursued an MA in Design History at Parsons/Cooper-Hewitt and holds a BA in History from Mount Holyoke College and an MA in Liberal Arts from Stanford University. Contact Jean Marie with your story ideas, tips and more at [email protected]

It’s time for county governments to regulate outdoor advertising


Campaign posters in Nairobi CBD during the 2022 general election. [Stafford Ondego, Standard]

According to the Town Planning Act, advertisements include letters, placards and billboards, whether illuminated or not. Writing on the front of a store, writing on a door to attract attention, road signs and election posters are advertisements. County governments have the power to grant permission to display advertisements in the same way that they grant permission to extend and renew leases. However, displaying an advertisement inside a building that is not visible from a street or a public place is not a development.

An ad doesn’t have to be physical. Why? The Constitution defines the earth as including the air. Therefore, a beam of light that produces an image visible in the air is an advertisement and requires authorization. In some countries, advertising technology has evolved from billboards, posters and placards to atmospheric advertisements in the form of visible images. County governments should take this into account and adapt to this new international trend.

Outdoor advertisements should be regulated for a variety of reasons. First, they must be regulated in the interests of public convenience or safety. The Physical and Land Use (Advertising) Regulations 2021 defines amenity as “the attributes of a neighborhood which contribute to the quality of the environment and the best enjoyment thereof for any permitted use and includes the effect visual and auditory convenience in the immediate vicinity. ”

In other words, amenity refers to the appearance of buildings, landscapes and streets. Signage colors should be compatible with the prescribed color palette of surrounding buildings. They must not cause “visual pollution”. A nice neighborhood or flashy building can be “downgraded” by poorly designed advertisements that are out of scale, out of place, or irritatingly dominant. When processing applications to display outdoor advertising, a planning authority takes into account the general characteristics of a locality, the urban layout, the massing of buildings and cultural considerations.

With regard to public safety, advertisements must not be dangerous for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians using a road, nor obscure a traffic sign. Billboards on a road attract the curiosity of motorists and can lead to momentary inattention and possible accidents. A billboard should not have such a distracting effect that road users are endangered even if they take reasonable care of themselves. Research by the Swedish National Institute for Roads and Transport in 2012 found that billboards attract more and longer looks than ordinary traffic lights and can cause accidents.

Second, ads shouldn’t take up too much space, distract other users from the lot, or cause clutter.

Third, they should not conflict with the architectural or historic features of a locality or be unduly dominant, but should be designed as an integral part of buildings or landscapes. They must therefore be compatible with the existing or desired future character of a locality, including compatibility with the scale and proportion of buildings. In other words, ads should match the scale of adjacent buildings, landscapes and street furniture.

Third, under Section 66, county governments regulate advertisements in the interest of public morals. The law provides that the authorization to display an advertisement must be subordinated to the moral character of the advertisement. County governments should therefore protect the sensibilities of children, young people and the elderly by restricting obscene, vulgar or profane advertisements.

Fourth, exterior advertisements should be controlled to avoid clutter which can negatively affect the look and character of an area. Under the Land Use Planning and Planning (Advertising) Regulations 2021, a political candidate must apply for permission to display election advertising and complete a statutory form undertaking to remove and clean up the publicity material after an election. County governments have not enforced this requirement. We hope the new county governments will.

Sixth, county governments should place limits on the content of advertisements to ensure compliance with national and county policies on various issues.

Finally, county governments are an arbiter when eye-catching advertisements that may be financially valuable to some people threaten or distract the public.

In conclusion, exterior advertisements are a development as they are attached and affect the appearance of the pitch. They must be morally acceptable to citizens, achieve a desirable design quality, be compatible with the architectural design of buildings, and be in tune with the character of the streetscape and the size of other signs in a locality.

Roadside junk does not contribute to beauty, but is a scar on the environment and dominates the vision of citizens without their consent. Although outdoor advertising creates a dynamic economy, it positively or negatively affects the convenience or safety of human settlements. Therefore, it is necessary to balance the demands of industry and commerce with the protection of the character and appearance of towns and rural areas, including public morals. It is a constitutional mandate of county governments.

SEN bids farewell to Anthony Hudson after years of dedicated broadcast


Sport Entertainment Network (SEN) would like to thank esteemed broadcaster Anthony Hudson for his contribution following the announcement of his departure from the station for new opportunities.

Hudson, arguably one of the best and most respected broadcasters in Australian sport, has been instrumental in the growth of SEN for nearly two decades.

Of particular note is the dedication he showed early in SEN’s journey, thriving in multiple on-air roles and having a significant behind-the-scenes impact to ensure the station’s initial success.

Whether calling it cricket, the AFL or a variety of other sports, Hudson has been a huge contributor to SEN, as evidenced by the multiple Australian Football Media Association awards he has won. for its outstanding distribution.

SEN chief executive Craig Hutchison said that although disappointed Hudson would no longer be staying with SEN, he wished him well with his next move.

“There are few who have played a bigger role and contributed as much to SEN as Anthony, especially in the early days when his behind-the-scenes work was essential to SEN’s survival.

“Huddo is well-loved by our audience and our team, and is undoubtedly one of the great sports broadcasters of Australian sport, today and in history.

“While we are undoubtedly disappointed to lose Anthony and would have liked him to remain in the SEN family, we respect the challenges associated with his availability due to television commitments. We wish him and his wife Eloïse and her family, an upcoming move that corresponds to this availability. We will miss him.

Hudson’s replacement on Friday Night Football on AFL Nation alongside chief sporting caller Gerard Whateley will be announced in due course.

Supporting daycares will boost trade


This opinion column was submitted by Ann Silver, General Manager of the Reno + Sparks Chamber of Commerce.

In April 2021, as pandemic uncertainties were still rippling through local and global economies, a group of authors writing for the Harvard Business Review delved into the ramifications of childcare needs. among the workforce. Modestino, Ladge, Swarts and Lincoln reviewed the data excerpted from HBR’s national panel survey of 2,500 working parents and found evidence that reinforces childcare as both vital and vulnerable, threatening the financial stability of parents and businesses. At that time, an estimated 20% of parents had to quit work or reduce their working hours just because a child at home needed care, a high percentage long before our labor issues. current work does not begin. And data collected by UNICEFan organization working in more than 190 countries and territories to protect the rights of children, has named the United States one of the five most expensive countries to raise a child, among Switzerland, Cyprus, Slovakia and Australia .

Starting a family is considered an individual or partners decision, so it’s no mystery why employers remove child care when evaluating employee benefits. But supporting parents with childcare costs through benefits correlates with corporate profits, especially in Nevada.

A lack of sufficient childcare solutions is likely to affect the Silver State more than we know. Even before our population boom, the number of affordable child care centers was minimal. Today in Northern Nevada, with a growing population and the adoption of remote technologies making our state even more attractive to those who can relocate, these facilities are even harder to find. Employees continue to give up jobs when there is no child care.

Last June, the Governor’s office launched a one-time $50 million injection to help address child care accessibility and affordability issues. The Nevada Child Care Fund has done several things: opened up eligibility for more families to get financial assistance for this growing expense and funneled much-needed dollars to child care facilities in need of to attract qualified talent and renovate or expand their facilities to meet increased demand. But it also did something more subtle: it reinforced the idea that meeting this need has the ability to positively impact our economic prospects for decades to come.

At the heart of it, my role is to help businesses succeed in our region. Watching employers grapple with the loss of team members who had no choice but to stay home after overcoming COVID-19 is difficult.

Subsidizing child care costs may seem like a completely separate item of employer responsibility, but similarly employers have embraced the benefits of mental health and well-being, greater job satisfaction and workforce productivity, eliminating doubt about whether an employee’s child is in good hands. during working hours is beneficial to the company’s bottom line.

American workers have a powerful voice, a voice that employers would be wise to listen to and consider when evaluating what constitutes valuable compensation for time and talent. Across the county, demand for trusted child care workers and facilities has been squeezed. Northern Nevada workers will respond to companies and organizations that recognize child care as a vital employee benefit and build it into their budgets.

The Reno + Sparks Chamber of Commerce is about to introduce a pre-tax dependent care program for our members’ employees; and whether or not an employer chooses to match dollar-for-dollar or a portion of the employee’s contribution, contributions for dependents will reduce both the employee’s taxable income and the employee’s payroll taxes. employer. The Chamber believes that this program reflects the belief that an investment in child care is an investment in our future workforce, its productivity and capabilities, and for parents and caregivers who want to work and support needs of their families in today’s economy.

For more information about this program, available to members with any number of employees, contact the Reno + Sparks Chamber of Commerce: 775-636-9550 or [email protected].

Ann Silver is the CEO of the Reno + Sparks Chamber of Commerce.

Have your say:How to Submit an Opinion Column or Letter to the Editor

For the record: Commercial building permit


From staff reports

City commercial building permits are listed by owner, tenant or building name.

This weekly update lists new commercial construction, expansions and additions over $50,000. Job descriptions are described where indicated.

The information comes from the initial requests and is subject to change. The dollar amount is the assessment listed by the city of Tulsa.

Cents shown are rounded up or down to the nearest dollar amount.

22-124023 – Nothings Left Brewery Faucet Room, 1507 E. 7th St., alteration, $556,597.

22-129421 — Hair salon to be determined, 6124 S. Sheridan Road, alteration, $77,527.

22-128625—Celink/Eastgate Metroplex, 14002 E. 21st St. unit 300, modification (disappearance of existing suite 300 for new tenant), $3,874,669.

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22-119435 – Elephant Preserve Barn-Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum, 6421 E. 36th St. North, new, (pavilion for elephants and zoo staff), $2,749,313.

22-128545 — no entity listed, 4805 N. Mingo Road, modification (interior fit-up for offices), $537,540.

22-BLDC-127626 — Garage Condos Tulsa, 8720 S. Elwood unit F-9, modification, $104,659.

22-BLDC-127641 — Garage Condos Tulsa, 8720 S. Elwood unit D-8, modification, $104,659.

22-BLDC-127643 — Garage Condos Tulsa, 8720 S. Elwood unit D-5, modification, $104,659.

22-BLDC-127642 — Garage Condos Tulsa, 8720 S. Elwood unit E-16, modification, $104,659.

22-BLDC-127630 — Garage Condos Tulsa, 8720 S. Elwood unit E-8, modification (interior finish excluding storage space with mezzanine for personal use), $503,936.

22-127256 — Birdie berries, 11121 E. 71st St., modification (finishing existing space for new golf simulator), $867,398.

SEC fines Kim Kardashian for promoting cryptocurrency – The Ticker


The Securities and Exchange Commission has fined media personality Kim Kardashian for not fully disclosing that she was paid to promote a cryptocurrency asset.

Kim Kardashian has paid $1.26 million in fines after failing to disclose a payment she received for promoting cryptocurrency asset EthereumMax in June 2021.


She also included “#ad” in another post that month to promote EthereumMax, according to CNN.

Along with being fined, she was barred from promoting cryptocurrency assets for the next three years. She will also be cooperating with an ongoing SEC investigation.

Kardashian, who is known for starring in reality TV shows featuring her family, received $250,000 to promote EthereumMax. She was ordered to repay $260,000, which included the payment she received with interest, and $1 million for the penalty.

Kardashian’s net worth is estimated at $1.8 billion. Compared to his personal assets, the total fine of $1.26 million could barely affect him financially.

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler has warned other potential investors that celebrity interest doesn’t always align with theirs.

“This case is a reminder that when celebrities or influencers endorse investment opportunities, including crypto asset securities, it doesn’t mean those investment products are suitable for all investors,” Gensler said in a statement. Press release.

Michael Rhodes, a lawyer who represents the media personality, said she was glad to have resolved the issue. Kardashian has yet to publicly say anything about the news itself, neither admitting nor denying the regulator’s findings.

“Kardashian has cooperated fully with the SEC from the outset and remains willing to do whatever it can to assist the SEC in this matter,” Rhodes said, as reported by CNBC. “She wanted to put this matter behind her to avoid a protracted dispute. The deal she made with the SEC allows her to do just that so she can move forward with her many different business pursuits.

This fine against a high-profile celebrity like Kardashian sends a loud and clear message from the SEC to similar figures that the federal agency will not tolerate celebrity cryptocurrency endorsements without their income being attached. The SEC is leading this effort to ensure that investors are not misled.

This cryptocurrency endorsement to its 250 million Instagram followers has artificially inflated the value of the asset.

Its promotion of EthereumMax caused losses to investors. The token is estimated to have declined by 98% since June 13, 2021.

To protect the public interest, Congress passed a series of bills in the 1930s, beginning with the Securities Act of 1933. In an interview with CNBC, Gensler discussed the signed law, which states that if anyone a promotes safety to the public, that person must disclose that they are paid.

While the laws predate cryptocurrencies, the SEC applies the law to cryptocurrency securities.

Kardashian wasn’t the only public figure to be warned against this type of cryptocurrency promotion. The SEC warned celebrities who sought to endorse cryptocurrency for cash in 2017. It made it clear to such individuals that they should disclose their income.

Other incidents similar to Kardashian’s case include record producer Khaled Mohammed Khaled, who goes by the name “DJ Khaled,” and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Khaled was fined $150,000 in 2018 for not disclosing the $50,000 he received for endorsing cryptocurrency issuer Centra Tech Inc. Mayweather was also ordered to pay $600 $000 for not disclosing the $300,000 he was paid by three issuers.

Due to heightened recession fears, geopolitical unrest, and rising interest rates causing wild swings in the cryptocurrency market, regulation of the digital asset market has been at the top of the SEC’s agenda. The SEC will continue to punish individuals who interfere with it.

“We encourage investors to consider the potential risks and opportunities of an investment in light of their own financial objectives,” Gensler said in

Ad industry sees worst job losses in 19 months


The news: Advertising and related industries lost 8,700 jobs in September, a sharp reversal after summer growth and the biggest loss for the category since January 2021, when about 6,000 jobs were cut, according to monthly figures from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

One goes up, the other goes down: Total employment rose by 263,000 last month, making the heavy losses in advertising particularly notable.

  • The last time advertising jobs fell as overall jobs picked up was in May, when jobs have fallen by 2,400. Those losses rebounded through the summer, and additions hit an all-time high in August.
  • The September losses followed a summer of relentless ad revenue declines, agency layoffs and marketing team cuts in industries closely tied to advertising. Discovery of Warner Bros., LinkedInand some automakers have all streamlined their marketing teams in recent months.
  • Geicothe decision to lay off most of its marketing staff Last week and putting his media account under scrutiny is a sign that more layoffs from other insurers and stalwarts of advertising spending could be on the horizon.

The economy puts pressure on advertising: Rapidly rising inflation was a hot topic throughout the year, and although consumer spending remained relatively stable despite thisindustries waited nervously for the other shoe to drop.

  • The Fed’s response to runaway inflation has been to raise interest rates, which in turn has dampened business spending and eased the historically tight labor market. The second half of the year was ripe with announcements of layoffs and hiring freeze in Big Tech companies and other industries Therefore.
  • All of this means less money to spend on advertising, and the effectiveness of what’s left is in question, as consumers may not be willing to spend enough to recoup companies’ advertising investments.

It’s not all the economy’s fault: A faltering economy does not change the fact that advertising goes through several crises on its own initiative.

  • Firstly there is privacy. The federal government has set one’s sights about the advertising industry’s data collection practices, sue ad agencies for actions that many consider common practice. These actions were particular examination after the dismissal of Roe vs. Wadewhen ad data was used by law enforcement to charge women seeking abortion care.
  • Applesound removal Identifier for advertisers and the implementation of opt-in ad trackingas good as imminent deletion of third-party cookies on Google Chrome (the most popular web browser) have also thrown digital advertising into chaos. Companies like Meta who tried to circumvent these changes landed in legal hot water.

Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker clash in US Senate debate


Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock and his Republican opponent Herschel Walker squared off in a contentious debate in Savannah on Friday, the first and likely only televised debate between the two in this pivotal race.

During the hour-long meeting, Warnock widely touted bipartisan achievements and accused his opponent of telling lies about his campaign.

“Time and time again tonight we have already seen that my opponent has a problem with the truth,” Warnock said. “Just because he said something doesn’t make it true.”

For his part, Walker hammered Warnock for backing Democratic policies and President Joe Biden, while blaming them for both inflation and economic hardship.

“He went to Washington to represent Joe Biden,” Walker said of Warnock. “That’s why we’re in the mess we’re in today because he represents Joe Biden and not the truth for Georgia.”

The debate comes at a crucial time for both campaigns, less than 72 hours before Georgia’s three-week in-person early voting period begins on Monday, and as polls show one of the strongest Senate races disputed in the country.

Libertarian Chase Oliver, who will be on the ballot, was not invited to participate in this debate organized by Nexstar Media, but Oliver will be on stage with Warnock in a debate sponsored by the Atlanta Press Club on Sunday – and an empty lectern representing Walker if he refuses to appear.

If no candidate wins more than 50% of the vote in November, that race – and control of the chamber – could be decided in a runoff on December 6.

Viral fireworks or catchy one-liners were largely absent from the debate, as moderators largely prevented contestants from talking to each other or engaging in back-and-forth in their responses.

The debate momentarily halted at one point when Walker pulled out a law enforcement badge to claim that he previously worked in law enforcement, which the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported is not true.

“One thing I didn’t do: I never pretended to be a policeman,” Warnock said just before. “And I never threatened a shootout with the police.”

Walker on the offensive

Walker was the underdog heading into the debate of the night, lagging in fundraising, polls and facing another round of negative headlines after The daily beast reported that the diehard anti-abortion contestant allegedly paid an ex-girlfriend for an abortion in 2009, unsuccessfully tried to give her a second one, and threatened to kill his ex-wife and son. son.

Walker denies the claims, which have not been independently verified by Georgia Public Broadcasting, and was not pressed for further details after giving a brief denial.

“I said it was a lie and I’m not backing down,” he said.

Walker also backtracked on his previous support for a total federal abortion ban with no exceptions for rape, incest or maternal health, now saying he supports Georgia law that essentially bans most abortions after six weeks pregnant, before many know they are pregnant.

Even before Walker entered the race, concerns about his personal history and his temper under the harsh gaze of a battleground Senate campaign dominated discussions of his potential candidacy.

On and off the track, the former college football player has espoused many lies related to his personal and professional accomplishments, such as falsely claiming he graduated from the University of Georgia, served as an FBI agent or founded the largest minority-owned chicken company in the United States.

His attacks on Warnock and Democrats over the country’s economy and other policies have been overshadowed by absurd statements like claiming that China’s “bad air” is floating around to pollute America’s “good air” and that Climate laws weren’t needed because we have “enough trees.”

Walker told the debate audience that he would support former President Donald Trump if he ran for president again in 2024, and pivoted to attack Warnock and Biden for the way the country pulled its troops out. Afghanistan.

“He’s my friend, and I won’t leave my allies, that’s what Senator Warnock and Joe Biden did in Afghanistan,” he said. “They left their allies. And right now, on a foreign stage, a lot of those people don’t trust us anymore.

Warnock remains towards the political center

Midterm elections typically see the ruling party fare poorly, and Republicans have used rising inflation and economic woes to paint Democrats like Warnock as responsible for a flagging economy.

Warnock, who was elected in a 2021 special election to fill the final two years of former Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson’s term, has sought to tout Democrats’ accomplishments while distancing himself from less popular politicians.

“There’s no doubt that people are feeling pain at the grocery store, at the drugstore counters,” Warnock said during tonight’s debate after being asked about inflation. “And while we are paying record prices, many of our business players are making record profits in the oil and gas industry and the pharmaceutical industry, which is why I have repeatedly stood up for ordinary, hard-working Georgian families. “

Warnock, who is the pastor of the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, has largely avoided commenting on Walker’s myriad controversies and missteps, choosing instead to largely focus his campaign announcements and speeches on bipartisan initiatives and legislative victories, such as capping the cost of insulin for Medicare beneficiaries. .

“We passed the Inflation Reduction Act, which contained two of my provisions,” he said. “One caps the cost of prescription drugs for seniors so they don’t have to choose between buying drugs and groceries, and one caps the cost of insulin.”

Warnock was pressed heavily by moderators if he would support Biden for re-election in 2024, and he declined to answer the question.

“I haven’t spent a minute thinking about which politician should run for what in 2024,” he said.

Overall, the debate moderators avoided a longer debate on topics and follow-ups on some of Georgia’s top issues, instead asking Warnock and Walker as many questions about the Braves’ team name. Atlanta and the “Tomahawk Chop” chant that topics like a federal minimum wage. .

A high-stakes debate

The race to become Georgia’s next senator has implications far beyond who will represent the state for the next six years in Washington. Once again, elections in Georgia could decide which party controls the chamber in the final two years of President Joe Biden’s first term.

Top Republicans have rallied to Walker’s defense in recent days, arguing that his reliable vote for conservative policy initiatives should be a higher priority for voters than issues as a candidate.

“They know Herschel Walker Herschel Walker is going to help build a Republican majority in the United States Senate,” Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton said at a rally in Carrollton on Tuesday. “And they know Herschel Walker will be a leader in the Senate, just as he was a leader in sports and business for the state of Georgia.”

A recent poll showed that between 5 and 10 percent of likely Republican voters say they would vote for someone other than Walker, as independent voters also favor Warnock.

In addition to retaining the Senate seat and majority, Democrats are hoping Warnock’s eventual victory could benefit other close races.

Stacey Abrams is seeking to become the nation’s first black female governor in a rematch against incumbent Governor Brian Kemp by aiming to expand the electorate outside of the typical party base and increase black voter turnout, and a strong performance de Warnock at the top of the ticket could help him win. In Georgia’s only competitive U.S. race, Rep. Sanford Bishop faces a serious challenge from Republican Chris West to represent the southwestern corner of the state.

Early voting begins Monday.

TJX Companies (TJX) Earn on Store and E-Commerce Growth – October 14, 2022


The companies TJX, Inc. (TJX Free Report) has benefited from its efforts to grow its store and e-commerce operations. The company’s marketing strategy and loyalty programs are also working well. TJX companies have been experiencing pre-tax profit margin growth for some time. Management raised its pretax profit margin forecast for fiscal 2023 in its latest earnings call.

However, it lowered its adjusted earnings per share (EPS) forecast for the year. For fiscal 2023, management expects Adjusted EPS in the range of $3.05-3.13, lower than the previous guidance range of $3.13-3.20. We note that The TJX Companies has been struggling with high cost headwinds, which are expected to persist.

Let’s take a closer look at all aspects.


TJX Companies benefited from its strong store and e-commerce growth efforts. In the second quarter of fiscal 2023, the company increased its store count by 21 to 4,736 stores. It increased square footage by 0.5% quarter over quarter during this period.

Earlier, management pointed out that it expects to incur capital expenditures in the range of $1.7 billion to $1.9 billion in fiscal 2023. These expenditures will be for new store openings. , renovation, relocation and investments in distribution, network and infrastructure. TJX companies are optimistic about growing their global store base by at least 1,500 additional stores in current locations.

Image source: Zacks Investment Research

TJX companies have seen strong demand for an in-person shopping experience over the past few years. Additionally, with an increasing number of consumers resorting to online shopping, The TJX Companies has undertaken several initiatives to drive online sales and strengthen its e-commerce business.

We believe The TJX Companies’ off-price model, along with its strategic store locations, impressive fashion brands and products, and effective supply chain management are likely to help its performance.

Aggressive marketing and advertising campaigns by TJX companies across multiple mediums contributed to the growth. Management is refining marketing messages at the point of sale to emphasize leadership in consumer value.

Additionally, the company strategically targets pockets of opportunity in specific geographies to drive messaging. The low-cost retailer is on track to attract new shoppers of all ages, including many Gen Z and millennial shoppers, to fuel growth.

TJX Companies’ second-quarter fiscal 2023 pretax profit margin was 9.2%, up from 8.7% in the prior year quarter. Commodity margin benefited from strong brand and price initiative, but was impacted by increasing freight pressure.

The company now expects a pre-tax profit margin of 9.3-9.5% for fiscal 2023 and an adjusted pre-tax profit margin of 9.7-9.9%. Previously, management expected a pre-tax profit margin in the range of 9.2-9.4% and an adjusted pre-tax profit margin in the range of 9.6-9.8%.


The TJX companies’ commodity margin was impacted by additional freight pressure in the second quarter of fiscal 2023. The company also incurred additional labor costs, which weighed on the pretax profit margin. TJX companies recorded additional labor costs of 80 basis points (bps).

Gross profit margin was 27.6% in the second quarter, down 1.8 percentage points. For fiscal 2023, management expects 140 basis points of additional transportation spending and 70 basis points higher payroll costs. For the third quarter, management expects 100 basis points of additional freight costs and higher labor costs of nearly 80 basis points.

However, we believe the advantages mentioned above keep this Zacks #3 (Hold) ranking company well positioned for growth. Shares of TJX companies are up 7.6% over the past three months, compared to a 4.1% decline in the industry.

Strong retail bets

Some higher ranked retail stocks include tractor supply (TSCO free report), Kroger (KR free report) and Dick’s Sporting Goods, Inc. (SDKs free report).

Tractor Supply, which operates as a rural lifestyle retailer, carries a Zacks rank #2 (purchase). Tractor Supply has a four-quarter earnings surprise of 10.2% on average. TSCO forecasts an EPS growth rate of 10.2% over three to five years. You can see the full list of today’s Zacks #1 Rank (Strong Buy) stocks here.

Zacks’ consensus estimate for Tractor Supply’s current-year sales suggests growth of 10.7% over the prior year’s figure.

Kroger, a renowned grocery retailer, currently carries a Zacks Rank #2. KR has an expected EPS growth rate of 11.7% over three to five years.

Zacks’ consensus estimate for Kroger’s current-year revenue and EPS suggests growth of 7.8% and 10.3%, respectively, from the figure reported a year ago. KR has a four-quarter earnings surprise of 15.7% on average.

DICK’S Sporting, which operates as a sporting goods retailer, carries a Zacks Rank #2. The company has an earnings surprise for the last four quarters of almost 21.4% on average.

The Zacks consensus estimate for DICK’S Sporting current-year EPS rose from $10.77 to $11.42 in the last 30 days. DKS expects an EPS growth rate of 5% over three to five years.

FMCSA leaving personal transportation service hours as is


Friday, October 14, 2022 Trucking News and Briefs:

FMCSA denies request to limit drivers’ use of personal vehicles

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration last month denied a petition from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance that asked the agency to add a maximum distance and/or time a driver can use personal transportation.

The denial has not yet been published in the Federal Register, but it appears on the Online petitions page.

In a statement to CCJthe FMCSA said it rejected the petition “because the agency continues to believe that there is insufficient data to support initiating regulation” regarding personal transportation limits.

The CVSA first asked the FMCSA for a definition of personal transportation in December 2018, and the FMCSA denied that request in September 2020. The FMCSA had previously published guidelines in June 2018 provide regulatory guidance regarding personal transportation that, according to the FMCSA, “is an appropriate alternative to rulemaking.”

The FMCSA guidelines state that drivers may use personal transportation “only when the driver is released from his job and from any responsibility for the performance of the work by the motor carrier”, adding that the PC can be used even if the truck is loaded, “since the load is not being transported for the business benefit of the carrier at that time.” Common PC uses, described in FMCSA guidelines, include time spent driving l accommodation at a restaurant or entertainment; time spent traveling to a nearby, reasonable and safe place to rest after loading or unloading; and more.

In his petition of March 29, 2022CVSA said under current FMCSA management, “a driver could, in theory, travel hundreds of miles in several hours, all under the designation of personal transportation.”

Since electronic logging devices were mandated, CVSA executive director Collin Mooney said, there has been an increase in the number of fake log violations — they accounted for 42.6% of all off-duty driver violations. in the United States and Canada during this year. International road control. Mooney added that CVSA’s analysis of this data showed that many of these false log violations are misuse of personal transportation.

“We clearly see that the data is trending up,” he said. “That’s not to say it’s new, it’s just because ELDs have made it easier for us to identify tampering issues, whether it’s personal transportation or otherwise.”

Because the FMCSA said it believed there was not enough data to support new regulations to place limits on personal transportation, Mooney put CVSA on a path to continue “monitoring and collecting additional data, as we don’t believe this issue will go away any time soon,” he said. “If the FMCSA is concerned that it does not have enough data, we will be in data collection and analysis mode to provide them with the information they deem necessary to implement a rule.”

Mooney said the biggest problem CVSA sees with the current PC guidelines is that they’re subjective. “It’s not definable or measurable, like distance or time period,” he said. As with any regulation, Mooney added, “for it to be effectively enforced, it must be measurable.”

As for the actual limit that CVSA would like to see, its March petition pointed to Canada’s Personal Transportation Regulations, which allow drivers to use a vehicle for personal transportation for up to 75 kilometers per day. (about 46 miles), empty.

CarriersEdge Introduces New Library of Training Resources

CarriersEdge recently introduced a new library of resources to the CarriersEdge platform, designed to help drivers apply the information covered in CarriersEdge online training courses in the real world.

The new resource library, called Putting It Into Practice (PiiPs), provides fleets with a list of topic-specific follow-up activity ideas that company administrators can use to help drivers better understand or retain concepts covered in driver training courses. PiiPs give administrators suggestions on how to use driver incentives, surveys, social media, classroom activities, hands-on exercises, driver communication strategies and more to better support training programs and driver safety.

According to Jane Jazrawy, CEO of CarriersEdge, the information CarriersEdge collects through the Best Fleets to Drive For program inspired the decision to add PiiPs to its online training platform. Best Fleets to Drive For, created by CarriersEdge in 2008 and produced in partnership with the Truckload Carriers Association, is an annual program dedicated to identifying the best places to work in the North American trucking industry.

“Through our evaluations of fleets nominated for the Best Fleets to Drive For program, we have found that the most successful companies have comprehensive driver training programs, and most use a combination of training follow-up activities to support drivers in their education,” Jazrawy said. “A lot of the ideas we’ve added to the PiiPs have been influenced by the activities that the best fleets are successful with. We expect this new library of training tracking activities to be a great resource for fleets to support driver training and fleet safety. »

PiiPs are currently available for several popular CarriersEdge courses, including distracted driving, defensive driving, injury prevention, vehicle inspection, weights and dimensions, and more. CarriersEdge will continue to add PiiPs for other courses in the library and in languages ​​such as French and Spanish.

The new PiiPs feature is now available to customers at no additional cost, as part of the CarriersEdge subscription service. CarriersEdge offers over 100 online driver training courses accessible in its monthly subscription package, with new and updated titles added regularly. The courses are offered in the form of a complete orientation, short refresher and remedial titles, and in the form of autonomous knowledge tests.

Ryder Names Winners of Carrier Quality Awards

Ryder System this week announced its top carrier selections for the 25th Annual Ryder Carrier Quality Awards, which recognize carriers based in the United States and Canada for service quality and operational excellence based on a variety of metrics, including punctuality, customer service, economic value, complaints handling and commitment to innovation.

“Technology and innovation have never been more important in the transportation and logistics industry,” said Dave Belter, vice president and general manager of transportation management at Ryder. “In fact, they have become essential drivers of performance, value and service. “

Ryder operates a network of thousands of carriers to help move more than $7 billion in freight purchased and/or fulfilled on behalf of its customers each year. The recipients of this year’s Ryder Carrier Quality Awards are:

  • Most Innovative Carrier of the Year — Cowan Systems (CCJ Top 250, No. 55)
  • National Dry Van Carrier of the Year – Mesilla Valley Transportation (#68)
  • Regional Dry Truck Carrier of the Year — Entreprises Erives
  • Intermodal Carrier of the Year — JB Hunt Transport (No. 3)
  • Refrigerated Carrier of the Year — Prime, Inc. (#16)
  • Flatbed Carrier of the Year – Melton Truck Lines (No. 84)
  • National LTL Carrier of the Year — Estes Express Lines (#11)
  • Regional LTL Carrier of the Year — Dayton Freight Lines (#51)
  • Oil and Gas Carrier of the Year — Press Energy Services LLC
  • Canadian Truckload Carrier of the Year — Charger Logistics (No. 191)
  • Canadian LTL Carrier of the Year — Consolidated Fastfrate
  • Freight Forwarder of the Year — Masterpiece International
  • Shipping Carrier of the Year — Pilot Freight Services

“Cowan Systems is proud to be recognized as Ryder’s Most Innovative Carrier of the Year,” said Chris Hichew, Director of IT Business Solutions for Cowan. “Driven by our entrepreneurial spirit, we continue to make substantial investments in our in-house technical teams and capabilities in support of our company’s vision to be the carrier of choice for our customers and drivers. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Ryder as we work together to further embrace technology and innovation in an effort to deliver the quality of service and value that our joint customers expect.”

Netflix’s ‘Sunderland Til I Die’ Gets Two-Episode Conclusion Covering Club Promotion


In joyful news for football fans, Netflix Sunderland till i die The docuseries is getting two additional episodes (it’s technically a third season, but let’s be honest here – two episodes don’t make a season) covering the end of the 2021-22 season, which ended with a promotion to the Championship.

Per ITV, no premiere date has been announced.

Here is a statement from Leo Pearlman, the founding partner of production company Fulwell 73.

Founding partner of Fulwell 73, Leo Pearlman said: “This time we are just focusing on winning the play-offs from last season.

“There will be two episodes looking at the incredible season finale with the play-off semi-finals and the play-off win over Wycombe at Wembley.

“We finish Sunderland Till I Die on a high.”

If you have never seen Sunderland till i die, you are missing something. The series is one of the best behind-the-scenes documentaries we’ve ever seen, running a gamut of emotions from joy and insane optimism to utter despair and everything in between.

There are also plenty of unintentionally hilarious moments, like that exchange from season two.

Either way, we’re thrilled to have him back, even if it’s just for a couple of episodes.


iMedia Digital Services Partners with Taboola in Multi-Year Advertising and Content Recommendation Partnership; The most recent agreement to cross the 10-year milestone for companies together


iMedia Brands, Inc.

MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — iMedia Brands, Inc. (“iMedia”) (NASDAQ: IMBI, IMBIL) announced that its advertising arm, iMedia Digital Services (iMDS), has entered into an advertising and content recommendation partnership with taboula (NASDAQ: TBLA), effective October 1, 2022. This is Taboola’s seventh year providing advertising products to iMDS to help drive user engagement and conversion for iMDS advertisers as well as new commerce solutions. Connexity electronics. This new six-year agreement consolidates a ten-year partnership between iMedia and Taboola.

Under the agreement, iMDS will continue to adopt Taboola’s extensive product portfolio, including Taboola Feed, a seamlessly integrated feed that provides readers with personalized content, including video, for a more engaging experience. . iMDS is a long-time user of Taboola Newsroom, an offering that provides unique editorial insights that explain how to create more engaging content and discover new areas of coverage that build readership.

iMDS customers include telecommunications portals, such as Centurylink and Armstrong, as well as owned-and-operated entertainment brands like ShopHQ, ShopBulldog TV, ShopHQ Health and 1-2-3.tv, reaching more than 200 million monthly US users.

“Taboola continues to be an important digital content and advertising partner for us,” said Matt Leardini, President of iMDS, “We appreciate Taboola’s ongoing efforts to improve its platform and stay innovative, most recently with enhancements to its e-commerce capabilities, helping us engage users more, create new e-commerce revenue channels and capitalize on continued innovation in digital advertising.

“iMDS continues to show why they are a leader at the intersection of entertainment, commerce and advertising,” said Adam Singolda, CEO of Taboola. “We have a long and productive history together, where we partnered closely for mutual growth around testing, learning and implementing solutions for their audiences. iMDS takes a truly holistic approach to growth using Taboola products, recommendations, personalization, e-commerce and insights, and we look forward to scaling the decade together.

About iMedia Brands, Inc.

iMedia Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ: IMBI, IMBIL) is a global media company capitalizing on the convergence of entertainment, e-commerce and advertising. The Company owns and operates four television networks, which are ShopHQ, ShopBulldogTV, ShopHQHealth and 123tv. ShopHQ, the company’s flagship television network with a thirty-year history, is distributed nationwide in the United States to more than 90 million homes through its cable, satellite and broadcast affiliate agreements. , and reaches viewers through its social platforms and OTT Ap on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Samsung smart TVs.

iMedia’s common stock trades on the NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol IMBI. iMedia’s 8.5% bonds are also publicly traded on the NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol IMBIL and pay holders interest quarterly at 8.5% in arrears on March 31, June 30, September 30 and September 31. december.

About iMDS

iMDS (iMDS.tv) is the advertising arm of iMedia Brands, Inc. for its four television networks, specializing in engaging shoppers across multi-screen formats, including the TV, online, mobile social and OTT. iMDS’ flagship product is its Retail Media Exchange™, a leading proprietary advertising auction platform that simultaneously interacts in real time with advertisers, digital publishers, supply-side platforms and demand side to optimize advertising opportunities with consumers.

About Taboola

Taboola (NASDAQ: TBLA) powers recommendations for the open web, helping people discover things they might like. The company’s AI-powered platform is used by digital properties, including websites, mobile devices and apps, to drive monetization and user engagement. Taboola has long-term partnerships with some of the world’s top digital properties including CNBC, BBC, NBC News, Business Insider, The Independent and El Mundo. Over 15,000 advertisers use Taboola to reach over 500 million daily active users in a brand-safe environment. Following the acquisition of Connexity in 2021, Taboola is a leader in powering e-commerce recommendations, generating over 1 million monthly transactions each month. Major brands including Walmart, Macy’s, Wayfair, Skechers and eBay are among the top customers.

Ken Cooper
[email protected]
(952) 943-6119

[email protected]
(952) 943-6125

Caution Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

This document may contain certain “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the safe harbor provisions of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. All statements contained herein that are not statements of historical fact, including statements regarding future revenues and adjusted EBITDA are forward-looking. The Company often uses words such as anticipate, believe, estimate, expect, seek, predict, should, plan, will, or the negative form of such terms and similar expressions to identify forward-looking statements, although all statements prospective do not contain these words. These statements are based on management’s current expectations and, therefore, are subject to uncertainty and changes in circumstances. Actual results may differ materially from the expectations contained herein due to a variety of important factors, including (but not limited to): variability in consumer preferences, shopping behaviors, expenditures and levels of indebtedness; the general economic and credit environment, including COVID-19; interest rate; seasonal variations in consumer purchasing activity; the ability to achieve the most effective product category combinations to maximize sales and margin targets; competitive pressures on sales and sales promotions; prices and gross margins of sales; the level of cable and satellite distribution of the Company’s programming and associated fees or estimated cost savings resulting from contract renegotiations; the Company’s ability to establish and maintain acceptable terms of trade with third-party vendors and other third parties with whom the Company has contractual relationships, and to successfully manage key vendor relationships and shipments and develop key partnerships and proprietary and exclusive brands; the ability to successfully manage the Company’s operating expenses and working capital levels; the ability to remain compliant with the covenants of the Company’s credit facilities; customer acceptance of the Company’s brand strategy and its repositioning as a video commerce company; the ability to respond to changes in consumer buying habits and preferences, as well as changes in technology and consumer listening habits; changes to the Company’s management and information systems infrastructure; challenges to the security of Company data and information; changes in governmental or regulatory requirements; including, without limitation, Federal Communications Commission and Federal Trade Commission regulations, and adverse results of regulatory proceedings; litigation or governmental proceedings affecting the operations of the Company; significant events (including disasters, weather events, or events with significant television coverage) that either cause television coverage to be interrupted or distract viewers from its programming; disruptions in the Company’s distribution of its broadcast network to customers; the Company’s ability to protect its intellectual property rights; the Company’s ability to recruit and retain executives and key employees; the Company’s ability to attract new customers and retain existing customers; changes in shipping charges; expenses related to the actions of activist or hostile shareholders; the Company’s ability to offer new or innovative products and customer acceptance thereof; changes in customers’ television viewing habits; logistics costs, including the cost of fuel and transportation; and risks described from time to time in the Company’s reports filed with the SEC, including, but not limited to, the Company’s most recent annual report on Form 10-K, quarterly reports on Form 10- Q and current reports on Form 8-K. Investors are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date of this announcement. The Company is under no obligation (and expressly disclaims any such obligation) to update or change its forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

Barry Switzer “drew me into broadcasting”


Legendary Oklahoma running back and Super Bowl champion Spencer Tillman has enjoyed his run in the broadcast booth since his football days ended.

Broadcasting was something Tillman was addicted to from an early age, and he said it was his former Oklahoma coach, Barry Switzer, who got him interested.

“Barry Switzer actually lured me into the broadcast business,” Tillman told the sports broadcast log. “I was hooked early on. He introduced me to an industry icon and stalwart in those areas: Lee Allen Smith. Lee Allen was the president of KTVY, NBC-TV in Oklahoma City. Karim Karim ran PM magazine the. I walked around the whole operation and immediately fell in love with the information gathering process. »

Tillman added that Al Aeschbach also helped him gain a foothold in the radio business.

“He actually allowed me to host his show the summers when he went to Europe,” he said. “I was only 18-19 years old. He’s an Oklahoma Hall of Fame broadcaster! I owe him a lot.”

Once Tillman was bitten by the broadcast bug, nothing could stop him from honing his craft.

“I was made fun of for taking a recorder everywhere I went in college and as a professional,” he said. “I had an insatiable appetite for words. I loved my English teachers.

Now, Tillman enjoys working alongside friend and colleague Tim Brando calling college football games for FOX Sports. It’s the experience they both have in the business that helps them achieve what they want to achieve every time they get behind a microphone.

“We are committed to being the best we can be,” he said. “Tim is a pro.”

TikTok is building an e-commerce supply chain


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TikTok wants more than your eternal, unfettered (and ever-shorter) attention. Now he wants your wallet too.

The ByteDance subsidiary is in the process of setting up a full-service e-commerce operation in the United States dubbed “TikTiok Shop”, according to a slew of job postings on LinkedIn. first spotted by Axios. It’s just another 34-second dance step in TikTok’s continued takeover of planet Earth.

Everybody Hates Tik

TikTok has brought Silicon Valley to its knees in about as long as it takes to watch Baby Shark Dance. Meta has long struggled to replicate the app’s appeal on Instagram and Facebook. Americans spent more time in 2021 watching short videos on TikTok that videos of any length on YouTube. And, worst of all for parent company Alphabet, Gen Z users are turning to TikTokand not Google, as a search engine and card service of choice. TikTok’s sudden dominance is so complete that it had representatives from nearly every Big Tech player speaking in apocalyptic tones at Vox Media’s Code conference at the end of the summer.

Amazon, comfortably outside of the social media attention economy, could soon be TikTok’s latest victim as the Chinese app moves towards e-commerce dominance:

  • The company aims to create an “international e-commerce fulfillment system,” including warehousing, transportation and shipping, as well as cross-border customs clearance, according to LinkedIn listings. “With millions of loyal users worldwide, we believe TikTok is an ideal platform to deliver a whole new and better e-commerce experience to our users,” one listing read.
  • TikTok already operates a popular QVC-like live shopping feature in Asia. And, after punctual efforts, the FinancialTimes reported earlier this month that the platform should finally launch in North America ahead of the holiday shopping season, with much of the technical support outsourced to Los Angeles-based TalkShopLive.

Everything, everywhere, all in one: By integrating e-commerce into its platform, TikTok could move closer to “every app” status – a Silicon Valley buzzword often associated with China’s popular WeChat app, which offers users everything from games to news and carpooling services. A week ago, Elon Musk tweeted that the acquisition of Twitter could be a first step in creating its own all-in-one application. That may not be all its stressed bankers want.

Ethiopia Construction Market Report 2022: Commercial, Industrial, Infrastructure, Energy and Utilities, Institutional and Residential Market Analysis, Trends and Forecasts, 2017-2021 and 2022-2026 – ResearchAndMarkets.com


DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Ethiopia Construction Market Size, Trends and Forecast by Sector – Commercial, Industrial, Infrastructure, Energy and Utilities, Institutional and Residential Market Analysis, 2022-2026” report has been added to from ResearchAndMarkets.com offer.

The pace of growth in Ethiopia’s construction industry has slowed from double-digit rates recorded in the roughly decade to 2019.

The industry has been hit by the challenges posed by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, as well as high public debt, a weakening exchange rate and the ongoing security crisis amid the dispute between the government and the Tigray rebel forces. Based on the latest official statistics, which continue to show construction output expanding, the publisher estimates growth of just under 10% in 2020 and 6.6% in 2021, but the pace of expansion is expected to slow to 2.4% in real terms in 2022.

Construction output in 2022 will be supported by foreign investment in industrial development, coupled with the start-up of major industrial, transport and energy infrastructure projects. According to the Ethiopian Investments Commission (EIC), the country received ETB 119.8 billion ($2.43 billion) in foreign direct investment (FDI) in the first nine months of Ethiopia’s fiscal year in course (AF) 2021/2022, which runs from July 8, 2021 to July 7, 2022.

In February 2022, the Ministry of Transport and Logistics announced that it had identified 44 transport projects to be developed with private partnerships in the fields of air transport, cross-border public transport and urban mass transport.

The growth of the industry will also be supported by the government allocation under the budget for the financial year 2021/22 to support the economic recovery. In July 2021, Ethiopia’s Council of Ministers approved a budget for the financial year 2021/22 of ETB 561.7 billion ($11.3 billion), 18% higher than the previous budget.

The government has allocated ETB 183.5 billion ($4.2 billion) for capital expenditure, which represents an increase of 14.5% over the previous year’s allocation. While political, economic and security risks will continue to contribute to an uncertain outlook, the publisher expects the industry to regain momentum and record average annual growth of 8.1% over the period. 2023-26, supported by investments in tourism, roads and industrial park projects.

In August 2021, Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) announced plans to build 71 power projects by 2030, at a cost of ETB 1.7 trillion ($34 billion). Additionally, in September 2021, the Ministry of Transport and DP World, a Dubai-based multinational logistics company, agreed to invest up to ETB 49.9 billion ($1 billion) over the next ten years. in the development of supply chain infrastructure along the corridor.


  • Historical (2017-2021) and forecast (2022-2026) assessments of the construction sector in Ethiopia, with details on the main drivers of growth.

  • Segmentation by sector (commercial, industrial, infrastructure, energy and utilities, institutional and residential) and by sub-sector

  • Megaproject pipeline analysis, including development stage breakdowns across all sectors, and projected spending for projects in the existing pipeline.

  • Lists of major projects, plus details of major contractors and consultants

Reasons to buy

  • Identify and evaluate market opportunities using the publisher’s standardized valuation and forecasting methodologies.

  • Evaluate market growth potential at the micro level with over 600 time series data forecasts.

  • Understand the latest industry and market trends.

  • Formulate and validate strategy using critical and actionable insights from the publisher.

  • Assess business risks, including costs, regulatory and competitive pressures.

  • Assess competitive risks and success factors.

Main topics covered:

1. Summary

2 Construction industry: at a glance

3 Background

3.1 Economic performance

3.2 Political and political environment

3.3 Demography

3.4 COVID-19 Status

3.5 Risk profile

4 Construction prospects

4.1 All builds

  • Outlook

  • Latest news and developments

  • Construction project dynamics index

4.2 Commercial construction

  • Outlook

  • Project analysis

  • Latest news and developments

4.3 Industrial construction

  • Outlook

  • Project analysis

  • Latest news and developments

4.4 Infrastructure construction

  • Outlook

  • Project analysis

  • Latest news and developments

4.5 Energy and utility construction

  • Outlook

  • Project analysis

  • Latest news and developments

4.6 Institution building

  • Outlook

  • Project analysis

  • Latest news and developments

4.7 Residential construction

  • Outlook

  • Project analysis

  • Latest news and developments

5 Key Industry Participants

5.1 Contractors

5.2 Consulting

6 Construction market data

7 Appendix

For more information on this report, visit https://www.researchandmarkets.com/r/v7nzn3

New Emirates Skywards promotion: buy miles with a 30% bonus until October 21, 2022


Just a few days after the end of the last campaign, Emirates launched a new Skywards Miles sale with up to 30% bonus for purchases made until October 21, 2022.

Skywards members can purchase miles up to a 30% bonus on top of the amount purchased based on the email we received (various targeted offers may be possible), although not all accounts are eligible .

Note that Basic and Silver members can purchase 100,000 and Gold/Platinum 200,000 Skywards miles in a calendar year. Only members with previous activity on their Skywards account can purchase miles.

There are some useful options for Emirates Skywards miles, but consider that they’ve recently increased point requirements for many routes, and award ticket supplements can be pretty crazy and not worth the fare of the market.

You can access this offer on the Emirates website here.

The bonus amount for purchases during this campaign is as follows:

  • Buy 5,000 to 15,000 miles, get 15% bonus
  • Buy 16,000-25,000 miles, get 20% bonus
  • Buy between 26,000 and 100,000 miles, get a 30% bonus

When purchasing the maximum amount of 100,000 miles, the price is as follows:

The cost of a mile under this offer is rather high and not a good option unless a last minute purchase is urgently needed to issue a reward.

You can check the number of miles required for any city pair using this calculator (access here).


In previous sales, Emirates has sold Skywards miles up to a 100% bonus which will inevitably return. I wouldn’t buy miles at this price unless I have good usage at the moment. It also appears that Points.com and Emirates have recently increased the cost of miles. I don’t consider this a good offer unless you urgently need miles to top up the account.

It looks like this 30-35% sale has become a monthly feature based on Emirates offers throughout 2022.

Here are the terms and conditions of this sale:

The Promotion offers an eligible Member the opportunity to earn up to 30% bonus off the retail price when purchasing Skywards Miles (the “Offer”) during the Promotion Period, from 00:01 GST on October 10, 2022 at 23.59 GST on October 21, 2022. This offer is only available for transactions made to buy miles/gift miles on emirates.com through the Points Platform, and cannot be applied in combination with another offer that may be available on the Buy Miles/Gift Miles product. Skywards Miles purchased/gifted through this Offer will count towards the maximum combined limit that a member may purchase for themselves or receive as a gift in a calendar year.

This Week in Texas: A panel of experts from Houston, Dallas and Austin examines political advertising


HOUSTON, TX (KTRK) — As Election Day approaches on November 8, This Week in Texas takes a look at the world of political advertising.

From television to web ads to old-fashioned door knocking, candidates have countless ways to try to reach voters with their messages.

On this week’s show, ABC13 reporter Tom Abrahams talks to experts in Houston, Dallas and Austin about the science behind political advertising.

What defines the cost and strategy of each candidate’s ad?

Among the experts is Daron Shaw, a professor of government at the University of Texas-Austin and a former campaign consultant.

“The trick is knowing what is the best forum, the best platform to reach young voters whose participation is much more variable and for whom we don’t have much on the best ways to meet them,” Shaw said.

“Some people think it’s text. Some people think face-to-face contact can be problematic with a large residential population, so the simple answer is it’s complicated.”

Also listen to Cal Jillson, science professor at Southern Methodist University, and Mustafa Tameez, former political consultant.

To stay up to date, you can watch all previous episodes of This Week in Texas here.

Stay up to date with Texas politics! Follow Tom Abrahams on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Copyright © 2022 KTRK-TV. All rights reserved.

Iranian state broadcaster hacked during nightly news program



An Iranian state broadcaster was reportedly hacked during its nightly news program on Saturday, according to pro-reform outlet IranWire, which shared a clip of the incident.

Iran’s semi-official Tasnim news agency reported that the 9 p.m. newscast of the Islamic Republic of Iran News Network (IRINN) under the aegis of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB ) was hacked for a few moments by anti-revolutionary elements.

The now-viral clip of the incident shows IRIB/IRINN airing a segment about Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei attending a meeting in the southern city of Bushehr, which was interrupted by video of a drawing mask man with thick beard and eyebrows on black background. .

The mask video was followed by a screen showing a photo of Khamenei with a target superimposed on his face alongside photos of Nika Shahkarami, Hadis Najafi, Mahsa Amini and Sarina Esmailzadeh – all young women who died in Iran last month . .

Amini, 22, died after being arrested by the vice squad. The other three, including two teenagers, died in the protest movement that has erupted since Amini’s death.

Next to the photos on the screen was a message that read “Join us and rise” and “The blood of our youth flows from your grip”, as well as the social media handles of the hacker group Edaalat -e Ali, which translates to The justice of Ali.

The image stayed on the screen for several seconds.

Edaalat-e Ali appeared to take credit for the hack, posting the clip on his social media account saying, “At the request of the people, we kept our promise and did the unthinkable to liberate Iran.

Nationwide protests gripped Iran for weeks following Amini’s death after she was arrested by the government’s morality police for not wearing her hijab properly. His death sparked violent clashes between protesters and authorities, leaving dozens dead.

CNN has not been able to independently verify the number of people killed in the protests.

Willmar Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce to Host City, County and School Board Candidate Forums – West Central Tribune


Editor’s note: This story has been updated to correct the date of the Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s and Kandiyohi County Commissioner’s forums on October 21.

WILLMAR — Voters will have the opportunity to hear directly from local candidates ahead of the Nov. 8 election.

The Willmar Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce Public Policy Committee will be holding candidate forums with those running for Kandiyohi County Council District 3, the Kandiyohi County Sheriff, Willmar Mayor, and Willmar School Board seats.

Forums are organized to help chamber members and the public be better informed of where candidates stand on important issues.

The forum for the Willmar Mayor and Willmar School Board races will take place at 11:30 a.m. on Friday, October 14 in Gallery 7 of the Willmar Conference Center in Gallery 7. Mayoral candidates Stephen Peppin and Doug Reese were guests. Invited school board candidates are Mary Amon, Steve Biesterfeld, Randy Frederickson, Jay Lawton and Laura Weatherby.

The Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s and Kandiyohi County Commissioner’s Forums will be held beginning at 11:30 a.m. on Friday, October 21, also in Gallery 7 of the Willmar Conference Center.

The invited sheriff candidates are Eric Holien and Eric Tollefson. The invited Kandiyohi County commissioner candidates are Kim Larson and Dale Anderson.

A luncheon will take place before the start of the two forums, at a cost of $20, payable in advance. There will be no free admission to events. Those wishing to attend the forums are asked to RSVP by calling the chamber at 320-235-0300 or emailing [email protected]

For the West Central Tribune’s Election 2022 news page, see https://www.wctrib.com/topics/election-2022.

For the 2022 Tribune voter guide, see


Here’s what’s causing the commercial pilot shortage


ORLANDO, Florida. – Those who pass through Orlando International Airport can tell how hectic shipping can be, especially during the holiday season.

Recently, pilots at the airport staged a protest against poor working conditions caused by understaffing, which they say has led to exhausting hours and fatigue.

“We racked up and worked a record number of overtime hours,” said one driver. “We worked longer days and shorter nights.”

Nationwide pilot shortages have contributed to the hundreds of thousands of flight delays and cancellations in the United States in 2022. But the question remains: why is this happening?

[TRENDING: Orlando FreeFall coming down after 14-year-old boy fell to his death | Biden pardons thousands for ‘simple possession’ of marijuana | Become a News 6 Insider]

According to Tyler Tenbrink, director of talent acquisition for Piedmont Airlines, one of the major issues dates back to 2015 with the Federal Aviation Administration.

“There was an FAA change — a minimum requirement change — I think in 2015 that increased the minimum requirements for pilots to become commercial airline pilots,” Tenbrink told News 6.

Tenbrink said the increase took the 250 flight hour minimum to 1,500 flight hours, a dramatic increase that Tenbrink said drove many people away from the industry.

“It’s a huge change, really,” Tenbrink said. “If you go from 250 to 1,500, that’s a lot of hours to integrate. It’s pretty daunting.”

[RELATED: Pilots protest at Orlando International Airport. Here’s why]

In 2009, a fatal plane crash near Buffalo, NY, resulted in the death of all 49 people on board. At the time, investigators said the crash was the result of pilot error.

In response, the US Congress passed the FAA Extension Actwhich gave the FAA the authority to set training requirements for commercial pilots – including possibly drastically changing the flight hours needed.

This increase in flight hours has led to skyrocketing costs, which Tenbrink says can range from $65,000 to $150,000 to fully train someone to the point of being ready to fly for a commercial airline. .

“That’s really what took people away from the work itself,” Tenbrink said. “The minimum requirements are really – it’s a huge change.”

And those same issues can spill over to passengers.

“When there’s a shortage of any type of crew member, it can cause issues with customer service,” Tenbrink said. “This means that if there is no pilot to fly the flight, the flights are canceled or delayed.”

Requirements of 1,500 flight hours are not universal, however. countries like Germanythe UK and Canada require far fewer hours, being closer to the original US quota of 250 hours.

“Foreign pilots or foreign carriers have less stringent requirements on the timing side than the United States,” Tenbrink said. “Currently pilots in certain countries allow pilots to be trained by them and then they sit in the right seat in the cockpit with 250 hours or right next to it. And then we have the 1,500 hour requirements.

Tenbrink said Piedmont, a subsidiary of American Airlines, was no stranger to shortages, although it tried to find solutions.

One such solution was to set up a “cadet program” to help pilots fund their training — around $30,000, plus other potential bonuses, he said.

“What this cadet program does is supplement some of the pilot training and give them some monetary relief when it comes to using those funds to train to be a pilot,” Tenbrink explained.

Last month, Republic Airways, an airline operating under Delta Connection, American Eagle and United Express, tried to appeal to the FAA to relax some of its flight time requirements to ease shortages.

[RELATED: FAA rejects airline request to hire less-experienced pilots]

The regional airline asked the FAA to allow them to hire pilots with at least 750 flight hours — half the required number — if the pilots could complete Republic’s training program.

However, the FAA said it was not in the public interest to do so, calling the request “overly simplistic” believing it would solve “a perceived shortage of pilots”.

Generally, pilots can qualify with less flying hours if they have military experienceand Republic CEO Bryan Bedford had argued that the airline’s program would be comparable to military flight training.

“Despite rhetoric to the contrary, our proposal would improve safety by providing students with a highly structured, mission-specific training approach,” Bedford said.

The Air Line Pilots Association, a union of pilots in the United States, instead blamed the pilot shortage on the airlines themselves, saying some of these companies are trying to “trick” pilots.

“It’s not a pilot availability issue,” ALPA Capt. Joseph DePete said in a statement. “Airlines offering competitive salaries, benefits and job quality have no problem hiring pilots.”

According to Bureau of Transport Statisticsthe total number of fatal accidents per 100,000 flight hours fell from 1.10 to 1.05 between 2015 and 2020, a difference of approximately 4%.

The FAA reauthorization is due to expire in October 2023.

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Snappy Shopper Increases Online Orders For 50 Convenience Stores With 1p Bundle Promotion | New


Snappy Shopper increased online orders by 46% for 50 stores after the return of its 1p bundle promotion in England and Wales.

The promotion ran from September 28-30 and allowed customers to stock up on a multipack of juice, a six-pack of crisps, fruit, 400g bread and sandwich filling in a pack of 1p. Over 3,000 lots were sold.

“Supporting local retailers and the communities they serve is at the heart of everything we do at Snappy Shopper,” said Snappy Shopper, B2B Marketing Manager, Dael Links.

“Being able to offer a helping hand, via our penny packs, is hugely rewarding, especially given the difficult financial climate across the UK at the moment.

“We are all listening to our retailers and their customers, so I can confirm that we will be back with more penny bundles and other special promotions, following the fantastic feedback we have received. last week.”

The promotion was last launched in Scotland over the summer with over 150 convenience stores. It aimed to alleviate the expenses of families preparing for the return of their children to school in a context of a cost of living crisis.

Snappy Shopper told The Grocer it will launch another bundled promotion later this month at selected retailers in Scotland, England and Wales.

It will announce all the details in due course and promises to include well-known household brands.

Camp Lejeune chemical exposure allegations prompt $45 million ad offensive by law firms


Camp Lejeune’s chemical exposure claims led to a $45 million blitz by law firms seeking clients for the litigation of the case.

Personnel who worked or served at Marine Corps Camp Lejeune in North Carolina between 1953 and 1987 were exposed to industrial solvents, benzene, and other harmful chemicals through drinking water.

Many of these chemicals were carcinogenic; victims developed bladder, kidney and liver cancers, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, adult leukemia and other diseases.

Over the past six months, law firms have spent $45 million advertising Camp Lejeune chemical exposure claims on television, radio and the Internet.

Data from research firm X Ante indicates that “94,000 TV ads about Camp Lejeune aired between March 22 and September 28 across all media markets nationwide,” according to Reuters.

The spending began before President Biden signed the PACT Act, which contains the Camp Lejeune Justice Act that allows injured parties to file claims within two years.

First, claims are filed with the Judge Advocate General’s office in Norfolk, Virginia. Once JAG unit consent is received, veterans and their families are permitted to file claims in the Eastern District of North Carolina.

However, after the law was signed on August 10, ad spending increased. X Ante reports that in August, $19 million was spent on Camp Lejeune ads, while another $22 million was spent in September, according to Reuters.

The best advertisers are not the law firms themselves, but rather the lead generators for those firms.

Reuters noted that data from X Ante showed that the top three advertisers, all lead generators, have so far spent $29.2 million advertising the claims process.

Veterans’ advocates, however, warn those who see the ads to exercise caution, noting that the boom in TV spots stems not from altruism but from the opportunity to make money by suing the government.

“The main reason for all the ads and stuff like that is that it gave the opportunity to sue the government.” Jason Thornton, a veterans services officer with the Tuscarawas County Veterans Services Office, told Ohio newspaper The Times-Reporter.

Mr. Thornton urges veterans to do their research on specific companies and lawyers before signing anything.

“They have to be careful what they get into because there are legal fees and they could end up losing money. I encourage them to do their research and find a reputable lawyer if they want to go down this route,” Mr Thornton told The Times-Reporter.

Pat Murray, national legislative director of the nonprofit Veterans of Foreign Wars, told the American Homefront Project, which reports on the military and veterans affiliated with NPR, that a company that had been referred had requested a fee of $5,000.

“If you’re turned down, they’ll refund you fifty percent of that fee, but the veteran who sent it to us wasn’t even on the list who was even eligible, so he would have just wasted $2,500,” Mr. Murray told the American Homefront Project.

The advertisements also made misleading claims. Navy veteran Brian Amburgey, who served at Camp Lejeune in 1984 and later developed a rare cancer linked to chemicals in the base’s water, saw a place use his face without his consent.

The ad also insinuated that he had already won his settlement and received $35,000.

“I didn’t even get thirty-five cents!” Mr Amburgey told the American Homefront Project.

The metaverse: deciphering the potential for dissemination | Industry trends


The emerging trend was summed up by session chair Marc Cieslak, BBC technology correspondent: “If we look at the current version of the web as something we watch, the metaverse is the next version of the net, which we are inside, experiencing as a 3D avatar He doesn’t really exist yet.

The session featured ideas from Vicki Dobbs Beck at ILMxLAB launched by Lucasfilm, Jatin Aythora, director of research and development at the BBC, and Mundi Vondi, CEO of game development studio Klang Games.

Cieslak began with a virtual character of himself showcasing the vast vistas the metaverse offers, from creating virtual realms for pop concerts, fashion shows, sports, games, “and activities across the genres and industries with financial incentives for businesses”. He also noted the data and information opportunities that could be offered in this brave new world.

The changing world of content

Vicki Dobbs Beck, who has developed storytelling technologies in mediums such as augmented and virtual reality, revealed that Lucasfilm prefers to refer to the metaverse as “the next generation of storytelling (with) a holistic creative vision”.

Jatin Aythora defined it as meaning virtual worlds: “The metaverse is a way of saying that we are going to operate on digital and internet platforms that provide interactions to interactions.”

Read more At the Metaverse Mall

Mundi Vondi added that the term ‘metaverse’ is divisive: “One of the things is interoperability, the fact that you can transfer things from one experience to another, of course that’s a huge marketing opportunity. Another is the large number of people connected in a single experience, technology finally allows us to connect thousands, even millions of people in a single universe that has never been possible in the past.

Metaverse 1 - index

Vondi also pointed out that everything currently being developed in the metaverse has already been created in the game world, “I think we’re moving forward with essentially a game space…So it’s an evolution of games.”

Themes that have already been seen in the metaverse, according to Beck, are connected storytelling, immersive worlds, and a sense of community. She thinks the metaverse will allow us to enter a story in a new and different way, “These are all new storytelling canvases.”

She advised anyone exploring what can be done with this space “to be prepared to experiment because it’s like being at the start of television or the start of cinema. We were just learning what’s fun, what’s engaging, what’s emotionally impactful.

Curated Content vs User Generated Content

The panel discussed how to balance content that is curated while giving audiences the experience of live immersion and interaction.

Aythora noted that creating experiences around the audience by inviting users to interact with the live broadcast, thereby bringing live events into an immersive experience, has previously worked with Come dance strictly.

“This is where we at the BBC are exploring what we can do to bridge that gap, because I don’t think the maturity exists in that space for us to bring that production, that live event into those virtual worlds. . But it is certainly interesting. »

He went on to talk about opportunities to build communities and create more interactions that aren’t possible through physical events.

Vondi talked about how much content you need to produce as a game developer to feed a million people. He suggested that the metaverse will offer solutions by allowing users to produce the content themselves. “We have the ‘tool set’ to create experiences for each other. Everyone’s experience may be unique to them. From crowded virtual worlds comes the need for user-generated content: “Imagine a theme park and there’s a million people inside, all the rides are going to be packed, there’s going to be a very long line of waiting. So how does solving this problem become a question of how do you get users or players to start producing the content themselves? »

Metaverse 2

Using social media as an example, he added that the toolkit provided to users is fundamental to the evolution of user-generated content in creating these virtual experiences for each other, “It’s the users who fuel engagement that put content on… (those) unpredictable and interesting emerging stories.

While Beck added that people always appreciate stories told by master storytellers, and the metaverse will allow for the choice of both, providing versatility in who can create those worlds.

The future of business?

For the industry which is believed to be worth eight trillion dollars, the panel discussed cryptocurrency and how young people now value virtual goods as much as real goods, with the example of buying goods in the metaverse to create an experience.

To demonstrate the entrepreneurial opportunities of virtual worlds, Cieslak introduced Nwora Emenike, a fashion designer and her role model for Queens of the Metaverse: The First-Ever Mixed Reality Drag Showwhere “real-world drag queens wearing augmented reality-enhanced outfits physically and virtually exist”.

Metaverse 16x9

Cieslak invited the public to scan a QR code to see what the model’s outfit would look like in augmented reality through their camera lens. Emenike explained how brands can sponsor creatives and designers through these platforms: “The rules of physics no longer apply, space is unlimited, you can design whatever you want. You can represent people who are not normally presented.

“I don’t think we realize the amount of virtual goods that are already trading,” Vondi said, pointing out that a lot of goods are already virtual, and this transition won’t shock anyone: “Netflix is ​​a virtual good, even if it’s made in a physical format in the first place.You’re paying for a digital product to download to your TV – Spotify is the same.

Entry barriers

Of course, there are setbacks for broadcasters engaging in the metaverse, one of them being technological maturity – Facebook is said to have spent around $10 billion on Meta search, but how can independent studios- they fund similar projects?

Another concern is to ensure that the content is financially accessible to everyone. Jatin pointed out that from a consumer perspective, while the metaverse can help inject public value and new content into this new paradigm, there is a need for universality: “If these devices become cheap enough and accessible, so yes, but in the current state of things is not affordable for everyone to have these devices to discover these virtual worlds.

Providing trusted content, creating safe spaces with policies, protecting online identities from harassment and discrimination were also concerns regarding this new ecosystem.

Mundi highlighted the need to give moderators the right tools to ensure they can self-regulate and police their own communities, referring to “interesting developments that AI can detect to track harassment and other issues. of security”.

The session concluded with speakers giving advice to anyone new to streaming in the metaverse: Have courage, be willing to take risks, create a strategy, and don’t wait and watch. Most importantly, be patient – expect it to take time and a lot of money to get there.

Read more The Metaverse: More a social revolution than a technical one?

Building Electrification Reaches Critical Mass in Commercial Facilities


As building electrification gains momentum as a decarbonization strategy, an expert takes a look at what facility managers need to know now.

By Greg Zimmerman, Senior Editor

Earlier this year, Washington became the first state to pass legislation requiring building electrification in all commercial buildings. For years, facility managers have heard about the importance of building electrification as a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But Washington’s new legislation — joining several cities like New York, Denver and Eugene, Oregon — is a sure sign that the building electrification strategy is reaching critical mass in commercial facilities.

But how do facility managers make this change? FacilitiesNet recently spoke with an expert in building electrification, Stephanie Greene, Managing Director of The RMI’s low-carbon building programon everything facility managers need to know to start a building electrification initiative.

FacilitiesNet: First, the basics: what is building electrification and why is it an increasingly important strategy for reducing carbon emissions?

Stephanie Green: Building electrification is the shift from polluting fossil fuel-burning appliances – like gas boilers and domestic water heaters – to all-electric equipment like high-efficiency heat pumps, rooftop units and networked geothermal/geothermal heat pumps that provide clean heating and cooling to multiple buildings.

Electrification can play a major role in commercial buildings by reducing their carbon emissions. In 2020, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economycarried out a studywhich showed that commercial buildings that replace their gas heating systems with electric heat pumps could reduce their total greenhouse gas emissions by 44%.

There are many factors driving electrification. Clean technologies are advancing by leaps and bounds, including cold climate heat pumps and geothermal heating and cooling systems. In the United States, national and local climate policies and codes are being enacted to require all-electric construction in major building centers such as New York City . On the demand side, companies and shareholders looking to achieve ambitious ESG and carbon reduction goals are realizing the huge role building electrification can play in future proofing assets against the fossil fuel price volatility while improving occupant comfort, health and safety. The electrification of buildings will also occur alongside other demand changes that intersect with buildings, including electric vehicles and transportation. As the electric vehicle market takes off, more tenants will demand that owners and managers install the right charging infrastructure.

FN: What is the financial history of building electrification? How are commercial building upgrades done based on ROI?

Green: When it comes to existing commercial buildings, we like to say electrify everything…effectively. Through the Empire building challenge in New York, we’ve worked with NYSERDA and others to develop a framework called Resource Efficient Decarbonization so owners and managers can make strategic improvements at the right time. Building engineers can start by modeling energy consumption data through granular temperature “bins” and plan electrification with “easy” loads like domestic hot water, then mild temperature loads (representing generally 80% or more of the total loads), and finally for the extremes. This is a cascading approach that can work well for large properties. When it is not possible to electrify everything at the same time, it is still possible to advance cost-effective and energy-efficient projects for different areas of a building.

In addition to a growing number of financing options like C-PACE and financing available from various green banks, there are multiple federal and state incentives, as well as utility incentives for improving the efficiency and electrification that commercial owners can enjoy right now. And with billions of new provisions in the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act, there will be more opportunities than ever for commercial owners to cut upfront costs and take the necessary steps to get their properties down to zero. net emission while improving performance and return on investment.

When looking to electrify an existing commercial building, it is also important to take a holistic view of upgrades by exploiting opportunities to not only electrify old and inefficient equipment at key touch points (e.g. rolling tenants or equipment reaching the end of its life), but also to improve efficiency. of the envelope, using building management systems and using low-carbon materials to achieve a healthy, resilient and comfortable building that makes tenants happy – which we’ve seen has an impact enormous on the value of the assets.

RMI did a recent study on Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings (GEB), which are energy-efficient buildings that optimize energy use for grid services, occupant needs and preferences, and cost reductions in a continuous and integrated manner. We analyzed a large retail chain and found that it could reduce energy costs by 37% and carbon emissions by 27% across its building portfolio of 113 modeled stores with an attractive rate of return. In several of the locations analyzed, it is now cost effective to install high efficiency electric heat pumps when combined with additional efficiency, demand flexibility and rooftop solar metering.

FN: We’ve talked a lot about heat pumps, but a lot of the conversation has focused on residential. How can heat pumps also benefit commercial installations?

Green: Many electrification discussions start with heat pumps, and for good reason. Heat pumps use electricity very efficiently to move heat from one place to another instead of relying on burning fossil fuels. Our power grids are getting cleaner and cleaner as more renewables come online and heat pump technology continues to advance. With modern heat pumps that include but are not limited to Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), the equipment uses three times less energy than its fossil fuel counterparts while being one of the options for most climate-friendly heating and cooling systems that can operate even in colder conditions. like Maine and Minnesota.

For larger and more complex buildings, there are a variety of heat pumps available to heat and cool spaces and water, whether air-source, ground-source or other potential sources such as sewage or district systems. Other heat pumps can be used as part of the building’s distribution system, increasing supply temperatures and moving or recovering heat from where it is not wanted to where and when it is needed. she is. In many load-density commercial buildings, significant cooling occurs year-round. Today, the default solution is to run economizer cycles that release unwanted heat outside. But if that heat is captured and redistributed to where it’s needed, or stored for evening or morning warm-ups, commercial buildings can dramatically reduce heating loads, downsize equipment, and even heat themselves for much of the year. My colleague Brett Bridgeland explain this in more detaildetail here as well as the innovative resource efficient decarbonization concept that is being developed through the Empire Building Challenge.

FN: How does building electrification relate to recent and upcoming building performance standards? Are there also ways to build electrification strategies that complement voluntary sustainability standards such as LEED?

Green: In answering your question, it is important to first note that a commercial building is unlikely to undertake a narrow scope of work that is solely to replace fossil fuel combustion systems. In practice, this would be done through a multi-year plan taking into account the end of life of a range of energy consuming systems and also involving investments in energy efficiency.

With respect to building performance standards, the interface with electrification depends on the metric of the particular regulation, prominent examples being site EUI (e.g. Washington and Washington DC) and carbon emissions (for example, New York). Electrification will generally reduce the site’s EUI, but the amount of the reduction will depend on the efficiency of existing and new equipment.

The answer is more complicated with a carbon measure, but the short answer is that electrification would still almost always reduce carbon emissions. Depending on the carbon intensity of the electricity grid, a unit of electricity can be associated with more or less carbon than a unit of fossil fuel. But even where the grid is carbon-intensive (e.g. New York), electrification would still reduce carbon compared to fossil fuels because heat pumps are so efficient.

LEED can be complementary, but is not the same as an all-electric, zero-carbon building. The points system can support electrification mainly because the only way to get the maximum number of LEED energy “points” is to have carbon-free energy sources, which means not burning fossil fuels. . Half of the LEED energy points are awarded for reducing energy costs and the other half for reducing GHG emissions.

Greg Zimmerman is editor for the Facilities Group, which includes FacilitiesNet.com and Building Operating Management magazine. He has over 18 years of experience writing articles on installation issues.

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Longtime assistant promoted to Maine Celtics head coach


Alex Barlow works with players during a timeout during a Maine Celtics game against the Windy City Bulls in January at Portland Expo. NBAE via Getty Images

He helped train Tacko.

He replaced the Red Griffes.

He taught Time Lord.

Five years after arriving in Portland, Alex Barlow was promoted to head coach of the Maine Celtics, the G League basketball affiliate of the Boston Celtics.

The team made the announcement on Tuesday, but Barlow, 30, received official notification about a month ago. He’s known for much longer that the next rung on his coaching ladder would be at Portland.

“I’m definitely excited,” Barlow said by phone Tuesday during a break from the Boston Celtics’ preseason training camp. “I wanted this opportunity since I went to Maine 17-18. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. »

Boston also promoted last year’s G League head coach Jarell Christian to general manager of the Maine Celtics to fill the position previously held by Remy Cofield, who is now Boston’s director of scouting.

Christian led Maine to a 10-2 start in the Showcase Cup segment of the G League, followed by a 16-16 regular season.

“Our goal has been to develop talent in Maine, and that includes our staff,” Christian said in a prepared statement. “Alex has served this organization in a variety of roles, and I know he is ready to continue to uphold the values ​​of the Celtics organization.”

Barlow becomes the eighth head coach in the history of the Maine franchise, known until 2021 as the Red Claws. He grew up in Cincinnati and walked to a Butler college, where he got a scholarship and played point guard for Brad Stevens.

The Celtics hired Stevens as head coach after Barlow’s sophomore year, but after his graduation his former coach hired Barlow as a video assistant and he has been with the Celtics ever since.

“Brad is probably the person I’ve learned the most from,” Barlow said. “His behavior, first. It never goes too high, never goes too low. Even on the sidelines, he’s so balanced. I think players have always fed off of that.

Stevens is now president of basketball operations for the Celtics after eight seasons as head coach.

“If I just ran every endgame he ran, I’d never need to make one myself,” Barlow said. “He was so good at it. I learned so much from him.

At Portland, Barlow served as associate head coach for Brandon Bailey in 2017-18, Darren Erman in 2019-20 and Christian in 2021-22.

From Bailey, Barlow learned defensive nuances and the importance of being organized. From Erman, he learned to adapt to your staff. From Christian, he learned how to lead and the importance of delegating.

With Erman as head coach, Maine went wild…unless 7-foot-5 center and fan favorite Tacko Fall was in the game.

“When Tacko was there, we weren’t playing as fast and we were playing through him,” Barlow said. “We had a very different team than I had in Maine or Boston.”

In 2018-19, Barlow served as personal tutor to rookie Robert Williams III, aka Time Lord, who notoriously overslept on an introductory conference call with reporters after being drafted and then missed a flight to Boston and the team’s first practice.

Over the summer, Barlow served as an assistant on Boston’s Summer League team in Las Vegas. He and his wife Belle (who played volleyball and basketball at Butler) welcomed a son, Colton, who was born in early July.

Two of the Summer League Celtics have bilateral contracts with Boston and are expected to spend a lot of time in Maine. Guard JD Davison is a second-round pick (53rd overall) from Alabama who turned 20 on Monday. Center Mfiondu Kabengele (pronounced fee-ON-doo cabin-gelly) has a 51-game NBA experience over two seasons with Cleveland and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Kabengele, 25, is the nephew of Hall of Fame center Dikembe Mutombo and was a 2019 first-round pick out of Florida State by the Brooklyn Nets, who traded him to the Clippers. He spent last season with the Rio Grande Valley Vipers of the G League.

“I love Portland,” Barlow said. “Big city, great food. It’s always fun coaching at Expo, with a big fan base who love their Maine Celtics.

As he well knows, the Holy Donut is directly across Park Avenue from the Portland Expo. He has a fondness for the maple bacon potato offering.

“It’s really good,” he said. “It’s an elite level donut.”

The Maine Celtics are scheduled to begin training camp in Maine on October 24. They open the season at the Expo on Nov. 4 against the Westchester Knicks.

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Programmatic Advertising Market Expected To Reach USD


New York, United States, Oct. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to a comprehensive research report by Market Research Future (MRFR), “Programmatic advertising market by Device, End Users, Ad Formats & Region – 2030 Forecast”, the market is expected to flourish significantly during the valuation period from 2020 to 2030 with a healthy CAGR of around 13.7% to reach a valuation of around $137.1 billion by the end of 2030.

Overview of the programmatic advertising market:

the global programmatic advertising market has grown in recent years. It is an extraordinarily automatic advanced promotion that includes the best use.

Programmatic Advertising Market Competitive Analysis

The directory of renowned members across the global market contains companies such as:

  • Yahoo (US)
  • Amobee (USA)
  • Microsoft (US)
  • Twitter (US)
  • Media.net (Dubai)
  • Facebook (US)
  • Amazon.com (US)
  • IAC (USA)
  • Google (US)
  • AOL (Austria)

Get a free sample PDF brochure:


Covered USP market

Programmatic Advertising Market Drivers

The programmatic advertising market has been on the rise lately thanks to the high infiltration of programmatic advertising market trends, extensive computerized stages, and gradual consolidation and acquisition methodologies.

Programmatic Advertising Market Constraints

On the contrary, the absence of experienced professionals can limit the growth of the market.

Programmatic advertising market Report Scope:

Report Metrics Details
Market size by 2030 $137.1 billion
CAGR in 2020-2030 13.7%
Key market opportunities The competitive strategic window helps the trader characterize an arrangement or fit between its capabilities and the openings for future development possibilities.
Key Market Drivers Programmatic advertising has gained considerable importance over the past decade, due to the expansion of computerized stages.
This allowed promoters to make extensive use of computerized stages to display their advertisements.

Impact of COVID-19

The global health crisis in the form of COVID-19 has had a huge impact on many industry sectors around the world. Like every other market, the global programmatic advertising market has also seen unexpected challenges during the pandemic. According to recent surveys, the development of the market is likely to increase during the review period. On the other hand, the market picked up the pace at the end of 2020. With all global financial and industrial activities returning to normal, the global programmatic advertising market is expected to witness substantial growth in the coming years.

Browse the in-depth market research report (100 pages) on the programmatic advertising market:


Programmatic Advertising Market Segment Analysis

Considering the types, the motion-based advertising segment is expected to secure the leading position in the global market during the assessment period. The segment contributed for the maximum share in the global market in 2018. Motion-based advertising refers to relevant promotion based on customer requirements and history. This promotional aspect usually includes messages, images, designs and logos. And the advertisements appear on SMS (IM), messages and web page apps.

Among all industries, shopping product, retail and restaurant segments are likely to secure the top rank in the global programmatic advertising market during the assessment period. The main parameter supporting the growth of the segment is the comprehensive use of automatic promotion in shopping products, restaurants and retail industry. Additionally, enhanced enhancement is utilized in the buying and retail merchandise industry to stimulate advertising administrations, promote devotion, oversee exchange progress and advance costs, and improve awareness of clients. Likewise, the increasing purchasing power of buyers is also expected to catalyze the growth of the segment.

Based on the deployment modes, the mobile phone segment is expected to rank number one in the global programmatic advertising market during the review period. The process of portable advertising helps in the advancement of administrations and articles. And the best aspect is that this help attracts customers to particular services and services. As the mobile web has grown, promising cellphone strategies have also seen a significant shift.

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Programmatic Advertising Market Regional Analysis

The global programmatic advertising market is examined in five major regions: Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America, Middle East & Africa and Latin America.

The study reports by Market Research Future (MRFR), the North American region is expected to rank first in the global programmatic advertising market in the coming years. The rapid advancement of mobile phone users is the main parameter supporting the growth of the regional market. Furthermore, rapid population growth via online media scenes is another paramount parameter supporting the growth of the regional market. The region is known to have the existence of prominent participants and organizations, seeking a wider target audience to market the services and content, which is expected to drive the growth of the regional market during the review period .

Growing consumer inclination for online shopping in the region to generate opportunities for advertisers to market their services and products online is also likely to catalyze the growth of the regional market over the coming years. the region has the United States as the main contributor to the growth, as several associations and organizations such as the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and the National Cloud Technologists Association promote the use of cloud computing for the installation of several high-tech solutions, such as CRM, marketing automation and content management on cloud platforms.

The programmatic advertising market for Asia-Pacific region is expected to register the maximum CAGR over the next few years. High population density characterizes the region as the major factor supporting the growth of the regional programmatic advertising market. Additionally, factors such as the continued deployment of high-speed data networks and the proliferation of smartphones are expected to influence the regional market growth over the review period. Moreover, a considerable percentage of smartphone users in the region access social media using their mobile devices.

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Therefore, the region offers huge opportunities for online advertising. Marketing events, such as the Digital Marking Summit Asia, providing an opportunity for market players to showcase their digital marketing software solutions in the Asia-Pacific region, is expected to drive the growth of the regional market over the coming years.

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About Market Research Future:

Market Research Future (MRFR) is a global market research company that prides itself on its services, offering comprehensive and accurate analysis regarding various markets and consumers around the world. Market Research Future has the distinct objective of providing clients with top quality research and granular research. Our market research by products, services, technologies, applications, end users and market players for global, regional and country market segments enables our clients to see more, know more and do more , which helps answer your most important questions. questions.

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Bertelsmann abandons the auction of the French channel M6


Bertelsmann has canceled the auction of its French TV channel M6 despite several “attractive” offers backed by billionaires after regulatory requirements left a window too narrow to complete the sale.

The decision of Europe’s biggest media group to drop the sale is another setback for chief executive Thomas Rabe after his first choice to sell M6 to France’s biggest broadcaster TF1 fell through due to opposition from regulators. competition.

Rabe’s backup plan was a quick auction that started last week. But a hurdle soon emerged – M6’s broadcast license is up for renewal next year, which would force any sales to be done before the taping date in January.

Rabe said that given the uncertainties, it was right for Bertelsmann’s RTL to retain its stake in M6, which remains profitable. “We tested the market and received some good offers, but the timeline is too tight due to the licensing renewal process and therefore the legal risks are too high,” he said.

Recent bidders for M6 included Czech investor Daniel Křetínský; a joint bid from telecoms billionaire Xavier Niel and Silvio Berlusconi-backed conglomerate MediaForEurope. A consortium of French entrepreneurs including shipping magnate Rodolphe Saadé, Stéphane Courbit of FL Entertainment and investor Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière also made a bid.

Bertelsmann decided to abandon the process because it was unable to determine how a new buyer would renew M6’s license before it expired in May. According to French rules, the main shareholder would have to formally present its candidacy by January, which would be too tight a timetable for the sale of the company to be finalized.

Initial offers amounted to around €20 per share, which would have valued Bertelsmann’s 48.3% stake in M6 at around €1-1.2 billion. Some of the bidders had lobbied the vendor to protect them from the risks involved in the license renewal process.

Rabe was in Paris on Friday to meet with regulators and officials at the Elysee Palace to see if they would change the timetable or introduce some flexibility into the license renewal process, but was pushed back, a person familiar with the matter said. .

Rabe’s strategy has long been to build “national media champions” who have the scale to stand up to global streaming services such as Netflix and Disney. But it’s unclear how that could be achieved without regulators dropping their objections to tie-ups between the biggest national broadcasters.

“We have been a loyal shareholder of M6 for 35 years and we will remain so. We will look for opportunities to build a sizeable media group to compete with US platforms,” Rabe added. “M6 is very well managed, delivered record results last year and has significant strategic value as demonstrated.”

Chinese e-commerce billionaire Richard Liu settles alleged rape case


Chinese billionaire Richard Liu, founder and chairman of e-commerce site JD.com, has settled a lawsuit brought by a former University of Minnesota student who claimed she was raped by the businessman in Minneapolis after a dinner in 2018.

“The incident between Ms. Jingyao Liu and Mr. Richard Liu in Minnesota in 2018 resulted in a misunderstanding that drew public attention and caused profound suffering to the parties and their families,” a joint statement said on Saturday. “Today, the parties have agreed to set aside their differences and settle their legal dispute to avoid further pain and suffering caused by the lawsuit.”

Terms of settlement were not disclosed.

A county prosecutor did not press charges earlier. “According to text messages reviewed by The Associated Press and Jingyao Liu’s interviews with police, she said that after dinner, Richard Liu pulled her into a limo and groped her despite her protests,” the Associated Press reported this week. “She said he raped her in her apartment. She texted a friend, ‘I begged him not to. But he didn’t listen.

However, the AP continued: “After the police went to her apartment, Jingyao Liu told an officer, ‘I was raped, but not that kind of rape,’ according to the police. When asked to explain, she changed the subject and said Richard Liu was famous and she was scared. She told the officer the sex was ‘spontaneous’ and she didn’t want the police involved. Officers released Richard Liu because “it was unclear whether a crime had actually taken place”, police said.

Liu, also known by his Chinese name Liu Qiangdong, opened a retail store in China in 1998 but closed it six years later and moved his business online. Today, JD.com is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world with a market capitalization of $79 billion and listings in the United States and Hong Kong; shareholders include Walmart. Liu is now worth $10.9 billion on the Forbes list of real-time billionaires.

Beijing-based Liu resigned as CEO of JD.com in April. His departure is part of a series of high-profile departures of billionaire CEOs from Chinese tech companies in recent years amid shifts in government policy towards the industry and calls for a better distribution of wealth. Others to step down include Colin Huang of Pinduoduo, Zhang Yiming of ByteDance and Su Hua of Kuaishou. ByteDance owns the hugely popular TikTok app.

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Corruption watchdog to examine 83 reports of possible political promotion violations – Baltic News Network


The Latvian Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) has initiated 83 reviews of possible political promotion violations, as confirmed by the bureau.

The KNAB has 12 ongoing administrative offense procedures. Seven of them are related to the publication of political promotional material, two involve possible hidden promotion, two others involve the use of municipal resources for political promotion and another involves the collection of donations in violation of the law on the financing of political organizations (parties).

On Saturday 14th Saeima elections, no political promotions are allowed in Latvia. The ban on distributing political material came into effect on Friday, September 30.

This means that no political promotion is allowed in the press, around the environment or electronic media.

It is also prohibited to publish paid promotions on social networks and other Internet sites.

The KNAB suggests that the written press which comes out every week pay particular attention to this prohibition. If magazines and newspapers run political advertisements, they are not allowed to be published on election day and the day before.

Free political promotion on social media is not limited to the entire pre-election political promotion period. This means that the law does not prohibit the posting and sharing of free content or the dissemination of political opinions on social media and elsewhere on the Internet on Election Day and the day before.

Also read: 14th Saeima elections: 23.26% of Latvian citizens voted so far

Political promotion materials are varied – advertisements, interviews, social media entries, etc. If residents find that political promotion is not allowed on days when no political promotion is allowed, they should report it to the state police or KNAB.

Optus pulls out full-page newspaper ads to apologize for data breach


Optus has apologized to those affected by last week’s cyberattack, admitting it needs to communicate better with those caught up in the data breach.

The telecommunications company ran full-page advertisements in major newspapers across the country saying how “deeply sorry” it was.

“We heard your message that we need to communicate more clearly,” the ad reads.

“That’s why we’ve now put together easily accessible materials to keep you informed about actions you can take.”

It directs people to a dedicated website for updates on the cyberattack.

What does the ad say?

Optus says it is “deeply sorry” about the cyberattack. (ABC News: Danielle Maguire)

Here is the full text:

We are deeply sorry that a cyberattack occurred on our watch.

We know this is devastating and we will have to work hard to earn back your trust.

The attack was quickly stopped and we are working closely with the authorities to understand how this attack on your privacy occurred.

Our priority is to avoid harm to customers.

We are here to help and support you with any personal issues you may be experiencing.

We know there is a lot of information and misinformation out there, and we heard your message that we need to communicate more clearly.

That’s why we’ve now put together some easily accessible material to keep you informed about actions you can take at optus.com.au/support/cyberattack.

What is the latest update?

The last update on the Optus website on Saturday morning was for Friday’s Australian Federal Police (AFP) press conference on Operation Guardian.

She claims that AFP was going to “overload” the protection of more than 10,000 customers whose details were published online on Tuesday.

An online account that claimed to be behind the attack demanded a $1 million ransom and threatened to release customer details if it was not paid.

On Tuesday morning, the account posted the details of more than 10,000 people to an online forum before deleting the post and apologizing hours later.

“Customers impacted by the breach will benefit from multi-jurisdictional, multi-layered protection against identity crime and financial fraud,” Optus’ website states.

“The 10,000 individuals, who potentially had 100 points of identification disseminated online, will be prioritized.”

Optus' full-page ad in a newspaper, which says
Optus says he is working to regain people’s trust after the breach. (ABC News: Danielle Maguire)

President Yoon’s office and party threaten South Korean broadcaster – The Diplomat


On Thursday, South Korea’s ruling People’s Power Party (PPP) filed suits seeking the prosecution of four members of MBC, one of the country’s largest broadcasting companies. The four are the reporter who covered Yoon’s hot mic scandal last week, as well as three senior reporting officials. All are accused by the PPP of defamation against President Yoon Suk-yeol.

On September 21, Yoon had a 48-second chat with US President Joe Biden in New York at the Global Fund Seventh Replenishment event. After speaking with Biden, Yoon, while walking out of the event, used inappropriate words which were captured by one of the South Korean video reporters.

“What if the bastards in parliament didn’t approve…Biden would be embarrassed,” Yoon apparently said.

At the event, Biden had pledged to “donate $1 billion for every $2 billion committed by the rest of the world” to fight “AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.” Yoon has also pledged to provide $1 billion under this initiative.

In this context, many interpreted Yoon’s remarks to mean that he feared Biden would be embarrassed if the US Congress did not approve the funds needed to fulfill his pledge.

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More than ten hours after the video capturing Yoon’s inappropriate words was released, Kim Eun-hye, senior secretary for press affairs, said that Yoon used the word “nalimyun(which means “scrap” in English), not “Biden”. She also said the “bastards” Yoon was referring to meant the opposition Democratic Party, not the US Congress. Kim assured reporters that her explanation came after Yoon directly confirmed her words.

Under this explanation, however, Yoon’s words do not match clearly and grammatically. In English, his remarks would be: “And if the parliament does not approve (and) scrap … be embarrassed.

Since then, a nationwide hearing test has begun as everyone scrambles to interpret the recording. While senior PPP members who are part of Yoon’s inner circle claimed that “nallimyun” was the word he used, the opposition Democratic Party and some high-ranking PPP members said the president had clearly stated “Biden”.

However, the presidential office did not express any regret over Yoon’s use of a swear word during the public event. The bureau says swearing is not the main point of the scandal; it’s more about denying that Yoon was referring to Biden.

South Koreans are getting used to Yoon saying “bastards” because he was accused of using the same word towards ousted PPP leader Lee Jun-seok and his staffer during the presidential campaign.

In order to prevent Yoon from being the first South Korean president caught publicly insulting a US president and the US Congress, the presidential office and the PPP actively defended Yoon on the front line. However, the scandal has raged as Yoon and his chief of staff are clearly unwilling to accept their responsibilities. Yoon himself has not apologized or expressed regret over the scandal for over a week.

In his first “door-to-door” exchange with reporters on Monday on his way to work after his trip to London and New York, Yoon did not apologize for his remarks but rather affirmed that false media reports had harmed the alliance between South Korea and the United States. However, Yoon denied mentioning Biden, although he offered no other explanation.

Hours after Yoon accused the media of fake news, the presidential office sent an official letter to MBC with many specific questions about how it came to write a transcript of Yoon’s hot moment on the mic. Almost every news outlet – foreign and domestic – used a similar, if not identical, transcript of Yoon’s comments in their reporting, but only MBC, the first outlet to report on the scandal, was scapegoated by the presidential office.

In a statement, MBC expressed regret and concern over the presidential office’s request for details about its editorial process. He said such an action can be considered “an act threatening press freedom”.

Following Yoon’s request to investigate how the media might report “fake news” about his lyrics, the PPP launched a task force to prepare for a legal battle with MBC. Members of the task force went to MBC headquarters in Seoul on Thursday to complain about its reporting. However, they failed to enter the building due to resistance from MBC employees at the site.

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The presidential office claims the whole scandal was fabricated by MBC’s fabricated transcript; he also claims that the false information has damaged the South Korea-US alliance. Under these premises, the presidential office is also considering taking MBC to the Press Arbitration Commission and filing a civil suit against it, according to media reports.

The presidential office said anonymous voice analysts confirmed that Yoon used the word “nallimyun” but did not share any details of the analysis.

The media released plenty of clips of his hot moment on the mic so South Koreans can judge for themselves. And many believe that there is nothing wrong with the original transcript offered to MBC.

According to polls released this week, nearly 62% of South Koreans said “Biden” was the word Yoon used, while about 27% said they had heard “nallimyun”. With that, 75% of South Koreans said the presidential office and PPP’s handling of the scandal was improper, while only 20% supported them.

In light of the previous military regime’s suppression of the press in the 1980s, the presidential office’s request for details of media coverage was heavily criticized by the public.

Adding to the outrage, South Korean media confirmed that officials working in the external affairs division of Yoon’s presidential office did not originally deny the president’s remarks. Instead, they acknowledged the video but asked reporters covering Yoon’s trip to New York not to report on the clip. MBC refused to accept the request and became the first news outlet to report on the comment. Minutes after MBC’s report, other outlets also reported on Yoon’s hot mic scandal.

For the first ten hours after the information was released, officials did not deny that Yoon referenced Biden in his remarks, but defended it as “a private conversation” with Yoon’s aides. No one questioned the news articles and transcripts until Kim, the senior secretary for press affairs, publicly claimed that Yoon said “nallimyun” and not “Biden.”

Apparently Yoon, who used the Korean word for “freedom” 21 times in his speech to the UN General Assembly, is now cracking down on press freedom. Given his past as attorney general before being elected president, the PPP’s threats to MBC seem more provocative.

Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce Celebrates 50 Years of Service


PRATTVILLE, Ala. (WSFA) – Prattville and Autauga County business owners gathered Thursday to celebrate 50 years of the Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce.

“This is an incredible achievement for our chamber here in Prattville,” said Catherine Porter, chair of the board. “We’ve been through a lot and seen a lot in five decades.”

The last two and a half years have been particularly difficult for many businesses in the region. They have felt the effects of inflation, employee shortages, the pandemic and more.

Brenda Coone runs a greeting card business. It was sometimes difficult to get supplies.

“Supply chain issues are real,” Coone said. “Getting the products we needed to make our greeting cards was a bit difficult.”

It’s not just about small businesses. Wade Seamon said banking activities have also been affected.

“We have all been affected by this. Not just businesses, but also individuals and consumers,” Seamon said.

Despite these recent challenges, chamber officials believe the organization is strong, allowing businesses to network and bounce back.

The chamber has committees that focus on small business, economic development, workforce development and more.

“He’s here to support our business community and our community partners, and we look forward to another 50 years,” Porter said.

Business owners and entrepreneurs interested in joining the Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce can visit the group website or call 334-365-7392.

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GreatAmerica plans to issue $637.8 million in trade financing


GreatAmerica Financial Services is preparing a $637.8 million asset-backed securities (ABS) transaction, secured by a set of commercial leases and low-cost loans the company originated.

GreatAmerica is an established issuer of equipment lease ABS, and the GreatAmerica lease receivable financing, 2022-1, represents the 22n/a such a platform deal, according to a report from FitchRatings. The agreement is known as GALC 2022-1.

Office imaging equipment, such as copiers or printers, make up the majority, 62.4%, of the transaction’s warranty pool. Although this represents the majority of the underlying guarantees in the agreement, the percentage has dropped from the previous proportion of 67.6% in GALC 2021-2. FitchRatings notes that the decrease in the concentration of copiers aligns with industry trends, due to post-pandemic work-from-home conditions.

Despite the concentration of imaging equipment, the rating agency added, these types of equipment generally outperformed other types of equipment in the GreatAmerica portfolio, according to Fitch.

Based on various types of industry concentration and geographic obligor locations, a typical borrower from the underlying pool is likely to be a service provider ordering a printer or copier, and could be located anywhere where in the US, but more than likely based in Texas.

Bank of America Securities is the lead manager of the transaction, which will issue the notes under a combination of pro-rated and sequential compensation structure. The Trust will allocate interest to the Class A Notes on a pro rata basis and then distribute it sequentially to Classes B and C upon reaching certain principal payment thresholds.

GALC 2022-1 will assign the main sequentially to all classes. If an Event of Default relating to the Indenture occurs, all principal will be allocated to the Class A-1 Notes and then pro rata between the Class A-2 through A-4 Notes.

The transaction’s credit enhancement includes a cash reserve account and overcollateralization, according to Fitch.

Fitch plans to assign an “F1+” rating to the A-1 class; “AAA” for classes A-2 to A-4; ‘AA’ for class B tickets and ‘A’ for class C tickets.

Some 36,769 contracts underpin the collateral pool, with an average principal balance of $18,308. On a weighted average (WA) basis, the loans have an initial term of 56 months, the rating agency said.

Breakdown by type of equipment, and excluding office imaging, automobile repair represents 7.58% of the pool; then light industrial or construction equipment with 6.20%; computer equipment with 5.40%; and franchised equipment with 4.22%.

As for the distribution by industry, services represent the largest share of the pool, at 45.6%, followed by retail trade with 12.9%; wholesale with 8.18%; finance, insurance and real estate with 7.22% and manufacturing industry with 7.20%.

The basin appears to be more geographically diverse, with Texas accounting for the highest percentage at 14.4%. Florida and California follow and make up the top three states, with 8.1% and 5.6% respectively.

“He’s done more for the promotion of tennis than the ATP by just showing up for a match” – Tennis reacts to BTS singer Jin attending Casper Ruud’s match against Nicolas Jarry at Korea Open


South Korean singer, songwriter and member of South Korean boy band BTS Jin (Kim Seok-jin) was among the spectators watching Casper Ruud take on Nicolas Jarry in the second round of the Korea Open.

Ruud was in action on center court in his Round of 16 clash against Jarry, which gave the Norwegian a tough fight before losing 6-2, 3-6, 6-3. The video of the 29-year-old at the Olympic Park Tennis Center in Seoul went viral on social media and fans were thrilled to see it.

Fans were understandably thrilled to spot the Bangtan Boys star. A fan said that Jin’s presence does more for the promotion of tennis than the ATP.

“He’s done more for the promotion of tennis than the ATP by just showing up to a game lmao look the likes,” one tweet read.

“Casper and his ongoing relationship with random celebrities is so funny to me,” another fan wrote.

“started his day with the encore LOUD on his main and now he’s a popular guy in the audience stealing everyone’s thunder KING TIER kim seokjin,” one user wrote.

started his day with the encore LOUD on his main and now he’s a popular guy in the audience stealing everyone’s thunder KING TIER kim seokjin twitter.com/atptour/status…

“BTS Jin’s presence that can’t be hidden even though he’s wearing a hat and a mask,” one fan tweeted.

“He competes with the camera,” another fan wrote.

Here are more fan reactions to the BTS star’s appearance at the Korea Open:

ok, add this to the list, for more chances to see @BTS_twt in person: 1. go to the concert of other artists2. watch the basketball game3. watch tennis match 🆕 twitter.com/TennisTV/statu…

Casper Ruud to face Yoshihito Nishioka in Korea Open quarterfinals

Casper Ruud entered the quarterfinals of the Korea Open
Casper Ruud entered the quarterfinals of the Korea Open

Casper Ruud booked his place in the quarter-finals of the Korea Open by beating Nicolas Jarry 6-2, 3-6, 6-3. The Norwegian, who received a bye in the first round, was given a tough fight by the Chilean.

Ruud started the match strong and won two breaks to take a 4-0 lead in the first set, which he eventually won 6-2 to take the lead in the contest. Jarry fought back in the second set and broke Ruud in the fourth game to take a 3-1 lead. The break proved to be decisive as the Chilean won the set 6-3 to force the game to become a decider.

The final set saw both players dominating their service games until the world No. 2 made the decisive break in game six. Jarry fought hard and saved three match points, but the 23-year-old won the final set 6-3 to book his place in the quarter-finals.

He will next face Japan’s Yoshihito Nishioka, who beat his compatriot Taro Daniel 6-2, 6-4. It will be the second career meeting between the pair, following their Madrid Open second-round clash last year, where the US Open runner-up won 6-1, 6-2.

The winner of the match will face Mackenzie McDonald or Aleksandar Kovacevic in the Korea Open semi-finals.

Profile Picture

Profile Picture

Online Advertising Market Growth Factors, Applications,


Online advertising market

A global market study examines the performance of the online advertising market 2022. It includes an in-depth analysis of the state of the online advertising market and the competitive landscape globally. Global Online Advertising Market can be obtained through market details such as growth drivers, latest developments, Online Advertising Market business strategies, regional study and future status of the market. The report also covers information including the latest opportunities and challenges in the online advertising industry, as well as historical and future future trends in the online advertising market. It focuses on the dynamics of the online advertising market which is constantly changing due to technological advancements and socio-economic status.

Get a sample PDF of the Online Advertising Market report: https://www.reportsnreports.com/contacts/requestsample.aspx?name=6243231

The Online Advertising market report incorporates a comparative analysis of historical and current data to determine the overall industry valuation and other related variables over the period 2022-2028. It further explores the crucial factors shaping the dynamics of the industry such as growth determinants, opportunities, and major restraints. You can use this comprehensive data to formulate effective business-centric strategies and achieve your growth goals. The information incorporated in this business intelligence report is obtained from reliable sources and is analyzed using proven research methodologies.

The main competitors in the market, as highlighted in the report, are:
– Amazon.Com, Inc.
-Aol, Inc.
– Facebook
– Google
– Linkedin

Market segmentation :
Based on product types:
– Search engine marketing
– Advertisment display
– Class
– Mobile
– Digital video
– Lead generation
– A rich media
– Others

Based on apps:
– Automotive
– Health care
– Industrial
– Media and Entertainment
– Detail
– Telecommunications and Information Technology Services (ITES)
– Transport and Tourism

Geographically, this report is segmented into several key regions, with Online Advertising sales, revenue, market share and growth rate in these regions, covering
North America (USA, Canada)
Europe (Germany, France, UK, Italy, Russia)
Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, India, Australia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia)
Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina)
Middle East and Africa (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates)

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Presentation of the report
Global Growth Trends
Competition Landscape by Key Players
Online Ads Breakdown Data by Type
Online Advertising Breakdown Data by Application
North America
Asia Pacific
Latin America
Middle East and Africa
Profiles of key players
Analyst Views/Conclusions

Points covered in the report
• The points discussed in the report are the major market players involved in the market such as market players, raw material suppliers, equipment suppliers, end users, traders, distributors etc.
• The complete profile of the companies is mentioned. And capacity, production, price, revenue, cost, gross, gross margin, sales volume, turnover, consumption, growth rate, import, export, sourcing, future strategies, and technological developments they are making are also included in the report. This report analyzed historical and forecast data over 12 years.
• Market growth factors are discussed in detail in which the various end users of the market are explained in detail.
• Data and information by market player, by region, by type, by application, etc., and custom searches can be added according to specific needs.
• The report contains the SWOT analysis of the market. Finally, the report contains the conclusion part where the opinions of industry experts are included.

For more information on this report, visit: https://www.reportsnreports.com/reports/6243231-global-online-advertisement-industry-research-report-growth-trends-and-competitive-analysis-2022-2028.html

Reasons to Buy Online Advertising Market Report:
• The report includes a plethora of information such as market dynamics scenario and opportunities during the forecast period
• Segments and sub-segments include quantitative, qualitative, value (million USD) and volume (million units) data.
• Regional, sub-regional and national data include supply and demand forces and their influence on the market.
• Competitive landscape includes the share of key players, new developments and strategies in the past three years.
•Comprehensive companies offering products, relevant financial information, recent developments, SWOT analysis and strategies of these players.

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Longi announces new 415W solar panel for residential and commercial applications – pv magazine International


Of pv magazine United States

Longi has unveiled a new solar module for US residential and commercial applications. It will be available in early 2023, initially as a monofacial module, followed by a bifacial module offering.

The 54-cell Hi-MO 5 module is built with new 182mm M10 monocrystalline wafers. The module features powers up to 415 W and a maximum efficiency of 21.3%.

The Hi-MO 5 series has been shipped to over 600 customers in over 90 countries, with cumulative shipments exceeding 30 GW. The new 54 cell edition is suitable for residential applications.

The advanced PERC gallium-doped p-type half-cut cell module is backed by a 12-year materials and processing warranty and a 25-year linear power output warranty. The bifacial edition will feature a double-glazed design, with a 12-year warranty and an output warranty for 30 years of linear power.

“We have strong customer interest in the new 54-cell Hi-MO 5 module. Since its older brother, the 72-cell Hi-MO 5 module, is our best-selling product for the utility sector in the United States, we expect very strong demand for the new format,” said Aaron. Thurlow, Distributed Generation Manager at Longi Solar. North America. “The total weight of Longi’s advanced M10 technology, vertically integrated manufacturing and financial strength is behind the 54-cell Hi-MO 5 product, making it one of the most powerful distributed generation solar pros promising.conduits that Longi has brought to the US market to date. »

Longi is one of the largest vertically integrated solar technology companies in the world, with a market capitalization of $8.24 billion. It claims to have supplied more than 70 GW of solar wafers and 38.5 GW of solar modules globally in 2021.


The Hi-MO 5 54 cells
Image: Longi

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Tanya Twaddell promoted to deputy chief of Marietta Police Department

City of Marietta, Georgia People Population, Census, April 1, 2020 60972 Population, Census, April 1, 2010 56579 age and gender People under 5, percentage 6.7% People under 18, percentage 21.8% People aged 65 and over, percentage 13.2% Women, percentage 49.9% Race and Hispanic origin White alone, percentage 53.4% Black or African American alone, percentage(a) 32.3% American Indians and Alaska Natives alone, percentage(a) 0.6% Asian alone, percentage(a) 1.9% Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islanders alone, percentage (a) 0.0% Two or more runs, percentage 4.7% Hispanic or Latino, percentage(b) 15.7% White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, percentage 46.4% Population characteristics Veterans, 2016-2020 2678 People born abroad, in percentage, 2016-2020 16.6% Lodging Rate of owner-occupied housing, 2016-2020 44.0% Median value of owner-occupied dwellings, 2016-2020 $310,100 Selected median monthly costs for the owner – with a mortgage, 2016-2020 $1,856 Selected Median Monthly Homeowner Costs – Without Mortgage, 2016-2020 $526 Median gross rent, 2016-2020 $1,145 Families and living conditions Households, 2016-2020 24148 Persons per household, 2016-2020 2.39 Living in the same house 1 year ago, percentage aged 1 year and over, 2016-2020 77.9% Language other than English spoken at home, percentage aged 5+, 2016-2020 23.7% Computer and Internet use Households with a computer, in percentage, 2016-2020 95.1% Households with a broadband Internet subscription, in percentage, 2016-2020 86.6% Education High school diploma or higher, percentage of people aged 25 and over, 2016-2020 88.6% Bachelor’s degree or higher, percentage of people aged 25 and over, 2016-2020 44.0% Health With a disability, under 65, percentage, 2016-2020 6.3% People without health insurance, aged under 65, in percentage 20.2% Economy In the civilian labor force, total, percentage of population aged 16 and over, 2016-2020 67.2% In the civilian labor force, women, percentage of the population aged 16 and over, 2016-2020 61.2% Total sales of accommodation and food services, 2012 ($1,000)(c) 264544 Health care and social assistance receipts/total income, 2012 ($1,000)(c) 1584232 Total manufacturer shipments, 2012 ($1,000)(c) 1129407 Total retail sales, 2012 ($1,000)(c) 1976915 Total retail sales per capita, 2012(c) $33,875 Transportation Average travel time to get to work (minutes), workers aged 16 and over, 2016-2020 28.5 Income and poverty Median household income (in 2020 dollars), 2016-2020 $59,594 Income per capita in the last 12 months (in 2020 dollars), 2016-2020 $36,112 People living in poverty, percentage 14.1% Companies All companies, 2012 10501 Businesses owned by men, 2012 4934 Businesses owned by women, 2012 4186 Minority-owned businesses, 2012 4286 Businesses owned by non-minorities, 2012 5502 Veteran-Owned Businesses, 2012 1015 Businesses owned by non-veterans, 2012 8663 Geography Population per square mile, 2010 2451.4 Land area in square miles, 2010 23.08

Mobile Highway Advertising advertises truck wind skirts that convey brand messages and save fuel costs

Severance, CO, September 27, 2022 — (PR.com) — Mobile Highway Advertising (MHA) is proud to announce the launch of the Wind Skirts Program, a brand advertising placement program that delivers results at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. With fully graphic 30-inch by 22-foot billboards placed at eye-level on the sides of tractor-trailer trucks and equipped with proximity marketing, geo-targeting and unlimited advertising, the Wind Skirts will provide companies with low-cost solutions. , an outdoor advertising space on wheels to reach millions of consumers in 50 states each year. Wind skirts are made of durable vinyl and feature UV stable inks for long-term outdoor use, and, with creative installation services included in the price of wind skirts, the MHA advertising program is the most affordable way to get brand messages across. the.

Dan Kost, CEO of Mobile Highway Advertising, said, “Wind Skirts have the ability to deliver millions of impressions at a cost per mile of less than $1.00.

Rapid and Advanced Multimedia Technology (RAMM) attached to Wind Skirts provides 300ft proximity for unlimited sending of geo-targeted messages, text hyperlinks, landing pages, polls and surveys, promotional coupons and a variety of branded imprints directly on customers’ airframe. toll-free phones, prompting customers to follow calls to action (CTAs), including Buy Now, Download Now, and Subscribe Today buttons. With IBM and Verizon as partners, companies will be able to receive the most accurate and up-to-date ad performance data through Smart Count, which incorporates proximity marketing technology to count any smart device that is within 1,000 feet from the trailer. skirt ads, providing real-time analytics on impressions and interactions.

Mobile Highway Advertising partner trucks are enrolled in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay program, a U.S. government green freight action plan requiring trucking companies to install wind skirts to advance sustainability of the supply chain and improve the efficiency of freight transport. Wind skirts reduce drag and wind resistance on trailers, making trucks more aerodynamic and fuel efficient. Truck fleets can save up to 8-12% on annual fuel costs with the new wind skirts, making them a valuable investment for trucking companies.

With 21,000 trucks in the Mobile Highway Advertising network and 1,800 truck stops across the country, MHA’s regional, state and national Wind Skirt campaigns are in a unique position to help major brand stores, start-ups, food and luggage companies, medical facilities, recruiting companies and government organizations reach target customers in the top 250 designed market areas (DMAs) in the United States.

For questions about business inquiries and Wind Skirts specifications, contact Dan Kost, CEO of Mobile Highway Advertising, at 970-436-0580 or email [email protected]

For more details on Mobile Highway Advertising products and services, please visit www.MobileHwyAds.com.

About mobile highway advertising
Mobile Highway Advertising (MHA) is a subsidiary of the Dakdan Worldwide family of companies. MHA is an American full-service advertising agency and contractor specializing in a wide range of services including outdoor brand advertising programs, full truck trailer advertisements, eco-friendly wind skirts, creative installations for truck fleets, ad placement at gas stations and truck stops, proximity marketing and location-targeted wireless ad delivery systems, digital advertising for electric vehicles, GPS tracking and performance reporting some announcements. In the early 80s, Dan Kost founded Dakdan Worldwide, a parent holding company with a host of brands including Pure Box Water, Dakdan Entertainment, Sports Media, USA Entertainment Ventures, Zoo Media, Fanz, EVAcrossAmerica, Sportrons, RAMM, Teltrans Credit, ChaseDaddy and Dakdan News Networks.

For more information about Dakdan Worldwide, please visit Dakdan.net.

The Billy Bishop Museum makes its collections more accessible


The Billy Bishop Museum is taking steps to make its collections more accessible with funding received in 2021.

A statement from Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Rick Byers says the museum received a $34,600 grant from the Community Development Fund last year.

The release says that through a web-based edition of PastPerfect, the museum’s vast collection of artifacts will be visible and searchable to anyone with internet access on their phone, desktop, laptop and tablet.

PastPerfect is a system used for archiving collections.

Funds provided by the Government of Ontario and the Ontario Trillium Foundation were used to help obtain PastPerfect licenses, staff and significant operating costs.

“I congratulate the Billy Bishop Museum for all the work it has done to make its amazing exhibits more accessible and interactive thanks to the grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. It’s a great way to enhance the museum’s guest experience, which is such an important part of our local community,” says Byers.

The statement adds that the museum has worked hard to photograph and catalog the artifacts over the past year and the grant to make this step possible.

Those interested in viewing the collection online can visit the museum’s website here.

Kuwait’s Agility invests in Indian e-commerce platform Shiprocket


A unit of Kuwait-based Agility, one of the largest logistics companies in the Middle East, has invested in Shiprocket, India’s last-mile delivery aggregator and fulfillment platform.

The investment from Agility Ventures, the firm’s venture capital arm, was used to help the New Delhi-based company expand in the Middle East, Agility said in a statement on Monday.

This investment is part of Agility’s strategy to grow in digital logistics and e-commerce in high-growth markets through internal development, acquisitions and investments in start-ups, said Henadi Al-Saleh, President of Agility and Head of Agility Ventures.

Shiprocket has the “first mover advantage” in the potentially huge e-commerce market in India and has created successful products for which there is a growing appetite in the Middle East and North Africa, including post- payment for small digital sellers, she said.

The Indian company’s products solve logistical challenges for business customers as they scale and also meet demand in the business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce sector by providing customers with a seamless post-payment experience that includes delivery, Ms Al-Saleh said.

Agility Ventures has invested in e-commerce companies in the United States, India, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Among them are Bread, Eunimart, ExpandCart and Zid.

Agility’s Shipa e-Commerce and Shipa Delivery companies operate in cross-border e-commerce and delivery services in the Gulf. Shipa Freight and iContainers, also owned by Agility, provide instant online air and ocean freight bookings and tools for small businesses to manage logistics.

Shiprocket has attracted investments from several global and Indian venture capital firms and e-commerce service providers since its inception in 2017.

The company aims to simplify last-mile delivery by consolidating bills, offering more affordable prices, and locating the fastest, most reliable couriers.

Its fulfillment department handles the storage, collection and packing of goods from merchants across India.

Shiprocket also offers integration with Amazon, Shopify, Magento, and other marketplaces and sellers.

“The Middle East is a key market for Shiprocket and we strive to provide the best technology solutions for e-commerce sellers, D2C [direct to consumer] brands and SMEs [small and medium enterprises] in the region through our Shiprocket Direct and Wigzo platforms,” said Akshay Ghulati, co-founder of Shiprocket.

More than 250,000 sellers use Shiprocket’s service, generating more than $1.5 billion in sales annually on the platform, according to the statement. It delivers parcels to more than 66 million consumers every year.

Updated: September 26, 2022, 12:26 p.m.

Empire State Realty Trust achieves carbon neutrality for its commercial portfolio


Empire State Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: ESRT) today announced that it has achieved carbon neutrality for its 9.9 million square foot retail portfolio through the combination of its industry leadership in energy efficient building retrofits and a new three-year agreement with 18 Reserves and LAW. The new agreement supports the preservation of nearly 9,000 acres of biodiversity-rich forest that will offset 100% of ESRT’s non-electric fossil fuel use.

ESRT’s continued leadership in sustainability and energy efficiency has already reduced the Empire State Building’s greenhouse gas emissions by 54% and the entire commercial portfolio by 43%. The ESRT recently published the “Empire Building Playbook: Homeowner’s Guide to Low-Carbon Renovations— co-developed with NYSERDA and supported by fellow New York-based landlords and the Clinton Global Initiative — to guide building owners through the steps to achieve carbon neutrality through reducing emissions with less reliance on compensation and a proven return on investment.

“As legislation, market demand and the risks of climate change drive property owners to meet emission reduction requirements, companies must seek more advanced ways to offset their current use while working to reduce emissions,” said Anthony E. Malkin, Chairman, President and CEO of Empire State Realty Trust. “ESRT continues to innovate and implement ways to serve as a destination for high-quality tenants and deliver significant savings and returns to investors. This partnership with 18 reserves and ACT supports efforts to conserve and protect carbon sequestering forests on behalf of ESRT and our tenants.

ESRT views offsets as an emissions mitigation tool, as it actively works towards energy efficiency and operational emissions reductions within its portfolio. In partnership with a more renewable network, ESRT is on track to achieve its goal of net zero emissions with an 80% reduction in operational emissions at the Empire State Building by 2030 and across its commercial portfolio of by 2035, and the remaining 20% ​​covered by qualified offsets. ESRT includes 100% of direct emissions (scope one), indirect emissions (scope two) and indirect emissions from downstream leased assets (scope three) as part of their definition of carbon neutrality and commitments to reduce, offset and emissions disclosure, as all of these are crucial to achieving carbon neutrality.

The 9,000 acres of pristine, biodiversity-rich forest owned by the Forest Department and located near Cleveland, Ohio will fully offset ESRT’s steam and natural gas usage. This initiative complements ESRT’s current offset of all electricity consumption through Renewable Wind Energy Credits (RECs) at the Empire State Building since 2011 and across the portfolio since January 2021 as part of a long-term partnership with Green Mountain Energy. The 2021 contract made ESRT the nation’s largest user of 100% green energy in real estate (The source).

“We are focused on our goal of reducing operational emissions by 80% by 2030 at ESB and 2035 for the entire commercial portfolio,” said Dana Robbins Schneider, ESRT Senior Vice President, Director of energy, sustainability and ESG. “As we implement measures to achieve this goal in partnership with the grid and through return-on-investment-focused projects such as our 3.4 MW solar canopy, 8.2 MW battery and our 80 EV charging station project in Westchester, NY, we are committed to offsetting the remaining fossil fuel emissions associated with our portfolio through accredited and impactful sources. »

ESRT regularly invests and implements measures to reduce the environmental impact of its portfolio and transparently publicly shares its leading practices in energy efficiency, emission reduction, healthy buildings and environmental quality. interior.

“Our portfolio remains an attractive offering for tenants for whom the pursuit of quality means healthy, energy-efficient buildings at an accessible price,” added Malkin. More information on ESRT’s sustainability leadership can be found on line.

What is a football promotion?


If you’re new to football and have followed other sports like American football, baseball, and basketball, the concept of promotion (and relegation) might seem foreign. These sports do not use this system in North America, not even soccer!

Fortunately, I know what promotion is, why it exists and how it works. Also, I went ahead and did more research. And I’m here to tell you everything.

Promotion in football is a performance-based mechanism in which teams that finish a season in the top positions of a lower league (division) are promoted the following season to a division above their current division in the system at several levels of the football league.

I understand there’s a lot to unpack here, so let me break it down some more.

What is promotion in football?

Instead of a single-league structure like the NFL, MLB, NBA, and even MLS, national football leagues outside of the United States and Canada have a tiered setup.

This setup has several different tiers (called divisions), each of which is a league (championship) in its own right, sorted from highest to lowest.

The first is the biggest with all the star players and big clubs – this is where you can become champion.

It’s not always called Division 1, but, in practice, it literally is. Since there are no levels above, there are no promotions in this division.

Now that we understand how a tiered structure works, it’s easier to define what promotion is in football.

Promotion in the definition of football

Promotion in football is a merit/performance based mechanism.

Why is promotion and relegation the most logical step for American football?  - Legal Escritorio Carrero & Quintero

At the end of a season, the football teams with the best performance (those in the top places in the standings) competing in leagues lower than the highest in their tiered football league system move up to a higher division.

Promotion in football is a matter of meritocracy.

The teams with the best performance win the most coveted prize: they can play in a bigger league the following season.

This promotion mechanism works alongside relegation (the exact opposite, where teams descend to a lower division), forming the promotion and relegation system.

(And, if you finish in the top positions of the elite – the top division – you are either the champion and/or qualify for international club football competitions like the Champions League in Europe.)

Ad Campaigns…Colors of Attraction – ARAB TIMES


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Print election advertisements in decline in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, September 24: Choosing the right colors for any advertisement makes all the difference between scaring off customers and/or bringing them into your store, restaurant or even election campaign. In Kuwait’s National Assembly elections in 2022, parliamentary hopefuls choose their campaign designs and slogans, but they’ve focused their attention on choosing the most eye-catching formation to say they’re here and ready to serve the people. In an interview with the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), art critic professor Dr. Reham Al-Rughaib said roads in Kuwait and various media platforms were overrun with election campaigns using an assortment of colors with varying degrees of alleged attractiveness.

A large number of male and female voters flocked to a number of electoral seats

Some candidates use certain colors to display their political and ideological alignments, she said, revealing that she noticed blue was mostly used by male candidates to evoke feelings of calm and tranquility. If a candidate uses the color red, he mostly emits feelings of courage and confrontation, which some like about MPs, Dr Al-Rugaib said. Orange says the person is trying to be creative, yellow reflects happiness, gray represents an unbiased view, white is reflected on the dishdasha (traditional clothing worn by men) that most applicants wear, and black is usually used for fonts, she said. For her part, psychology consultant and color therapist Suhair Al-Mufidi said colors play a vital role in attracting votes because of their scientific and psychological impact on human beings. People usually choose warm colors such as orange, red and yellow to attract attention, while cool colors are used to radiate calm and peace, Al-Mufidi added.

Those who use a combination of black and gold in their campaigns mean that they live by being authoritarian and prestigious in the case of black and silver, the candidates displayed authoritarian tendencies and a social nature, a- she added. Dr. Saleh Al-Saeedi, a professor of psychology at Kuwait University (KU), also said that choosing the right color was important to show where the candidates came from and what they were ready to do for them. reach parliament. Dr Al-Saeedi said the color orange, for example, was mainly used to display affiliation to certain groups or blocs, adding that some candidates would choose colors to calm people down and try to trust their abilities.

On the commercial front, advertising company partner Abdullah Al-Fadhli said most candidates in this year’s elections preferred to choose the colors of the Kuwaiti flag in their advertisements. Blue was the most popular color, while red and orange have an equal presence on various billboards and social media ads, he added. Al-Fahdli’s colleague at the same company and head of marketing, Abbas Mandani, noticed that most candidates did not deviate when using colors for their campaigns. Mandani that far beyond the choice of color to use in advertising, there is an overwhelming sense of change on the horizon when it comes to this election.

Meanwhile, print election advertisements appeared to be on the decline, especially during the current campaign for the 2022 National Assembly elections in Kuwait on September 29. computers. This apparent decline of print media was not born recently, it coincided with the huge leap in technology seen in our modern age. Speaking to KUNA on the matter, the editor of Al-Anbaa news daily, Mohammad Al-Husseini, said that election campaigns in recent years have seen a decline in advertising using the print medium, noting that around 85% of advertisements in newspapers these days look to social media platforms for praise.

Print media typically target petitioners, business leaders and likely government employees, Al-Husseini added. The high cost of advertising in print media also appears to be a culprit for the decline, he said. Meanwhile, Abdullah Al-Ulaiyan – editor of Al-Nukhba online news – said print media has not completely disappeared from the scene, revealing that a large part of the public still read print newspapers. Some preferred to read the daily via PDF format, Al-Ulaiyan noted, adding that newspapers these days are also venturing into platforms such as YouTube, WhatsApp and others to deliver their content to the masses. He indicated that the whole idea of ​​killing print media was far-fetched, saying that digital media could not undo its print counterpart and vice versa.

Traditional media like radio, television and newspapers could expand their reach and have a digital arm to continue being relevant nowadays, Al-Ulaiyan added. For his part, media professor at Kuwait University (KU), Dr. Mohammad Al-Otaibi, said the decline in election advertising in the print media was not something recent, the advent and the proliferation of social media had played a crucial role in this regard. Social media and the digital platform have a wide and extensive reach, attracting thousands if not millions of audiences, he noted, indicating that candidates in these elections had paid attention to the power of digital media to attract voters and convince them to give them their vote. Despite the massive reach of digital media platforms, Kuwaitis still prefer to visit candidates’ headquarters to see what they have to offer in the 2022 National Assembly elections. Eligible voters seem to be obsessed with the idea that they need to see the candidates in person before deciding to vote on September 29. (Report by Sahad Kamal, Nasser Al-Otaibi and Nasser Al-Shalabi – KUNA)

NAB questions past business dealings of GBS CEO


NAB bolsters its case against implementing FM geo-targeting technology with new claims about GeoBroadcast Solutions Founder and CEO Chris Devine.

In a new ex parte filing with the FCC this week, the association raises what it calls “serious concerns about the merits of the GBS proposal in the context of credible and public accusations of questionable business dealings” from Devine. .

GBS responded to the criticism by calling it “NAB’s tabloid record” and a “desperate attempt at character assassination”.

The deposit

“NAB believes that Mr. Devine’s background compels the commission to carefully consider the underlying information and deny his motion,” the association wrote to the FCC.

GBS has lobbied the FCC for a rule change to allow its FM amplification technology, marketed as ZoneCasting, to be implemented by broadcasters, allowing them to voluntarily geo-target part of their content aired for short periods of time.

Radio World has extensively reported on the GBS regulatory proposal.

So far, NAB has argued that geo-targeting technology would “inevitably harm the technical integrity of radio and serve as leverage for advertisers to force broadcasters to lower their ad rates,” but the new filing changes the NAB guidance.

NAB details a wide range of what it calls “publicly available information detailing some of the instances where Devine has been credibly accused of fraudulent and deceptive conduct.”

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For example: “In 2009, Mr. Devine was sued by Robert Allen, III, who alleged that Mr. Devine defrauded Mr. Allen of approximately $70 million. According to Mr. Allen’s family, Mr. Devine befriended Mr. Allen, who over time grew old and infirm, and convinced Mr. Allen to invest tens of millions of dollars in Superior Broadcasting. Company, Inc. (Superior), a company apparently set up to buy and operate radio stations.

“According to the lawsuit, unbeknownst to Mr. Allen, and despite his $70 million investment in Superior, Mr. Devine did not purchase a single station for the company. Instead, over the years, Mr. Devine and his accomplices allegedly siphoned off millions of dollars directly to themselves and to fund investments with no benefit to Mr. Allen. As part of this scheme, Mr. Devine allegedly falsified financial statements to deceive Mr. Allen,” NAB commented.

NAB goes on to detail other examples of what it calls questionable behavior by Devine, including his former owner of Devine Racing, a company specializing in marathon racing.

“Once again, Mr. Devine has been accused of downright immoral business practices and leaving a wide boulevard of broken promises everywhere. [Devine Racing] exploited,” says NAB. “During this period, Mr. Devine and his various companies were subject to numerous lawsuits, as well as multiple liens from the IRS worth more than $1.1 million.”

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The broadcaster advocacy group also noted that the FCC had previously found that Devine lied in at least one instance.

NAB says that in 1993, the commission investigated Devine for allegedly engaging in a sham assignment of a radio station license to circumvent the commission’s ownership rules. “The Office of Mass Media reviewed information provided by Mr. Devine, regarding the transfer of a station in Spanish Fork, Utah, to an employee (who resigned shortly thereafter), and concluded that Devine and [the employee] provided false information to the commission.

“This false information includes the representation that Devine ceded control of the Spanish Fork station and the representation that [the employee] took control of the station when Devine and/or [his business partner] are actually in de facto control. The full commission agreed, finding that Mr. Devine’s responses to the commission’s inquiries regarding this assignment appear to have been false or misleading,” according to NAB.

Additionally, NAB alleges that GBS attempted to tamper with an intra-radio industry break regarding its geo-targeting proposal.

“Mr. Devine’s company argues that there is a thinly veiled goal of larger radio group owners strengthening and seeking to maintain their dominant position in the market by denying smaller broadcasters the ability to use technology to standardize rules of the game,” NAB commented to the FCC. “NAB, which vigorously represents broadcasters of all sizes, couldn’t disagree more.”

NAB continued, “To NAB’s knowledge, nearly every broadcaster who has seriously considered the implications of the rule change at issue has vehemently opposed it.”

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Specifically, NAB argues that “the vast majority of comments from broadcasters supporting GBS’s proposal are form letters, and that these form letters – representing what NAB estimates to be 93 of the 109 stations said to support GBS – were signed by an attorney of longtime GBS, which has also been a business partner of Devine.

The NAB concluded the ex parte by urging the FCC “not to become the latest in a long line of those who regret having trusted Mr. Devine and the representations of his companies” and to reject the proposal of geo-targeting from GBS.

SGB ​​Response

Radio World called on GBS to respond to NAB’s claims: “In a desperate attempt at assassination, NAB’s tabloid filing omits a critical but publicly known fact: the trial that gave rise to all these allegations that NAB was whitewashing before that the FCC will not be willfully dismissed by the plaintiff with prejudice Frivolous lawsuits and charges do happen in cases, and NAB members know it.

“Knowing that its technical arguments are going nowhere, NAB has resorted to defamation to protect the biggest radio stations from competition from smaller minority-owned broadcasters. The question before the FCC is whether the technology can be deployed under FCC rules and the record shows that overwhelmingly,” GBS wrote in a statement emailed to Radio World.

The Macon Chamber of Commerce has a new President and CEO


Jessica Walden will take up her role later this year.

MACON, Ga. — The Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce has a new president and CEO.

In a press release, the Chamber said Jessica Walden, a native of Macon, will take up the position later this year.

The chamber’s board voted to endorse Walden after an extensive nationwide search.

Robbo Hatcher, Chair of the Search Committee, said “”The level of interest and response to our search across the country has been high. We had over 50 applicants in total and many qualified applicants. We had an exceptional and strong committee leading this charge. Jessica Walden stood out for us, and we think it was the best fit for our community and the perfect fit for our bedroom. It turns out that she was already here in Macon. Every step of the way, she continued to rise to the top as the perfect choice to lead our Chamber.

Walden has long been active in Macon’s business and music communities, working with Capricorn Records, the College Hill Alliance, the Music Hall of Fame, and her own communications company.

“It’s an incredible honor to be selected to lead my hometown Chamber of Commerce and to join Macon-Bibb’s premier organized business community team,” said Walden. “I look forward to stepping in and working with the staff, members and leadership team to further the mission of the Macon Chamber.”

Walden replaces Ron Shipman, who served as interim president.


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CorPower Ocean, Maersk Supply Service and Dieseko Install First Commercial-Scale UMACK Anchor


CorPower Ocean, Maersk Supply Service and Dieseko have successfully installed the first commercial scale UMACK anchor to support the HiWave-5 demonstration project.

The new anchor has been installed 4 km off the coast of Aguçadoura in northern Portugal, where it will be used to anchor the CorPower C4 Wave Energy Converter, as part of the flagship HiWave-5 project.

First commercial scale UMACK anchor deployed off Agucadoura, Portugal

Developed by a European consortium of experts led by CorPower Ocean, UMACK technology provides a radical improvement in the vertical holding capacity of pile-type anchors. It offers significant cost and carbon footprint reductions compared to monopiles and gravity foundations and can support offshore installations such as marine energy devices, floating wind and aquaculture.

CorPower Ocean’s principal engineer, Ian Denton, said the design and installation plan for the UMACK anchor was tailored to the C4 wave energy converter and the specific requirements of the Aguçadoura site.

“The UMACK anchor has now been installed in northern Portugal,” he said. “We installed the pile using a 500 MU vibrohammer supplied by Dieseko, supported by a heave compensation crane on the Maersk Achiever vessel. The installation method works by vibrating the anchor into the seabed, providing a high-speed, low-noise solution that minimizes impact on the marine environment. The success of the project was based on careful planning and close collaboration with partners Dieseko and Maersk Supply Service, in addition to nearly four years of development and scale testing of the innovative UMACK anchor technology. The result demonstrates the desire to deploy this anchor on an industrial scale.

The UMACK anchor is structurally efficient, this specific version having a diameter of 1.6 meters, a length of 24 meters and a weight of 43 tons, with an ultimate pulling capacity of over 15 MN. By comparison, a conventional monopile of the same capacity would have a diameter of approximately 4.5 meters, a length of 22 meters and a weight of 153 tonnes. A gravity anchor of the same capacity would have a mass of around 1500 tonnes.

The innovative technology includes a point-of-pile design that exhibits reduced ground resistance during vibro-installation, allowing the anchor to be driven to the desired depth of penetration. Once the vibration has stopped, the UMACK anchor mobilizes a large volume of soil which allows it to generate a significant pulling capacity. Durable enough to withstand over 100 million load cycles, the UMACK anchor is suitable for seabeds of sand and clay mixtures.

“Pile anchors, as used for the UMACK installation, are likely to be one of the primary anchoring systems used for marine energy devices, particularly in wind farm mooring systems. commercial floating vessels. This innovative technology brings significant added value such as cost reduction. We look forward to continuing to support these innovations and to working with Corpower Ocean on future developments,” said Jonas Munch Agerskov, Commercial Director at Maersk Supply Service.

Dirk Smulders, CEO of Dieseko Group, said: “Dieseko strives to accelerate the energy transition with smart and innovative foundation solutions that are environmentally friendly and improve a fast and efficient installation process. Working with CorPower to create a fast and reliable installation method was experienced as very constructive, thorough and energetic. We look forward to continuing to support Corpower in the development of wave power as an efficient alternative for sustainable power generation.

The Aguçadoura site will initially host a single CorPower C4 WEC device, which will later become part of a larger network of four systems, and one of the first grid-connected wave farms in the world. The HiWave-5 project ultimately aims to introduce certified and guaranteed WEC products to the market.

The Hiwave-5 project is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency and Portugal 2020 through AICEP Global and CCDR-N.
Source: CorPower Ocean

UCI president confident WorldTour relegation-promotion system will survive legal challenges


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Don’t miss a moment of Paris-Roubaix and Unbound Gravel, Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, Vuelta a España, and everything in between when you >”,”name”:”in-content-cta”, “type “:”link”}}”>join Outside+.

WOLLONGONG, Australia (VN) — UCI president David Lappartient is confident the men’s WorldTour relegation-promotion system will withstand legal challenges.

Up to two teams could be relegated from the WorldTour at the end of this season if they fail to secure the points needed to survive, while two ProTeams can gain promotion for 2023. At the moment, Israel-Premier Tech and Lotto Soudal are below the danger line while Arkéa-Samsic and Alpecin-Deceuninck seem ready to come back.

Israel-Premier Tech boss Sylvan Adams has threatened to sue the UCI if his team is relegated from the WorldTour and says the governing body should invoke ‘force majeure’ to end the relegation battle of this year in light of the COVID-19 pandemic that has ravaged the globe since 2020.

Speaking to the press at the world championships in Wollongong, Lappartient said relegation and promotion were part of the sporting environment and he was not worried about any legal challenges.

“We can be challenged, of course, but we are confident that our system can be upheld,” Lappartient said. “It’s sports. It’s not good when you’re in relegation, but when you’re in football, if you’re last in the Premier League, you’ll go down to the second division. You must accept the result. It’s difficult because we know all the efforts of all the teams. We must also leave the door open to new candidates, to the entry of new teams.

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The current system began in 2020 with points accumulated over the past three seasons counting towards the overall tally. While teams like Arkéa-Samsic were early in the fight for points, some WorldTour teams seem to have been caught off guard.

The fight for points has spilled over into the world championships, with some teams refusing to release their riders for national team duties so they can continue racing them in Europe.

Amid recent threats of legal action, there was speculation that the UCI might consider expanding the WorldTour to 20 teams in order to avoid it. However, that was quickly denied in a press release earlier this month, with the UCI claiming the relegation and promotion system would be enforced at the end of the season.

Lappartient said the system was needed so the top tier of the sport doesn’t become a closed shop with other outcasts, despite performance. The UCI president added that it was the best option to balance teams and organizers.

“This system was approved four years ago by the UCI management committee in September 2018. After long discussions, and years of discussions to come up with this new system. When I was elected in 2017, I said we had to fix this,” Lappartient said. “In one year, we were able to reach this agreement by consensus. This means that it was approved unanimously. Of course, the organizers wanted to keep the four wildcards, the teams wanted to have the possibility for the second division teams to qualify according to their classification.

“We finally understood the system and we said it would start on January 1, 2020, and after that we would take the classification over three years in order to avoid relegation based only on one year. This was at the request of the teams. The other point was to give some teams the chance to qualify and potentially get into the system and not have it be a closed system, for that the organizers wanted automatic promotion and relegation. stay as it was and we’ve fixed that by saying the top 18 will be in the WorldTour, whether it’s existing WorldTour teams or new entrants, so we’ll have the WorldTour top 18 at the end.

Boston Bruins wear Rapid7 ad on jerseys starting in 2022-23 – SportsLogos.Net News


The Boston Bruins today became the 11th NHL team to announce they will wear advertising on their jerseys for the upcoming 2022-23 season as well as the next four seasons, with the deal expiring after the 2026 season. -27.

Boston will carry the logo of Rapid7, a cybersecurity company headquartered in Boston.

“The real estate on our Original Six jersey is sacred space,” said Boston Bruins president Cam Neely in the press release. “As a former player who proudly wore the Spoked-B, it was important to me and our organization that we identified the right partner with a connection to Boston and a strong commitment to making positive change in our community.”

Measuring a relatively small 1″ x 3″, the Rapid7 logo will appear in the upper right corner of all Bruins jerseys worn in preseason, regular season and playoff games as well as practice. crew. It’s white on the team’s black jerseys, black on their whites.

“The ‘cleanliness’ of the shirt played a big role; it was a requirement,” Bruins chief revenue officer Glen Thornborough said. at the Boston Globe. “Cosmetically, the look of the shirt was critically important to us; we had to make sure it lined up so we could put it on the jersey.

The Globe also reported that the deal would be worth more than $30 million over the full five-year term.

Bruins jerseys featuring the new Rapid7 patch will be available at the team store starting October 15 and only on authentic Adidas versions. Fans can add a Rapid7 patch to their previously purchased jerseys in exchange for a $20 donation to the Boston Bruins Foundation.

Boston joins the Washington Capitals, Columbus Blue Jackets, St. Louis Blues, Vegas Golden Knights, Minnesota Wild, Pittsburgh penguins, Arizona Coyotes, Montreal Canadiens, Winnipeg Jetsand Toronto Maple Leafs as clubs seemingly in financial difficulty to announce that they will carry an advertisement on their previously clean jerseys this season. Unrelated, in June, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman announced that the league had set all sorts of revenue records.

Anyway, here’s the latest update to our 2022-23 NHL Jersey Ad Tracker:

September 22/22 Bayshore Broadcasting Dashboard


Philadelphia Phillies Logo

major league baseball

Philadelphia Phillies 4 Toronto Blue Jays 3 (10 innings)

Houston Astros 5 Tampa Bay Rays 2
Oakland Athletics 2 Seattle Mariners 1
Baltimore Orioles 8 Detroit Tigers 1
Cleveland Guardians 8 Chicago White Sox 2
Kansas City Royals 5 Minnesota Twins 2
Texas Rangers 7 Los Angeles Angels 2
New York Yankees 14 Pittsburgh Pirates 2
Cincinnati Reds 5 Boston Red Sox 1
Milwaukee Brewers 6 New York Mets 0
Washington Nationals 3 Atlanta Braves 2
San Diego Padres 1 St. Louis Cardinals 0
Chicago Cubs 4 Miami Marlins 3
Arizona Diamondbacks 6 Los Angeles Dodgers 1
San Francisco Giants 6 Colorado Rockies 1

Professional soccer

Cincinnati 3 Chivas 1
America 3 Nashville 3


in Seoul, South Korea

Rebecca Marino was swept away by Victoria Jimenez Kasintseva 6-4 and 6-2

Greater Metro Junior Hockey League

Bradford Bulls 10 Streetsville Flyers 0

The Knights of Meaford play their first match on October 6 when they travel to Alliston to face the New Tecumseth Civics

Ontario Junior Hockey League

Governor’s Showcase

in Coburg

Stouffville Spirit 4 Blades Oakville 1
Markham Royals 5 Georgetown Raiders 4
Aurora Tigers 10 Brantford 99’ers 1
North York Rangers 5 Lindsay Muskies 4
Buzzers of St Michaels 3 Dukes of Wellington 1
Toronto Junior Canadiens 3 Toronto Patriots 0


Lawton Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce completes courtyard renovation


LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) – In June, the Lawton Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce partnered with three local landscaping companies for a raffle at their annual banquet to renovate the yard.

The makeover winner, Kent Jester, got to choose from three different designs from participating companies and received a total of $5,000 towards the yard renovation. He said he had lived in the house for 34 years and renovations were needed.

Lawton Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce completes courtyard renovation(Justin Stevens)

Dr. Krist Smith-Ratliff, president and CEO of the Lawton Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce, said the funds provided came partly from the chamber and partly from Naturescape, a local Lawton landscaping company. .

“The fundraiser in partnership with Naturescape is a $2,500 donation from the chamber and a $2,500 donation from Naturescape. So that’s a total of $5,000. The raffle, again, raises money for programs within our community,” Ratliff said.

The annual banquet allows the Chamber of Commerce to help in community areas, such as providing more than 600 backpacks to Lawton children for the school year, feeding families over the summer, and helping small businesses and entrepreneurs . The chamber can only provide these services through raffle prizes like the Yard Makeover.

This is the third year of the Courtyard Renovation Program at Lawton and the first year of involvement by the Chamber of Commerce.

The chamber hopes the same companies will partner with them again to supply it in the draw next year.

Arrest of a 19-year-old, accused of 3 commercial thefts


FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) – A 19-year-old man from Lorton has been arrested in connection with three commercial robberies that took place in eastern Fairfax County.

According to the Fairfax County Police Department, at 11:48 a.m. on August 27, a man entered a tobacco shack on the 6800 block of Franconia Road in the Springfield area, assaulted the clerk and took money in the store.

The suspect was captured by security cameras while inside the store and a detective recognized him and identified him as Anis Sesay, 19, from Lorton. A warrant for the theft was obtained and Sesay was arrested on August 31, according to police.

The theft investigation led Sesay to be involved in two more commercial robberies – one on August 14 at a Sunoco gas station on Gunston Cover Road and one at a 7-Eleven on Richmond Highway. Sesay was charged with theft and destruction of property in connection with the Sunoco incident and theft, destruction of property and obstruction of a 911 call in connection with the 7-Eleven incident.

Sesay is being held at the adult detention center without bond and detectives are working to determine if he is linked to other thefts in the area. Anyone with information related to the above or similar incidents is asked to call Fairfax Police at 703-246-7800, option 5.

Oman emphasizes promoting peace through dialogue at HRC meeting


Geneva – The Sultanate of Oman emphasized the promotion of international peace and security and the resolution of disputes through dialogue and diplomacy during the 51st ordinary session of the United Nations Human Rights Council United in Geneva, Switzerland.

Oman has affirmed its support for the proposals recommended by independent experts on the establishment of a democratic and equitable international order, the most important of which is the holding of regular peace conferences under the auspices of the United Nations; to develop mechanisms and methods to consolidate peace, security and coexistence.

Counselor Talal bin Hilal al Siyabi, a member of Oman’s permanent delegation to the United Nations in Geneva, said in his speech at the 51st session that the sultanate has always promoted international peace and security, strengthened coexistence between peoples and resolved differences through dialogue and diplomatic methods.

He explained that the sultanate’s position is in line with international efforts calling for cooperation and peaceful coexistence, rejecting differences and resolving disputes through understanding and dialogue, and supporting all measures taken to defuse conflicts at regional levels. and internationally. He added that Oman’s foreign policy is based on the principle of respect for others and non-interference in other people’s affairs.

He stressed that Omani foreign policy is based on the human dimension in building a system of relations with all countries in the world, mutual respect and coexistence with all, and the pursuit of peace, security and stability. Emphasizing that these constants are the basis of development and a better life, to which all peoples of the world aspire.

Florida officials fabricated ‘official-looking’ bogus pamphlet advertising refugee benefits for migrants, lawsuit against Ron DeSantis alleges


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis speaks during a press conference on September 7, 2022 in Miami, Florida.Rebecca Blackwell/AP

  • Migrants who were airlifted to Martha’s Vineyard filed a lawsuit against Governor Ron DeSantis on Tuesday.

  • The migrants were led to believe they would receive refugee benefits upon arrival, according to the lawsuit.

  • They received “official-looking documents”, including a brochure “fabricated” by Florida officials.

Florida officials and agencies used several tactics to lure migrants onto a charter flight to Martha’s Vineyard, including fabricating a bogus pamphlet that claims to receive refugee benefits, according to a class action lawsuit.

On September 14, 50 migrants, most of them from Venezuela, were flown in two chartered planes from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard as part of a political stunt by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to criticize border policies under the Biden administration. .

Now, a group of those migrants are taking action against DeSantis and other state officials and agencies in a class action lawsuit filed Tuesday. Lawyers representing the migrants accused DeSantis and Florida officials of plotting an “unlawful scheme” to “defraud vulnerable immigrants to advance a political motive.”

Part of this “plan,” according to the lawsuit, was to make “false promises and misrepresentations” of potential jobs and housing, among other benefits, upon arrival at Martha’s Vineyard.

For example, just before arriving on the island, migrants received a “shiny red folder” filled with “official-looking documents”, including a pamphlet titled “Massachusetts Refugee Benefits”.

The pamphlet contained misleading information about resettlement assistance that, in reality, was not available to migrants seeking asylum in Massachusetts, as Insider previously reported.

The lawsuit goes further, accusing DeSantis and other officials of fabricating the leaflet entirely.

“On Information and Belief, the pamphlet was fabricated by the defendants,” the lawsuit reads, adding that it “echoes the type of misrepresentation” migrants were receiving by word of mouth, such as a assistance with accommodation, food and employment. within the first 90 days of arrival in Massachusetts.

Brochure for migrants

Lawyers for Civil Rights says migrants bound for Martha’s Vineyard received this pamphlet promising money, placement and more.Civil Rights Lawyers

According to the lawsuit, the pamphlet also borrowed language from an existing state program, the Massachusetts Refugee Resettlement Program, for which none of the migrants were eligible.

“This pamphlet was not prepared by the Massachusetts Office for Refugees and Immigrants, or any other Massachusetts agency or immigration service organization,” the lawsuit states.

A representative from the state’s Office of Refugees and Immigrants did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Read the original article on Business Insider

Katy Perry talks about juggling motherhood and her career


Katy Perry is a very busy woman. In addition to being the mother of her two-year-old daughter, Daisyshe serves as a judge american idolruns her shoe company Katy Perry Collections, does a residency in Las Vegas, continually works on her music career – and more!

So how does she juggle it all?

Speaking on the Unintelligent podcast, the “Firework” singer admits she “works a lot. I’ve always worked a lot.” Katy noted that while she “wears a lot of fucking hats,” she makes sure she’s always there for her child with her fiancé Orlando Bloom.

To ensure she spends as much time with her child, Katy only hired a part-time nanny. “I feel like if I had a full-time nanny, I would never know how to take care of my daughter the way I should,” she explained.

The Grammy winner says she takes her childcare days very seriously. “It’s okay if I had a show that goes until 11 p.m. the night before, I wake up at 6 a.m. and we’ll go have breakfast,” she shared.

“Yes, I have the sleepless shakes,” the hitmaker joked of her busy schedule. “I’m in mommy mode today.” She added that her sister “called in” to take care of her toddler and “do some Play-Doh” during the interview.

Katy praised those who step in to help her when she needs it, but insisted she “wanted[s] participate” in the development of Daisy. “She is 2 years old. She’s at this point where she’s saying new words every day, and the other day she was saying words that I hadn’t taught her – and I was like, ‘D*** it,'” Katy said. . “It doesn’t feel good.”

Katy and Orlando welcomed Daisy in August 2020.

Copyright © 2022, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.

Mollie has been selected to provide payment services to Vonage’s conversational commerce platform


Today, Mollie, one of Europe’s fastest growing financial services providers, announced that it has been selected by Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications, as a strategic payment provider for the Jumper product. ai from Vonage throughout Europe.

Jumper.ai is Vonage’s end-to-end conversational commerce solution. It enables brands of all sizes to create messaging-centric customer shopping experiences across popular messaging, social, and web platforms. Together with Mollie, the platform will help businesses engage customers and drive sales.

As more consumers prefer to shop online and the social commerce industry is expected to triple by 2025, conversational commerce has become a growth engine for modern businesses. It is essential to deliver a differentiated, proactive and real-time customer experience.

“Vonage’s conversational commerce solution, Jumper.ai, enables businesses to meet new and existing customer needs, now and in the future, with built-in commerce capabilities to simplify how they serve, connect and sell to their own customers from anywhere, on any channel,” said Yash Kotak, senior director of product management at Vonage and founder of Jumper.ai. “Vonage is thrilled to partner with Mollie to offer businesses across Europe the ability to engage customers in their preferred channels, turning conversations into engagements into sales, while delivering a best-in-class payment solution.”

Customer service agents can easily sell and sell products or services during a conversation initiated by a customer. With in-chat payments, agents can accept payments in the middle of a conversation. They can also reconnect with potential buyers after cart abandonment, notify them of a restocking, refund them for damaged items, or allow them to pay a deposit for an in-person order. As a result, users can monetize micro-moments and connect with their customers through one-to-one conversations, with the entire checkout process absolutely effortless.

Mollie’s integration with Vonage means businesses can guide customers to the products they love via multi-channel chats, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Together, Vonage and Mollie will help businesses drive sales and energize chat conversations with Mollie’s best payment solutions to create a seamless shopping experience for customers. Payment requests can also be shared with customers directly via chat to redirect them to the payment page.

“We are thrilled to have been selected as a strategic payment provider for Vonage’s Jumper.ai solution and to grow our presence in the conversational commerce space,” said Michaela Weber, Vice President of Partnerships at Mollie. “Conversational commerce holds tremendous potential to interact more directly with customers and drive sales. We look forward to working with Vonage to help retailers differentiate themselves and provide their customers with the best possible end-to-end user experience.”

The Ion Propulsion drone proves its commercial viability


Undefined technologies, a Florida-based startup, announced that its eVTOL ion-powered drone, Silent Ventus™, successfully completed a critical test flight achieving its intended flight time and lifting power, marking a major milestone for the new dual purpose cargo delivery drone. During the 4.5-minute flight, the aircraft demonstrated flight performance beyond reaching steady state conditions – with more efficient power delivery systems and noise levels below 75 dB .

“We have been on this upward trajectory for nearly a year, working hard to overcome many technical challenges related to craft cooling systems, battery life, avionics and reduction technologies. noise,” said Tomas Pribanic, Founder and CEO of Undefined Technologies. . “This milestone confirms our vision to make ion propulsion technology viable for use in atmospheric conditions. I am incredibly proud of our highly dedicated team who have consistently brought our breakthrough to
the next phase of development.

Undefined Technologies aims to achieve 15-minute flights with noise levels below 70dB by the end of next year, overcoming noise restrictions for the latest cargo delivery sector. kilometer. According to the WHO report, noise is the second environmental factor causing health problems after air pollution alone, and the UN report in February said that urban noise pollution was one of the “major emerging environmental threats” in the world.

From the beginning, the company has followed a strict vertical integration model by designing and manufacturing its components in-house to accelerate development, protect its intellectual property and minimize supply chain disruptions in today’s global environment. . “This 4+ minute flight required advancements in battery chemistry that can now provide us with higher energy densities. This improvement is part of our efforts to target lighter weights,” adds Thomas Benda Jr., chief aerospace engineer at Undefined Technologies.

The central element of the plane is the so-called “Ion Booster”, which generates the ion cloud for
produce higher levels of thrust, up to 150% over current ion thruster technologies. The
the thrust boost generated by the innovative technology creates a
potential for ion thrusters to become a viable option for electric propulsion.

The company has already demonstrated that it has the infrastructure and talent to
eVTOL begins marketing for civil and military applications. It aims to develop a
serial drone ready for production in 2024. After attracting strong interest from federal authorities and
Business entities, Undefined Technologies intends to launch a new round of financing.
Undefined Technologies showcased its all-electric drone to several recent UAVs and urban
mobility trade shows including Manifest 2022, CoMotion Miami 2022, commercial drone
Expo Americas and the AUVSI XPONENTIAL, where the company recorded significant
interest from larger private sector drone delivery companies.

SEC Sues Crypto Influencer For Promoting Shady Projects

Alex Dovbnya

The infamous promoter of dodgy ICO deals has been charged with violating federal securities laws by the SEC

Controversial cryptocurrency influencer Ian Balina was prosecuted by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

Balina allegedly failed to disclose the compensation he received for promoting initial coin offerings, thereby violating federal securities laws.

The SEC complaint states that he received a 30% bonus from software company Sparkster for promoting the SPRK token on social media platforms and formed an investment pool on Telegram, urging individuals to buy the token. Balina also made Sparkster his top pick of 2018 on his infamous spreadsheet with ICO rankings.

Image by sec.gov

The SEC says Balina conducted its own unregistered securities offering. The regulator is seeking civil penalties, reimbursement and “other appropriate remedies”.


The 33-year-old Ugandan native is a self-proclaimed cryptocurrency and blockchain “evangelist” who enjoys a significant social media presence. His YouTube channel has around 110,000 subscribers, with the most popular video (“How to Make Millions With Initial Coin Offerings”) surpassing 355,000 views.

Balina has long been accused of promoting questionable cryptocurrency projects (to put it mildly) during the height of the ICO craze in 2017.

In April 2018, the controversial influencer said he lost $2.5 million to a hacker. He suggested it might be a stunt intended to avoid taxes.

Despite her controversial reputation, Balina would make appearances on CNBC and other mainstream media platforms. In an interview in February, he predicted that Bitcoin had reached a bottom. Of course, the largest cryptocurrency has fallen sharply since then.

Men’s soccer defeats Sul Ross State 5-2



KERRVILLE, TX: The Schreiner University men’s soccer team defeated Sul Ross State University this afternoon 5-2.

It was a great day on the Mountaineer Soccer Field this afternoon as Schreiner passed the Sul Ross State University Lobos en route to a 5-2 victory. The Mountaineers dominated possession of the ball throughout as they quickly took the lead and refused to give it up for the rest of the game. The five goals Schreiner scored was the first time they had recorded such a feat since 2015.

The main star of the Mountaineers was none other than the junior midfielder, Noah Boggus. bogus was all over the pitch today as he recorded Schreiner’s rare hat-trick, scoring three goals on the day. Not only was it the first hat trick of Boggus’ college career, but it was also only the second time a hat trick had been recorded by a Schreiner player since joining the SCAC (2013).

Also with notable performance was Cameron Armer and Travis Matthews. The freshman duo of Arm and Matthew both scored their first collegiate goals today, with Matthew goal literally finding the net as the timer reached zero.

Next, the Mountaineers hit the road as they take on LeTourneau University on Sept. 23 at 8:00 p.m.

The score of the box



Heritage Commerce Corp Inc (NASDAQ:HTBK) Short Interest Down 13.1% in August


Heritage Commerce Corp (NASDAQ: HTBK – Get a rating) recorded a significant drop in short-term interest rates during the month of August. As of August 31, there was short interest totaling 855,200 shares, a decrease of 13.1% from the total of 983,700 shares as of August 15. Based on an average trading volume of 130,400 shares, the short interest ratio is currently 6.6 days. Currently, 1.5% of the stock’s shares are sold short.

Insiders place their bets

In other Heritage Commerce news, CEO Walter Theodore Kaczmarek sold 21,419 shares of the company in a trade dated Wednesday, August 24. The shares were sold at an average price of $11.63, for a total value of $249,102.97. Following completion of the transaction, the CEO now directly owns 108,206 shares of the company, valued at $1,258,435.78. The sale was disclosed in a legal filing with the SEC, available at this hyperlink. Insiders hold 4.05% of the shares of the company.

Institutional entries and exits

A number of institutional investors have been buying and selling shares of HTBK recently. Allspring Global Investments Holdings LLC acquired a new position in Heritage Commerce during the first quarter worth approximately $28,000. Captrust Financial Advisors increased its holdings in Heritage Commerce by 132.4% during the second quarter. Captrust Financial Advisors now owns 3,596 shares of the financial services provider valued at $38,000 after purchasing an additional 2,049 shares during the period. Great West Life Assurance Co. Can increased its holdings in Heritage Commerce by 35.7% in the first quarter. Great West Life Assurance Co. Can now owns 6,253 shares of the financial services provider valued at $73,000 after purchasing an additional 1,646 shares during the period. Amalgamated Bank acquired a new position in Heritage Commerce during the first quarter worth approximately $79,000. Finally, Janney Montgomery Scott LLC acquired a new position in Heritage Commerce during the second quarter worth approximately $119,000. Institutional investors and hedge funds own 73.15% of the company’s shares.

Patrimonial trade Trade down 0.5%

Shares of NASDAQ:HTBK traded down $0.06 during Friday’s trading, hitting $11.50. 289,932 shares of the company were traded, against an average volume of 101,933. Heritage Commerce has a 1-year low of $10.42 and a 1-year high of $12.94. The company has a 50-day moving average price of $11.54 and a two-hundred-day moving average price of $11.35. The company has a current ratio of 0.68, a quick ratio of 0.68 and a debt ratio of 0.06. The company has a market capitalization of $697.71 million, a P/E ratio of 12.64 and a beta of 1.01.

Heritage Commerce Announces Dividend

The company also recently disclosed a quarterly dividend, which was paid on Thursday, August 25. Investors of record on Thursday, August 11 received a dividend of $0.13 per share. This represents a dividend of $0.52 on an annualized basis and a yield of 4.52%. The ex-dividend date was Wednesday, August 10. Heritage Commerce’s dividend payout ratio is currently 57.14%.

Wall Street analysts predict growth

Separately, Raymond James upgraded Heritage Commerce shares from an ‘outperform’ rating to a ‘strong buy’ rating and set a price target of $13.00 for the company in a research report. Thursday, July 7.

Heritage Commerce Company Profile

(Get a rating)

Heritage Commerce Corp operates as a bank holding company for Heritage Bank of Commerce which provides various commercial and personal banking services to residents and the business/professional community in California. Its deposit products for merchant banks and retail markets include interest-bearing and non-interest-bearing current, savings and money market accounts, as well as certificates of deposit and term deposits.

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Before you consider Heritage Commerce, you’ll want to hear this.

MarketBeat tracks Wall Street’s top-rated, top-performing research analysts daily and the stocks they recommend to their clients. MarketBeat identified the five stocks that top analysts are quietly whispering to their clients to buy now before the market takes over… and Heritage Commerce was not on the list.

Although Heritage Commerce currently has a “Buy” rating among analysts, top-rated analysts believe these five stocks are better buys.

See the five actions here

Residents lament job losses, inefficient — Sunday Magazine — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News


Baba Funmi, a middle-aged commercial motorcyclist, has three daughters two of whom are in tertiary institutions, while the third is in secondary school.

When his main business began to fail, he gathered what was left of it and got himself an 18-seater diesel bus, which he used for business purposes. This was at a time when the price of diesel was lower than gasoline.

A few years later, the reverse happened and the price of diesel skyrocketed. After struggling to break even with the rising cost of diesel, but without success, Baba Funmi parked his bus and resorted to using his Baja motorcycle brand for commercial purposes.

As the price of diesel continued its upward movement, he stuck to his bike to feed his family and pay school fees.

But he is currently shaken and completely confused with the ban on commercial motorbike operations in Mushin local council. A few days after the ban came into force, he still hasn’t accepted the next step to take.

Ms. Yemisi Akinyelure lives along Olusoga Street, less than 10 minutes by bike from Bello Street, where three of her children go to school.

Her husband leaves home for work at 6 am, so she takes care of school on her own. With just two weeks back from schools since commercial motorbikes were banned in her local council, she said she had never suffered so much transporting children to and from school as she did over the past five days.

“I used to spend N400 a day for both legs of the trip, now there are no more bikes and the tri-cyclists, which some of my neighbors used for the same purpose” have even increased their fee for one way- return. While some of them are now asking for N400 for a drop, others are insisting on N500. At the end of the day, I spend between N800 and N1,000 transporting my children to and from school every day. Last Wednesday we walked to school as tricyclists were scarce and the few were asking over 500 naira for a drop off.

“I just don’t know how long it will last, or even how sustainable development would be in the direction we are going. This is one of the occasions when I am compelled to say that the government always works against the interests of the poor and in the interest of the rich,” she alleged, adding that the government had grossly failed in the alternatives that had been promised. cushion the effect of banning commercial motorcyclists in the local council,” she said.

Apart from the suffering currently experienced by both public and commercial motorcyclists, Omowunmi Temilade believes that the state government should learn to find suitable alternatives for citizens when proposing policies and programs that disrupt or cause pain. and a dislocation of citizens.

“I say this because the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), LAGRIDE, first and last mile buses, all combined, do not provide the volume of service that commercial motorcyclists provide to state residents on a daily basis.

“As far as I’m concerned, claims that crime and accident rates have gone down since commercial cyclists ceased operations don’t add up because no one but the government has been able to authenticate themselves. So , how do you deprive thousands of people of legitimate ‘jobs’, which you did not create,” she asked.

The contractor instructed the government to urgently retrain and hire affected cyclists to curb rising unemployment or expand ongoing transport programs using affected cyclists as operators.

A resident, Esther Kalu, who spoke out in favor of Temilade, said that although the ban was intended to reduce accidents and crime, it was not worth it, especially since a higher vast majority of inhabitants are the victims.

“There is no effective plan B for residents to perform their duties seamlessly. It’s been a crazy last week for those working away from home who have to resort to the use of commercial bicycles to get to their offices. Now I have to walk long distances to catch a bus because I’m staying on one of the inner streets in Ketu and the stress doesn’t help.

“I usually take a motorbike to go to the secretariat, from Ikosi Ketu to work. By doing so, I get to work in 10 minutes. Also, on my way home, the bike drops me off right outside my door, but not anymore. Due to the ban, I have to wait interminably to take a bus to the secretariat. Another challenge is that the tricycle that I often take home drops me off at the bus stop, from where I will have to walk another five minutes before returning home.

“If the government provides better alternative transportation, I guess that would reduce the stress that the people of Lagos are currently experiencing.”

The lamentations of some residents of the state, as reflected in the above observations, merely indicate that the action of the government in this regard has serious negative consequences on their well-being.
Three months after Lagos State initially banned the activities of commercial motorcyclists in six local councils and Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs), it recently extended the ban to four more local councils and LCDAs.

He based the expansion on the successes recorded by the First Six Councils/LCDA, saying it had helped reduce motorcycle-related crime and accidents.

In May this year, the state government imposed a ban on commercial motorcyclists on all motorways and in six local councils and nine LCDAs effective June 1, 2022.

On August 18, 2022, it extended the ban to four more local councils and six LCDAs effective September 1.

Additional councils are Kosofe Local Council, Ikosi-Isherri LCDA; LCDA Agboyi-Ketu; Oshodi-Isolo Local Government; Isolated LCDA; Shomolu Local Council; Bariga LCDA, Mushin Local Council and Odi-Olowo LCDA.

Transport Commissioner Frederic Oladehinde, who streamlined the action of the state government, also claimed that various interventions have been put in place to mitigate the inconvenience the development might bring to the people.

He warned against violating the Lagos State traffic law, pointing out that the driver and passenger would be penalized.

The commissioner also said the ban on Okada in the affected areas was a step in the right direction and the government was committed to ensuring full enforcement as it had provided alternative means of transport including Rapid Transit buses, LAGRIDE and the First and Last Miles buses. .

Justifying the extension of the ban, Oladehinde said crashes and fatalities involving commercial motorcyclists had fallen by 63.7% in the 15 local councils and LCDAs where the first phase of the ban was enforced, adding that the development has also significantly reduced the rate of motorcycle-related crime.

He said, “The Ministry, in conjunction with the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Okada, having had critical access to these resolutions and the challenges of Okada’s operations on the state security architecture, recommended to Mr. governor not to go back on the already established. phasing out in an effort to maintain gains.

“Based on the apparent positive impact of the ban and the resolution of the Stakeholder Forum, Mr. Governor approved the banning of Okada in four other LGAs and their respective five LCDAs for the second phase of the total ban, in addition to the current ban in the six LGAs and their respective LCDAs.

The state government has advised residents to adopt alternative means of transport for travel across the state, noting that the state has established safe and sustainable transport systems, as well as a system of online taxi and other means of transport acceptable for the safety of commuters.

He further alleged that the state government has put in place interventions to empower the affected bikers as an alternative livelihood, urging them to adopt the intervention programs coordinated by six ministries and the Trust Fund. Lagos State Employment Fund (LSETF).

He said, “It is important to reiterate the commitment of the state government to the safety, security of life and property in the state. In the exercise of this, any motorcycle impounded will be crushed and the process will be made public.

“Passengers and passengers arrested on prohibited routes will be subject to the wrath of the law in accordance with the provisions of Section 46, Subsection 1, 2 and 3 of the Transport Sector Reform Act 2018 (TSRL ).”

While the government continues to celebrate “the successes” of the initiative, residents, affected by the effects of the ban, are still furious.

Another resident, Chris Irekamba, described as hellish his experience on September 1 when the new round of bans came into force in the new local councils.

He said, “On my way to Ikeja for my official duties, I got off at the Balogun bus stand. Since I didn’t know the street I was heading to, I started my search for commercial motorcyclists, tricyclists, or a bus that would take me to my final destination, but there were none. If it was in the past, okada riders would be helpful as they know all the neighborhoods very well. So, in their absence, I traveled for miles while learning.

“Also, in Mofoluku where I reside, carriers now charge a flat fare at the Oshodi bus stop whether you get off en route or not. This was never the case before the ban was extended.

Also speaking, Bemigho Awala, a public relations consultant, said the ban had unpleasant consequences.

He said one of the positives is the fact that the roads, especially the inland roads, have become somewhat sane, but with hordes of people spending longer hours at bus stops waiting to board buses. buses or tricycles.

After seeing government officials talking about providing more buses for internal routes, another resident, John Adebiyi, said: “I have observed accurately that in most places buses are not available. , and where they are available, the number is too small to meet the need and demand of the peoples.The ban is not well placed if the state government cares about the plight of the residents.